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Moneyed Powered In Deeds Corrupts In Our World. Legends Tell Outings Profits Overs Peoples Arounds. Abouts Our World. Geopolitical Signings Behind Scenes Publicly Seen In Deeds. Indeed 2005 Setting Our Scene. Now. Court Reviews, Science Reviews, Law Reviews Also. All So Viewed Much Herein. No Virus Can Handle Lying Behind Such. Truths.


Crimes Against Humanity. 3 simple words. Worded

simply unmasked prepared. In advance


recently. So

a Peruvian Court. Panel Of Three Judges-

Tito Gallego, Luis Legia, + Tony Changarei

after Reviewing Their Geopolitical Judicial Evidence

there. Stated in

The Rulings Charges + Resolution:


This Global Coronavirus/Pandemic Created by

“… Bill Gates, George Soros, and several members of

the Rockefeller family…” is. A Creation of these

“…criminal elite around the world…” + “… created

by a criminal elite that rules the world…” +


Then Summarising Their Evidence there. These

notable Trio of. Judges noted

the notorious Pandemic was:

“… unpredictable for all but the alleged Creators

who have been involved in it and continue to manage it

with particular secrecy in their environment…


… No world government, individuals or legal entities,

nor the defense of the accused can claim that this

pandemic has the quality of ‘foresight’, except for

the creators of the new world order,

such as Bill Gates, Soros, Rockefeller, etc…” So


Covidly 19 signed off. Of/in 2005. To

recent served Notices Of Liability issued too. Two



Indeed Printed. Ups Priors In Deeds.


things so in. 2005

so caught the i, Shiro researchings rove

Eyes. One


There is no. Virus. In factums here

The Viral Theory is just this. That beings in fact

a Theory. Remains Courtly + Laboratory so unproven. Proofing


Geopolitical Research in Our World.

Legends Video’d There tell shows. That nothing

such as much

absolute Powers. Corrupts. Then so

unelected Moneyed Power overs Peoples. Yores

oathed as First Do No Harm. Yet Yores


a lil’… in 2005. Your

Once Upon Times, Places. 2005


Country’s Representatives probably agreed. 190+

Countries so. Yore seemingly agreed.?. Told You + i

no One. Thing seems too. Then to


In Deeds Kits Delv’d So Priors Too. To You…


in 2005 Your Country’s. Representatives/Authorities


vis The United Nations so-

signed off too. Of One WHO Agreement On

International Health Regulations

… to so include/run too. Live One


Test/Drill In 2019. COVID-19 that is. That is


Indeed Gatesways In Deeds.




(Video Link)


A LIVE Simulation Test/Drill.

A Non-Existent Virus as well. Well as


Our. Flu now covidly disappearings + no correspondings

rise in overalls. Death Rates in Deeds. Indeed Sweden

now notes The Pcr Test Fraud. So


in 2005 The Prep Act + others similar:

were. Enacted before


All so

that. This Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness

Act is a. Tort Shield Law. Protecting Governments, Vaccine +

Healthcare Professionals + Manufacturers + co. from ALL

Liability… for Vaccine Adverse Events in Deeds. Indeed

recently the U.S. gave WHO some. 4 Billion Dollars

for a Covid Vaccine Injury. Compensation Program

as reality of real. Effects of vaccines too obvious. So in

2005 a busy actions signatured also. All so


Planned For. Our Humanity is One. After Another app.

65+ Experimental Vaccines overs arounds abouts ten. Years

from the Major 4 Profit ridden + driven Big. Pharma, Gates, Fauci +

co. sharesholders (refer linked. Video…): Testimony therein


(of/vis): Fmr. Law Prof. Mary Holland. General Counsel

for Rfk jnr.’s Children Health Defense. So


Indeed Wherefore Art Thou Fluliza.?. In Deeds.



too. to First Do No Harm as per. Oaths

as Arounds abouts Our World. Legends tell-Over 50,000+

Health oriented Researchers, Scientists, Doctors, Medicos


off. On The Great Barrington Declaration. 400,000+

of The Public. So agreed,


Another Letter(s) signed on behalf of 6500+



Dr. Tom Cowan + Sally F. Morell, Investigative Journalists

Jon Rappoport, Gemma Doherty + Christine Massey here

Ramola D. + many. Others some 1500+ signatories

Medical Researchers/Advisors/Experts. Many leadings

a Non-Existent Virus. Ref.Pg. 39 Test Kit Guide. There


there Reviews + Collections reveal also

No Virus. A LIVE TEST DRILL. Run All so

Without Your Consent/Knowledge.

