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A Salted One Yores In Deeds. Indeed Pinching Thematics On Our The Whys. Are Our Seas Salty So. Much Such As Well. Well As Well Known Briney Tastes. Budding Cycles Cosmic So In Our World. Legends Splutter Spillings So Much Mores. Moreovers Underlying Truly Drying. Ups In Outing Interrupts In Golden. Ages Long Shortly Added Onto. One A Salt. Yores. Now Spilled Outs Herein. Spelled Deeds.


Raise Yours. Glass


then so now trying this. Thus so

no spillings just. So

Half-Fill One Your. Glass


that with Our Seawaters. See Our Liquid Salt

oft. Of Our Earth + raise your

inner Mind Imaginings so… Imagine. Imagine

seeing One World. Sea. See +




Imagine. One World


wherebys Our Seas are One + in. Yours so

One. Glass seen

halfly full Salty Waters now seeings… So then


now here. There inpour Our rain/tap Waters down

into. To

fall therein… Our One World 1/2 Glass Sea too. To

slowly so. Fill

seemly see revealings so overs times. Placings


Our Sea Water Glass contents. Contentedly

slowly surely is. So Fresh-

ened. Diluted +

so seeming containings reigning less. Salty…

Yet + so.?.



Rain falls. Down


pouring out oft. Of + in

aboves. Belows Our rain


freshened Waters flow in + on also. All so

in/onto… our Seas… So.?. Concentrationswise

Pinching Of Yore. Salt

Oft Our Earthwise.


So otherswide gone. So why.?.

then is our unstill Seas. Waters

still then so Salty.?. Now… Sciences says for Millions

upon Millions of Years… Rain falls. Upping


Questings so Would not.?. Why not.?. Should not Our

Seas overs Yore Times, Places. Placing

Years of fresh rainy waters into. To our sea yet

be so.?. diluted not yet is. So

so salty.?. Still


some 33% salted in deeds. Indeed




Rain does not reign as one. Dilutant


effectively seen in our. Seas. Seeing this that

means ways Natured effects go. Ways beyond

our imagination… Our Imagine One World. Glass.

Glassy half Sea wholly seen that is. Is that



Why are Our Seas so Salty.?.

on our Planet Earth. Our World.


Legends continuings tell on… in Science

tell tales of heating applications.?. So ongoings

imagine. Our One World Seas Glass is heated. Ups

Temps… So begins… arisen


of Evaporations upgoings. Or oft of Watery

vapor removed, leaving Salts behinds. One

Cycle that overalls

arounds. Abouts so


balances outs. In




our world legends this begs now then

one too. To wander wonderings… O.K. now then.?.

questings such much as… IF Environ effects.?.


have ever evers been in.?. interrupted this.?.

Cycle. Cycling



through our Blood Systems is. Salt


approximated at… 9%… 1:11.?.

We are oft. Of this world, in our world. Legends

tell 9% for us yet… Our Seas set now

then ats. 33.?. 1:3.?.


So imagine agains too. To your

One World, Yores

where ALL reflects. Natures + Waterswise

setting otherswise oft. Of Our 9%… + 360 Days

per year…


One Golden Age per se. Sayings

so in our world. Legends tell

much such in deeds. Indeed

rightly left questings… Imagine


Have thus Mothered Natures cycle interruptings.?.

done their damage. Here. There




in our seas has. The Evap. Cycle ever evers

been interrupted


upping. Spirited so Salt. Levels from 9–33.?.


in our world. Legends

tell one. Emphatic

maybe Yes. No maybe… Our Yores

major + many. Minor religions, communities, civilisations

and so forth. Forthrightly

left Our tales oft. Of several Yore enigmatic. Watery


Events as well as Our Yores Fiery. Ones too… One



so 12,000 year ol’. 60 Km Wide Comet

for examples this. That Fire Stormed Landscape

one that set the prometheus mountains. Alight +

ups rising Andes, Himalayas,.. Everest

so began. One End of an Ice. Ages.?. So


our Seas effects + affects.?. In our world

legends tell Heats as hot as. Hades

from inside and out. Sides

us so floated one. Huge Comet air burst +

Volcanos set off. Of offloadings

Earthbound aburstings as well. As well


did much such heat of such. Conflags remove

masses of then sea waters.?. So.?.

So interruptings Nature Mothered. Cycle.?.

in their wake/use. Fire Storms evapping Waters +

concentrating the Salts etc etc.?. So Polar shifts


tilting Our Planet. Calendar changes… 360 to. 365…

for in our world. Legends tell


Indeed Everest. Resting Ever Here Since Endings Ice. Ages Began In Deeds.


this + these interactions destroyed Godly

Planets (Electra =

The Asteroid Belt Exploded Planet… Mars wargod


weary burnt out-

with a rift that encircles some 2/3 oft. Of

it’s surface… Moon


hammered by strikes, Venus moved/born and.?. Borne

movingly seen elsewheres.?. Our World. Legends perhaps

via mayhaps… So tell this Invader headed on into. To

greet + meet + dissipate aways afore Our Sun. So

once upon these times + places.?. So


were our Yore Seas so. 9%ers… once. Just alikes

Our Year Circle. Once Perfect ats 360 + us

all squarely seasoned encircling arounds

abouts.?. Yores Our


Seas + Waters, Fire + Ice so seen. As

enigmatics Lifebloods and/or Major Threats so

pulsing Symbols oft. Of Yore Golden Days ‘n’. Times

Ages placing us in our world. Legends Planetary +

so celestial Saltswise. Warriors descendants… + salty


earthy Survivors. Starting



shining outs next on 23/3:

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