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Rules of the Riders at Bannockburn.

Independence and Freedom are Eternal Themes within Our World Legends. One such put into prose by Poets is that of the Scots. Victory over the invading English acclaimed at Bannockburn. A Tale of desperation and great odds withstood as a Nation fights for Unity against oppression and the accompanying massive Army. Herein. The Battle. That Day. The Robert Burns Poem after. As well.


Our Earth itself trembled That Day. Scotland.

At Bannockburn, that is. Of Yore.



Freedom called.

Rather loudly. That Day.


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Especially with an Ear…

to such and that ground. Grounds those,..

of these, two Countries. War. War Drums and Pipes toiled

as well. As well within;.. so and these.

Rules of the Riders

at Bannockburn.



That Day. 1314.

Which is and was. Within War. The


heady, heavy soundings of Hoofs

resounded hard and heavy,.. many

many thereupon. Thereupon these Lands. Lands

of these Scots. Scots Soldiers, Serfs and

Knights Fully Armored, in deed Weaponised to the


Max. As well.


Well as. Did so and sit. Sit in deed… thereupon. That Day.

The Cavalry. So named. ‘Twas. Then. Of Yore.


A cascading Cavalry of Light and Heavy Armor and Troops.

Horses, Riders. Both. Fully prepped and practiced by now.

Moving in easy, familiar patterns of unison. These Lands covered,


Lands they All well so knew. Knew well too

with this Wars so

Freedom Call



Thousands sallied so, going and went thus forth. That Day. A Day

that came Freedom to. Those be Many Thousands and more.

that forth did so and then Ride. At Bannockburn. That Day. Of Yore.


The threatening Army they faced was rampaging so close and hard.

A King led therein. Thereof the Scots did so to resolve. To remove. Then

many Thousands and more of such Kingsmen did come forth and so

ride across. Cross English Borders into these. Their Scots Lands. To

seek and control. The Scots. That be. Then. Therein


Our World. Legends do so and say.

Herein. Just now. Too.

Therein also. As well. As well as



The Cavalry.


At Bannockburn.

That Day. Of 1314.


Did Ride.

That Freedom



Armored Knights on War-Horses were/are the Tank Battalions of their Ways

and Days of Yore. A solid phalanx of these Armored Riders and Creatures

would be used to smash through much and many Defensive Formations


and even some and so into War Objective Structures.


A very solid attack and attacking Style, Technique and Approach. Of

much Mass

with Men on board as well. Weaponry could be varied to suit.

For the initial and thereafter therein.

Herein then as well it so seems.


The Battle of Bannockburn.




England v Scotland.


Edward 2 + Troops v Robert the Bruce (de Brus) + co.


Kings and Country of both. At War

that is. That Day. Of Yore. 1314.



A War of… Independence indeed. In deed

and in fact too. To battle that out, eventually,..

at Bannockburn. Scotland of Yore. Within.


The series of skirmishes prior to the Main Battle all went Scotland’s Ways.

Though massively outnumbered,..

some 3:1 or more…

the Scots tactics were winning That Day. From that early dawn.


By simply moving.

With good Timing and Defense therein.


This allowed the English superior numbers

no Times and Places. To rest. Or

keep in Battle Attack Formation either.


Remaining very Organised, the Scots maneuvers crowded

the English into areas so and then unsuited to such mass.


Then strung out

the English Troops Front along a River and Roadway was done

and so on and so forth. Forthrightly


too and then forced into.



The Bannockburn.

All the whiles led on by those wily Scots of Robert. The

Bruce that is. Not the i, Shiro kind therein and thereof.


The Bannockburn. Typical Wetlands and Marshy Ground that is. Also. Also

therein the Scottish Spears and Infantrymen per se…

ran riot it seems. Eventually the English straggled and struggled to

reform. Reformed,.. then and so too,.. crammed and crushed


with the Bannockburn on three of their sides. Robert

the Bruce + co. The Other. Side that is.


Hemmed in By Mother Nature. Scottish

of Yore… now too. To the Place of Bannockburn. June

1314 Times thereof and therein.


An Independence Day.


