MORE On Two Things…POST#7

some thoughts on snake obscure items and a blogger goin thru a snakebite reaches out…

some thoughts on snake obscure items and a blogger goin thru a snakebite reaches out…




With SNAKES however, the Broom persuasion is very problematic and very DANGEROUS.





(A fellow blogger contacted me with her story-if ok with her will provide  link next we contact)(she chose to share her story-thanks v.) the link : just click


Two things i noted within my SNAKE research:

1) SNAKES have their own ” SECRET SOCIETY  “-





2) SNAKE blood and venom contain many unknown components.

The Legends of Gods with SNAKE associations are many indeed.

The SNAKE was said to be the first Earth creature the first God THAT CAME TO EARTH saw(ALALU). Many  Egyptian  Pharaohs and Gods/Goddesses had Serpent motifs.

The attaining of wisdom and knowledge were very oft.associated with Serpents. the biblical israelites God jehovah/yahweh was outwitted by a in?Famous Serpent who revealed jehovah to be a liar etc-jehovah ranted like a true Psychopath and banned all from his garden paradise.

Seems he was a bit snaky that day himself too IMO.




Modern Mass Medicine still retains the Serpent symbol in theirs. Snake fluids such as blood and venom are oft.researched showing promising results in such medical applications:clot busting, hi blood pressure treatments, arthritis and so on.




which led to this...NJOY. SIMPLE.






Till next…


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    1. Hi and thanks for visiting ninpolegends.
      appreciate the support and sentiment.
      am glad you found us.Thanks yandex.
      please feel free to search for more
      info whenever you feel the need to read.
      more new and updates ongoing.
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    1. thanks for reply and permission to share.i will add yr link to the post page for others to view.your story is uplifting in its message and you are one brave not sure i wanted to share my recovery etc tho yr effort most inspiring and am glad you have set an example. i will be posting more on snakes at times and hope they are of interest.good luck and thanks again.

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