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The Classics in Our World. Legends Tell Tales. Of Yore. A New Ongoing Series. Daily. One. On those ‘tween Days of the Usual every 3rd Day Post Schedule. Short n Sharp Info Bytes. Sweets or Others Wise. Classics. All. #21 13 Chakra. Energy WithHeld.


So.?. Why do You Feel. That. As if a

Piece. Of YOU.

Is missing.?. So

Why in deed.? Indeed those Where. Abouts, arounds.

Of Your Others. Half.?. Without which. Your

Higher. Self.?. is richly

not. To so be. Be


Female, Male.

Anima, Animus.

Yin, Yang.

Two Sides of that. Those same. Coins,


13 Chakra. Energy With-Held.


The Almost. Daily

Random Classic #21.

  1. As Belows. Shows


  • The Zodiac. + The Center of Your Universe.
  • You AND The Stars. 13.
  • The 12. Disciples AND Their Leader. 13.
  • The Full Bakers. Dozen. 12 + 1.
  • 12 Hours. + You, The Watcher. Of

Times. On Your Watch.

  • Herculean Labors. Heracles + The 12.


13. Unlucky. To some.


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7 Days a Week.

7 Colors. So RainBowed.

7… Earthly Chakras.


7 Days a Week. 52 Weeks a Year.

4 Seasons.

13… Weeks per. Season Total.


52 Playing Cards. Per Deck per se.

4 Suits.

13… Cards per Suit per say. Totalled

so as well. Well as


Tips. Within this. Book. The

Dictionary of Mysticism– Editor F. Gaynor

Notes on Pg 34-

which so teasingly. So Tells of those

Occultists. Knowings of 10. Theres


a few. More. More

of this Tale still. Told Therein. Herein



i, Shiro so divine. Using Mores. Chakras. Than

You may Know. Of. For

in deed there be indeed.



Total. Chakras.

There be. 13.


That Place so. Nomened The Heavens.

Has Rules. Regulations regulatings

Fallen Life. On Earth. Earthly bound.?.


Then bound. Ups You. Are. There.


when Agreeance of Life. So made. You

must. Be Made to too. To Sacrifice. To Fall.



Powers. Yours. 13.



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Ons Earth. 7 Chakras… 6…+ 1 (…The Crown Chakra Links Divine/Spirit/High Self and so on nomened…) Thus using… as belows, as aboves… In Our World. Legends this does go… 6 + 1 + 6… as above, so below.


13 Power Centres. Reduced. With

Held. To so. Get

ons. Earth. Only allowed.?. 7. Here. Earthly

To so be. Be divined. As

available. Here in Our World. Legends


tell. Tales of. In halves. Opinion.

Body-Mind + Soul.

Are As. One.

Balanced. Life ensues. Howevers


In Life too. To

that Death. You must. Sacrifice. Self.

Giving Backs. The 7. To gain The 13.


‘Tis so. Whys that. Those who. Thru’

NDE’S, Meditations, Dreams, Visions,

Experiences, so forth. Forthrightly


wrongly… so FEEL. There. So right



So. Full of IT.


‘Cos in those. Tender dreamy Moments.

They ARE. IT. Their 13.


A Complete. Cycle of Life, Death. Mores. Backs

ins. Their Real. Powers. Thru’ Self. Sacrifice.

Here. Herein


Earthly Powers, Attributes. Mores.


Gaining Divine, Devilish. Powers. Then

Once and done. Here.


See Ya’. There.

After Life + Death.

Just… drink NOT Waters. There. To see



7 Powered Ups. Here. There so be.



Live. Your Dreams. Here Now.

Then. Till then. When