That Day



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is One whereby Poets do well and so eulogise. Herein. As well

a Day when Scottish ploys of Martialness, Strategy and Tactics,

those of War did so flow and Work. Worked well

and those

Freedoms that follow too,.. played

out. Dashing those o so dashing Troops of England,

so fair and green. Then and thus


The English Army stymied at every turn. Archers

decimated by the constantly moving Scots Cavalry. Cavalry

charges annulled by Scottish Formations standing

Pikes&Spears tall and firm. With


Bannockburn Landscape/Features hampering the English charges

and chargers. So favoring the smaller, compact and highly mobile

Scots Defenses. Then with these


Spear/Pike Men-moving again before a Target they became. For

when then the Archers/Infantry/or Cavalry did so. So

the Scottish Knights and

The Cavalry quickly moved back to harry that idea Whilst

again, ‘cos smaller numbers. Able to and so


keeping within. The Bannockburn.





Welcome So,

To Your Gory Bed

Or To Victorie.

The English Knights so straggled slow to get into Formations

across the Bannockburn sodden Lands, oft falling over their

Owns or getting in the Ways of their Own Troops and Support.


Soon found themselves facing Corps/groups Of Pikes and Spear

Men-at-Arms in a Schiltron Style. Pikes out porcupine style.

Ways too long aways for Sword Knights to attack and so forth.

Wet underfoot, Ways slow, Horses tire easier.

Several compounding precise flaws exposed.


Martial Moves and Counters that were appropriate. Were

so applied. That Day.


The Scots… battling for Country and Kin. For their very

Lives and Lands within. Used those same Lands Shape, Design.


To stymie the various English attacks with great Defense

and Attack Timing

and then correct Counter, Evasion or Attack. Applied. When required.

At every twist and turn. The English did play and pay.

That Day. At Bannockburn.  Never


to so again. So return. So



‘Tis and was… time. Time

for a Final Battle. A Times and Places to wax lyrical. Lyrics

with and from another. Another


son so named Robert as well. So well

in prose from that poetically inclined pen of this and that.

The Poet.


Robert Burns (1759-1796). That is. In deed. Below.

Imaged. Herein.


Poet Robert Burns… photocredit/thanks:oliveroinfo



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Time to Ride.

His Rules. In Prose.

Robert Burns.

Thus and so. Writ. Below.

Herein. Of That Day. Of the




“… At Bannockburn did the English lay

The Scots they were not far away

But waited for that break o’ Day

That glinted in the East.


But soon the Sun broke through the heath

And lighted up that Field of Death

When Bruce, with soul-inspiring breath

His Heralds so thus addressed:


Scots who have with Wallace bled-

Scots with whom Bruce has aften led-

Welcome so, to Your gory bed

Or to Victorie.


Now’s the Day and now’s the Hour

See the Front of Battle, lower

See approach proud Edward’s Power

Of chains and slaverie.


Who here will be a traitor knave

Who can so fill a cowards grave

Who so base as be a slave

Let Him so turn and flee.


Who will for Scotland’s King and Law

Freedoms Sword will so strongly draw

Freeman stand or Freeman be

Let Him then follow me.


By Oppressions woes and pains

By Your Sons in servile chains

We will drain our dearest veins

But They, shall be Free.


Lay these proud usurpers low

Tyrants fall in every foe

Liberty in every blow.


Let Us Do, or Die.”




Lineage Details:

The Family Brus/Bruce Crest: A statant (Blue) Lion with tail extended.

The Family Brus Clan Motto: Fuimus (We have been).

The Brus Clan History: Original Territory Origins;

Chateau d’Adam at Brix, Normandy.


One of the first Family Bruce recorded in Britain was the First

Robert de Brus,

arriving with William the Conqueror’s Norman invasion of


England in 1066. Said to have died in 1094. Of yore. That is



indeed. In deed. That’s All and what Our World Legends

do so and say.

The Scots of Yore… so did. Independence.


Did rise. Did ride. Did do.


June 1314.

At Bannockburn.


That Day. Of Yore.



Till next…


Our World Legends.

Be One.


Against All odds.

Stand Tall. Rise Up.


Live Your Dreams. As well.




Next… Search For The OTHER Stone: Alchemy Newtonian.


Please Feel Free and If So Inclined To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips and Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein. It so seems.


Archery. Sacred, Ceremonial, Martial + Sports. Japanese Ways.

Archery + Ways of the Bow. Herein. Targeted. Highlighted also. From the Sacred to the Sporty. Ways in and ‘tween as well. Well as Our World Legends of Ancient Japan. The Peoples of the Bow. From A to Z per se. Arrows thru Zen that is. Zeroed in. Ceremonial + Martial Methods, Traditions +other such Legendary… pointed Ways.


Ceremonial and Sacred Archery developed along with

Martial + Sport Forms and Traditions. Of Yore. Of

Ancient Japan that is. Yumi-ya.