Tanzania’s President John Magufuli one of the first too. To

let His People. Know +


expose the fraudulent PCR Test/Kit usage + Pandemic Vaccined

narrative. Profits overs Peoples, Depopulation. There is No. Killer

Virus. A Cure worse than The Dis ease. Vaccines can Kill.

(U.S. Current Total 2,249 Deaths, 50,861 Adverse Impacts

Europe’s Total thus far 12,184 Deaths, 1,196,190 Injuries…)

ALREADY known so thereof

thus fars-



There is. No Virus.

Flu disappeared.

No rise in Yearly Death Rates/Totals. No

People, Animals dropping offs. Of

Virus. Unless Vaccines aid that. Thus then

even Their Owned CDC Reports do not. Support

their not so healthy Narratives here. There

ignoring Your Immune System altogether thru’ this. Times, Places


Your signed. Country is under a WHO 2005 Agreed.

Live Test. Of


a non-existent Virus. Over 55 Authorities

contacted by Journalists nomened. Aboves have belows

confirmed. No Virus


ever isolated. Your Reps are running A DRILL on. You.

Without Your Knowledge/Agreeance. Just

makes Them Liable.?. Running


A TEST. Of some nature. Naturally



You may feel. Free

enough too. To check in with Your. So called

Representatives arounds abouts. All so

this. That


Previous Research Into Our World. Legends

shows… BTW’S… ANY IDEA Y


COVID.?. +



Your License/Card/Letter or somesuch from them. Authorities

or Industrial complexes. It’s Corporate. Patented. Legal. Large

Capped names.?. COVID-19 so same so seems.?. Seemingly


in 2005 many. Countries signed a UN Issued Doc. Health

Regulations too. So planned long. Afore

to participate in a 2019 Live. Virus Simulation. A Test.


Pfizer’s former Vice President Dr. M. Yeadon; Chief Scientist

for Allergy & Resp. Disease summarises here:


“…There is absolutely no need for vaccines

to extinguish the pandemic… You do not vaccinate

people who aren’t at risk from a disease. You

also don’t set about planning to vaccinate millions

of fit and healthy people with a vaccine that hasn’t

been extensively tested on human subjects…


A Flex of Moneyed Political/Elites Power overriding

basic Laws. Yours

with Machiavellian Corporate Profits built-in. In such

As per Orwells 1984. Much an Ending. Beginning

soon further Covid. Scandal Lawsuits. Whilst unmasking


Govt. Sanctioned Medical Iatrogenics with no. Just

Liability. Just Profits overs Peoples, Depopulation.

Signed off in 2005. Unmask there. Here



Whether in Our beginnings here. Our

Authorities simply rubber. Stamped or not

this Protocol… is up too. Your Opinion. So


How is Their non-existent Virus Drill

Test. Treating You opining

there.?. Here


in Our World. Legends Geopolitical

Machiavelli + Orwell. Confirmed. Negating




mishaps perhaps so asides next. Ups aways 2/6:

Our Tutankhamen Unmasked. Yore Brother.



(Editorial: Please Note That. This Posts

Theme Research problematical. Major

Censoring, Removal, Deletion

of Evidence/Studies, De-platforming, Shadowbanning,

Data Manipulation of Investigators/Researchers of this

Topic/Issue. Such as Youtube, Facebook, Twitter

suppressing +

deletion of Posts/Vids, Censorship, Site Blocks. Filming

interference, Social

Media deletions/changes/purges, Coercion/Bribery attempts

Facebooks Fact Checkers very. Selective ref’s ignoring 30,000+

Great Barrington Scientists + practically ALL

Previous. Studies +

such 100’s. Years Yores Researches much much

Notices Of Liability

more. Reviewing Research Notes… This was ALSO

practiced + arranged PRIOR for e.g. at. Event 201

Gates + co.


those Trio Judged aboves Responsible. Btw’s belows

Brighteon Vids, Bitchutes, Rumble Sites not. So far

censoring so draconial YET so affected.?.)


Thanks for reading this far. So

Take Care in our world. Legends

Yours in Deeds.