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As re-revealed in Part One. Just gone. Herein. The Pyramid Of Greatness is an Alchemical Machine. Using Natural+Elemental Tech that is. That is… it is a Water Volcano per se. Ancient Egypt Style Therein and thereof. A Great Waters of the Nile Pumping Station. A Unique and Balanced Alchemical Combo of Processes to produce Liquid… Life from the Watery Niles. All Elements. Herein. Named… with no shame. A Balanced Interior Working Model in GIF Form… too.


Pyramid of Great was built in the

Times and Places. We and Our World Legends.


Call those of Gods and Giants. Giant Structured the Pyramid is


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also. Also so convenient… indeed

and so apt. Cos We use much smaller bricks. In deed. We do.


Have smaller… footprints as well. So.


So We didn’t build them. Giants did…

cos they be Giant… too. To easily handle the…


larger bricks that is.


Especially those of the;..

Great Pyramid.

Great Elemental Machine…

that it is. Indeed. In deed and in fact. A

Giant Machine… and Giant’s Machine as well. As well,..


Elements of a Machine.

A Machine. Ancient are thereof and therein… in deed.

Mountain shaped. Thus and so… Volcano Fire Themed.


A Nile Watery Volcanic Alchemical Pump.

Version. Of Yore.


A Machine.

Elemental that is. Indeed.



So and thus named it… Pyr(e)amids(t).


A Machine that is Fire Driven. Fire Within.

Like it’s look-alike. The Volcano. The Fire Mountain.

All then tweaked to suit… The Waters of Their Lives.

The Nile that is.


Much more apt simply to think of it as a large Pressure device with inlet hoses from the River.

Outlets in the Plains thereof presume.?. Refer Working Model Of Pyramid Interior…

ways below anyways. Herein. In GIF Form that is. Below. A ways.


The Ancient Egyptians used the Properties of Fire/Heat/Expansion “… Pressure…”

to then pump the Nile. Wherever Pharaoh said. To.





Natural Elements and associated Tech. Unique Applications therein and thereof. That is and was a Large Part of this Times and Places. Natural Tech and usages.

This Race of Giants and co. helped build and found at least two of Our World’s Earliest Civilisations…

Sumer and Egypt that is. So and say the Science Summaries of Our earlier Times and Places.

Herein above that is.


Yet and that…

there is Modern Sciences such as History, Archaeology, Cryptozoology, Biology, Genetics and so forth.

Are not very forthright-

nor right about doubting such an existence. Our World Legends…


the letters from Our Ancestors were… and are.

Correct in many ways… too.

A… Giant Goodbyes.

This Race of Giants…

as is well attested in many of Our World Legends.

Though/and in the Real here and now…


is Extinct.




Such Olden Tribes as the Masai and Watusi however still trace their Ancestry to Giants.

Many Olden Tribes retell such Traditions.


Occasionally we stumble upon some oversized Bones or Structures of Mammoth Proportions and forget.

That such as the Smithsonian hid then destroyed many further Giant sets of…

Giants Remains.


We Once… Were… Giants. As with Other Creatures… also.

Creatures of Land, Air and Water…in those elements thereof. Therein

as well. Legendary Creatures.


No matter… the size of Minds of the Smithsonian

and the steps to hide otherwise.




That Mystery of Egyptian Yore… is thus Created…

out if lazy ignorance.?. conceit and arrogance.


Our Ancient Ancestors may not have had the opportunity, time…

or need to go such Hi-Tech… as we do.


Rather than Create such as Electricity for example…

they used Fire and such Elements of Nature in various Alchemical combinations for their Power wants.

Control and Usage of these Tech. appear also…

to be confined to certain Groups.


And the Giant Race.?.

We chased and hunted many as Tales do tell. Their existence was an aberration.

Like the Dinosaurs. Those too…


we call Pterodactyls…

be there Dragons begone. By the Saints it seems.


Maybe the SAME cause… similar effect as well.?.

ALL the Olden Structures of…





Legacy of… Giants.


Baalbek, Pyramids, Giant Steps and Causeways, Stones, Kings Stools,

Stone, Wood and Metal Tools Oversized unearthed and more.


Structures across the globe. ALL those we ascribe to unknown that are Huge.



Several Legendary Methods to Build with Giant Blocks

known of therein and thereof back then. Herein too. To

wit and pardon that pun. Therein that is.


Sheer Leverage… known about… for and from

Times and Places…

long and wide. Wide and Heavy Stones Float. Quite well. Well

in deed. On Waters. In Moats


as well. Outer…

or inner Moats may be. As such the case may be.

Are Ways too. To

crush,.. then carry…


then recombine. As large a size a Block…

as required. Therein.


Larger than Life.?. or… Real-Life.?.


One Text quotes 6,000+ in this Fam.


And in the End of their Ways and Days…


They had great trouble getting old as Appetites and Hormones kicked in… big time. Their Progeny seemingly became sterile it seems as much mention in late texts of various sexual and other dysfunctional issues also. Also and though this may need clarification…

their progeny the first gen.?.

were the Ones called Gods. Mutants…

would be the Modern equiv. thereby and therein… then.


Very smartly Elemental they so and become.




Such as the Rebel Angels their descendants and kin.

We fought with and against them at different Times and Places. So Our World Legends do so and say. We…

killed Them… too. Tried to sometimes anyways.


Drove them aways when could. Those that found themselves in Ancient Japan became known as The Tengu.

Teaching and mentoring Early Ninja and Samurai in the Arts of Martialness.


A Modern Engineer… Kunkel… has a Pharaoh’s Pump Patent Btw. photocredit/thanks:quotesgram

Name changing… changes.

The Pyramid’s Interior Passages, Tunnels, Alcoves and Rooms as we call the spaces within a Pyramid have never worn well such names. The shapes and sizes are odd. Their construction is certainly not for what we see as Living Spaces etc… yet we still call them thus. THEY are not. Simple Rooms and so on. For any King or Queen.

Soon seen below.


How and What the Great Pyramid really is.?. Below. Herein.

Looks… Acts like a Volcano.

An Ancient Egyptian version of a:


Fire-Powered Water-Based Volcanic Mountain Replica PUMP.

Elemental in Design. Below.


Elements of Fire and Water… Pressured. Pyramidal Style that is. gifcredit/thanks:nexusilluminatiblogspot


as much with Alchemy and Early Chemistry. Natural and Base basic Elements found in Nature and All Processes concerned. Our Ancestors observed Nature more keenly,..

more… needily than perhaps we do now.

Such a Tech. could be used to create…

an Inner Moat/Water Lock/Barge… so large blocks of Stone…

could be bouyed up, then built up indeed. Pyramidal perhaps.


A Type of Hydraulic Ram Pumping System.


A Fiery Mountain. Fired Up.

A Water of the Niles Volcano.

A Pumped Up Pharaoh. Pressured.


Thus and so… The Waters of Life. Do Flow.




Live Your Dreams… if not you.?.


They Looked… and…

Listened. Some.

Even Learned.


Elemental Tech. Au Natural.


Till next…


Our World Legends.

Be One.


Enjoy the Learning.

Then and thus…

and so.


Pass it On.