YUMI ( ) = the BOW.


YA ( ) = the ARROW.


Whilst Defence and Military Ways were the dominant Themes the

Ancient and Olden Methods also encompassed Social and Cultural aspects

into the associated Traditions. Archery; Ceremonial, Sport or


Sacred Archery thereof;..

was and were displayed at many a Royal, High

Religious and/or Public Occasion. Elsewhere as well. Occasions

that is.



Occasions such as Commemoration Ceremonies in the Early A.D. Years

would of necessity,

Custom and Protocol,..

incorporate such targeted Exhibitions. As well. Attaching to

Archery. Sacred, Ceremonial,

Martial + Sports.

Japanese Ways.

were so and thus;..

linking the Present afixed to the ideals and appreciation

of Our Past. An Ancestral Our World Legends


Thank You it seems indeed. In deed. Also.



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Back of Yore.

The Martial Warriors that Lived and Studied the Early Ways of Japanese Archery

developed Methods and Disciplines to achieve flowing and coordinated

integration of this Weaponry. Martial and Self-defence applications soon

adapted to suit the Others. Though becoming somewhat more


ritualistic in this and that process.


Individual actions though by Heroes of Fame and Renown from

Earliest Times and Places ensured continuing growth and interest

was conveyed allowing long term appreciation…


and participation for future Bow Ways Students.


Legendary Archers such as Tatebito no Sukune. As Archer to Emperor

仁徳天皇 Nintoku (319-99 A.D.) ’twas He. He whose Arrow went straight

true and straight through. Through

a presented and proclaimed Korean Shield of Iron.


To wit and which… Ironically.



The Korean Envoys had thought… and said… ‘Tis. A


Pass not thru. This Shield. Not possible. No Ways. This Iron

will not bend or bow. To Your Bow. Will not.

They could not do. That.



To that. Pronouncement of Statement. To

this and that.


Tatebito… simply politely asked may i so then.?. Then and so

with puckered and guarded

assent well envoyed back, simply too plucked His Bow. Let loose

and fly that which was attached. There. Arrowed.


Tatebito no Sukune, an Ancestor of Omi of Ikuba.

Then did. Just. That.


Straight as Arrow on thru and past… just passing

through it seems. Straight as. Straight through too. To

and through thus their Shield of Iron. Korean. Of Yore.


Straight on through and True. Flew.

With just ease. Causing


some rather guarded and shielded Korean…

confab commentary and…  too some

such targeted dis ease as



well. Therein. Back then. Of Yore. In Korea.

Straight Up it seems indeed. Takebito in deed. Did. That. That

as well as


quality, quantity was neither ignored nor overlooked. Looking

over and back at such who totally targeted Our World.


Legends such as Archer Adept Masatoki is a

nomen high so then upraised. Raised up and loosened

many Times indeed

in deed. Therein. High numbers therein and thereof.


He whilst in Service to the Chief of Sakai ( May 19, 1852). Let

loose so well and over 10,000 Bolts arrowed in less than

just a Day (app. 20 hrs…). At the Archery Hall

of Sanjusangen-do. Of Edo. That was. Then. Masatoki.


That was and is. Then. Also



recorded in such other olden annals of Yore

are many epic Events of Ceremonial and Sacredness strung

together within many hallowed and sacred Temples,

Shrines, Royal/Noble Grounds and Precincts. Also.


The New Year custom of Harai.

Heralding Royal Births. The Hikime.

The Bow Man collecting Witness Statements at the Seppuku.


The Ways of the Bow. Are there.




Other Martial Ways too. To


include such Ancient Ways as a

Dedication One need only to. To

come to grips. Sumo Style that is. Gripping indeed. In deed

do such as the famed


Sumo appreciate these Arrow and Bow. Ways.

The Sacred Bow.

That is. Also. Divine.




The Yumitori-shiki Ceremony.

Ancient and of Yore indeed.


This intricately interesting Ceremonial Closing… Ceremony. A Ceremony

which closes the Sumo Tournament proper is a continuing Legacy

of the Ancient Traditions. Traditions

that still and now Dedicate Thanks and Appreciation to the Archers

Arts and Peoples of the Bow. A Champion is chosen. A Sacred Bow


presented. In thanks and respect thereof and therein.


The Sumo using Martial Style Movements and Actions then proceeds

to show and venerate said Bow to All present in recognition. Thus

and then so.


Ceremoniously… closing that Show.

Of Style

Sumo. That is so. Harmonious


as well.


Ceremony of the Bow… Sumo style in deed. photocredit/Thanks:jppinterest


The Ways of Kyujutsu…

as well have been adapted as a Modern Discipline.

Kyudo that is. Kyudo is that

which so seeks within the Arrowed Arts

Physical, Mental and Spiritual coordination. Thereof. Therein

also. Also


enfolding Philosophy of Buddhism, Taoism and Zen within. Within

were thus developed special Methods and Techniques to aid approach.

Physical Control achieved with stabilising Exercises and Movements.

Mental Control achieved with Motivation, Focus and Integration.


Spiritual ness soon follows. Balanced.

‘Tis Hoped. And Dreamed.


Worked at as well.







This Approach provides a subtle synthesis yet enables each to be emphasised

if the Archer is so willing. And/or as reqd. Each Lesson or piece of Knowledge

from any of the Physical, Mental or Spiritual Disciplines/Approaches…


applies thus and so. In some

and many Ways to the Others. Then on. In


Theory at least… On and to One’s Life in the Real.




The Basic Approach of the Ways of Kyudo.


The Disciplines per se. Are.

As follows. Herein. Below.











(Video Link)



Festive Ways. As well.

Traditional Kyudo is extensively practiced within Archery of the Modern.

Many Schools of thought and action.


Legendary Archers from such and so Ways as the Nihon, Kajima, Soken,

Nichioku, Hioki, Ogasa-wara, Shigo, Takeda also. To

name several nomens therein as well. As well


still. Today there still is. A Festival of the Bow. Arriving…

soon in deed. Indeed.



That is. Soon in fact too. To

appreciate the ongoing contribution of the Arrowed


Bow. A Festival in deed. Is done. In Japan. Still.

Soon enough it seems.


A Modern approach to an Ancient Tradition and Ways.


Many Shrines, Organisations and associated ALL celebrate Yabusame.

This Festival of the Bow is performed by such at various Times and Places.

All over Japan.


Several indeed over the next oncoming few months.


Unlike the somewhat Zen approach mentioned afore this. This

Festival is rather more… fleet of foot.

The thunder of Hooves that is. In deed.


Mounted Horseback Archery.

The Yabusame. As Below that is.


Arrow aflight and fired Festivities at the Festival of the Bow. The Yabusame that is. photocredit/thanks:kyudo


Whistles whilst working as well. As well

as Whistling Arrows the thus and so

Mounted Archer-Horse-Rider has several.



In sight in deed. To target.



Festival Honors are still hotly contested events though Rituals

and the Disciplines are rigorously applied as well. Just as well. Too.


For many of the Festival attractions take up much of the Day. Much

Energy of Rider, Horse and the encouraging Crowd is partaken. Away


by the Action.


(Video Link)


‘Tis good to… so and just take a Break.

From all that and those arrowing in and on things in deed.



Get Zenned.


Herein as well. In deed



gifcredit/thanks:kyudoOur World Legends.


Our World Legends.



Be One.


Stay Balanced. Target and

Live Your Dreams.



Till next…


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Please Feel Free and If So Inclined To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips and Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein. It so seems.


Hell on Earth. Found. Hello, Mr.+Mrs. Death.

Taking Our World Legends… literally. Shiro goes to Hell. Hello is said to Death-both Mr.+Mrs. Btw,.. and other Angels thus Fallen as well. Here. On Earth. Hell… exists. Herein. How i, Shiro found Hell on Earth. Using a Map, Pen… and Cigars. ‘Tis closer than You may think. Was so and same… in Times and Places of Yore also. So and thus… when peeps may tell You to go to Hell. O… yes,.. You can. May require a lil’ Travel Time. Passport… too.


NERGAL… a God of Sumer… Ancient thereof. photocredit/thanks:forumgunsru


Modern and Urban Myths denote and image Death Weaponised with a Scythe.

A somewhat lonely soul… who collects others.


The Soul Reaper. Grim that is.


(Music Link)


The Olden of Our World Legends portrays Death as being ambidextrous and much more adventurous.

A Scythe/Scimitar and a Double-headed Mace are the Weapons at hand.


Sometimes an Miner/Ice-pick… as well.


Sumeria’s God of Death, Plague, Pestilence and War.

Nomen Given;.. ’tis;..


NERGAL,.. therein and thereof.

Of Sumer. Of Yore.


Nergal… and -Pick… Ice or Mining.?. photocredit/thanks:mesopotamiangods


This Site views Our World Legends as Letters from Our Ancestors.

Religious Myths aside.


The Place known as the Underworld,.. or…

Hell on Earth. Found.

Hello, Mr.+Mrs. Death…

for both, have a residence there,..

thus and so. Hell.


a Place… in the Real. Physical World that is.

Where many indeed,.. in deed and in fact also. Did Live.


In Times and Places… gone by. Of Yore.

17+ Times. Places went to… Hell. On Earth.

Some 17 Other, this and that above Researcher…

has eventually found.


We… go to Hell. Quite a lot it seems indeed.



Therein. Hell. On Earth.


Though and technically… Our World Legends do so and say.

Though my Ancient Sumer… be a lil’… outdated. Therein.


Therein ’tis said. Hell. In Earth. Herein. In. And below… also.


Such Legendary… stuff.

The stuff of Ancient Texts…

from the Olden Civilisation of Sumer… looks like…

like below. Actually. ‘Cos… it is. Of Sumer… and textual as well.

All mostly done on lil’ Clay Bricks.


‘Cos they had no Paper.


Writing Style of Ancient Sumer. Nomen given as Cuneiform Type. photocredit/thanks:colclasure



(Video Link)


‘Cos… all the Cedar Trees were used for Building and. And…

cos as well;..

Paper was still a Dream. Real Invention came.

Later. After Sumer that is. That’s why and ‘cos,..

therein and… thereof. Indeed.


In Sumer of Yore… there were quite a few Cities around. Around the mid-Northern Regions also. Was a City called KUTHA or some suchlike ’twas named. Not one of the largest.

Nor smallest of such Cities. Cities such that nonetheless yielded Texts and more to the Spades of Science and Archaeology.


One such set became known and referred to as the (Kutha) Legend of Creation.

Found within the Temple of Sitlam;..

in the Sanctuary of the God of Death-Nergal.


Another form of the God of Death etc. Nergal that is. photocredit/thanks:pinterest


A Creation Legend from the God of Death.

That so caused i, Shiro.

To so chew the crap out of a Cigar.

That so tells the Tales of an Ancient Race that…

whilst Living… Mutated.?. Named within… in these of Kutha Text. Origins.


Is the sudden? appearance of a new.?. Race of MAN…

and Bird.?.


That is,.. such…

Men with the bodies of birds of the desert, Human beings with the faces of ravens, these the GREAT GODS CREATED, and IN THE EARTH the GODS created for them a dwelling. TIAMAT gave unto them strength, their life, the MISTRESS OF THE GODS raised. IN THE MIDST of the EARTH they grew up and became GREAT and increased their number.

Seven KINGS, brothers of the SAME FAMILY, six thousand were there People . (emphasis’s added)




The… Fallen Angels…

Live IN Hell.


Born of Our World. Legends of Yore.

Housed… “…in the Earth…”. Within.

6,000 of them.


Winged Men and Women it seems indeed. In. Hell.


Our World Legends sometimes carry… Opinion along the Ways. This… is called a Fall.?. photocredit/thanks:wikimedia


Inner Earth that is. Underground.

Below… Earth. In and Under… Earth.

The UnderWorld. Hell. Within. In.


The Underground. Of Yore.

Sumer also. Though herein and now.

Our World Legends do so and say. NOT IN SUMER…

per se.


OF… NOT IN. There that is. Thus and so.

Not in Sumer.


Travel Times and Places… to go. To. Hell.


The City of Hell. In the Earth. Modern representation of an Ancient Underground City in the Lands of now… Turkey. photocredit/thanks:moopr


How to Go to…



The Underground imaged above… is Hell. In Earth.

So Our World Legends do say. POV. Herein. Of Yore that is.


Hell on Earth,.. as some so and say. Is actually… in.

Hell in Earth Kutha’s Creation Legends so does say. Therein. In.



For Lands of Ancient Iraq are those of Mesopotamia. Sumer that is. Therein.

Tales therein say as well,.. to Go To Hell…

Go South. A lot. From… not to.?.

Thus and so,..


though my Ancient Sumer be not great. Great to read i think…

Hell thus and so is somewhat… now…

North of Ancient Iraq.?.


from Our World Legends… POV. Now. Herein. Go North.

Therein Iraq of Yore… and Up. North. Then in and Underground.



Still in. Within Our Earth as well. Just North of Sumer. Therein.


…Ancient Turkey that is. Thus and so. Is… Hell. North. Was then.


Hell In Earth… Hell within. IN. In… the Earth… in the ground.?.

Thus also… Underground. Therein. Derinkuyu.

Hell In and on Earth. Therein. To and from… South and North.

Derinkuyu… ’tis named.


Derinkuyu is one of the most enigmatic of Places. An Ancient Underground City that some estimates say could house and hold up to 20,000 with All the necessary… necessities.

A maze of cut rock. A stone Labyrinth that…

amazes as well.


50+ Air shafts, Thousands of Ventilation Ducts.

A Tunnel system that appears to link others in the Region.

Our World Legends above Kutha Text.


Say some 6,000 Fallen Angels lived within. The Earth. In.

Underground. In Hell. On Earth that is.


The builders of Derinkuyu… are unknown to Science + co.,..

though Our World Legends indicates above and therein K. Texts;..


the Goddess so with the nomen. Named in and above that is.

TIAMAT– saved any further fall.

From grace, will or otherwise… of these Peoples. In. Hell.


A Home was built.


A Home… In Hell.

In Earth that is. Underground as well.




Though unlit by Our Sun’s rays the Derinkuyu Underground Complex has access to free flowing water with the lower levels being some 80 mtrs deep in,.. underground.

Currently the Largest of the many underground sites in Turkey. Some 30+ such sites therein and thereof.

As with many such sites All over Our World. Legends tell of mysterious unknown Origins and early uses.


Large Stone Doors would seal off the Complex and sections thereof and therein, which had at least 18 Levels of tunnelled rooms and spaces. For Modern Visitors, only some 8 are currently open for exploration.

Public Disclosure in Modern Terms came about in the Year of 1963.


An Aerial Overview of the Cappadocia Region… Derinkuyu and many other Tunnel or Underground Systems therein. Underground that is.


The stone or rock that lines the area is of Volcanic Origins. Layers of stony ash termed Tuff/Tufa.

Very stable once formed yet also very carveable indeed,..

in deed and in fact also.


Dating such rock very problematical even for the Sciences. Estimates range from 4-9,000+ Years hence.

Excavations, Research and Exploration has found remains of much Societal Life. Wells for the Waters of Life. Many Rooms of different usage. Storage-, Bath-, Bed-, Kitchens and -rooms more.

More rooms too set aside for Manufacturing and Industry,.. with both Oil and Wine Presses therein and thereof also.

Weapon Armories around various sites.


Structures that resembled Churches, Meeting Places, Schools and Stables too. Tombs as well,.. for those who weren’t well at all. In Hell. Underground. All of Yore and on Earth. In…

actually that is.


(Video Link)


Hello Mr+Mrs. Death…

All too… Ruled by the God of Death…

the Goddess too.


Ereshkigal her nomen.

Hells… First Ruler and Queen therein and thereof also.

Sister,.. Elder thereof, of that Divine Beauty Inanna

One of the First… on a Pedestal.


Venus is her other name.


A somewhat forced Marriage. Arranged ’tis said… by the Gods.

Of Sumer. Ancient.

Neither was ecstatic at first… quarrelling, duelling and so on.

Such are the Ways… of these Gods.


As Times and Places went by… bye went their arguments.


A Tengu King. photocredit/thanks:Honolulu Museum of Art


By and by too. This race Of Bird-Men and Women went.

Tantalising references are found within Religious and Secular Texts and Writings over Our History.


Our World Legends as well.


Gods of Sumer. Ancient thereof. Brothers… in and at Arms… length it seems indeed. Divine Families… ‘Tis War. photocredit/thanks:mesopotamiangods


Of Fallen and Rebel Angels… that…

rebelled. Against the Main-stream Ways.


(Music Link)


Divine Disappearance…

An oft forgotten Race or Peoples whose Tech. and such Powers oft misunderstood. A Mutant Race that appears to have died out. Like the Dinosaurs… Pterodactyls also.

Legends indicate some were hunted down, others used for Geo-political gains and intrigues. Likely reasons they first chose… Hell. Underground. In and On Our Earth.



As Mentors of the very early Ninja and Kunoichi…

is how i, Shiro… first met. Them. In Legends.


Oblique and passing mentions and references…

referred Students to their actions and deeds. Indeed they are credited still by both Samurai and Ninja Traditions as being intimately involved in the Origins of Martial Self-Defence. Of Yore. Ancient that is.


Misunderstood and misrepresented…

their Legends still remain. Herein.



(Video Link)


For… Mystery… or not. Therein.

Wings… unclipped.


Fly too. To

let loose Your Dreams Divine.


Our World Legends.

Be One.



Till next…



Ark of the Covenant. Weapons, Machines and Other Legendary Tech.

Viewing Our World Legends from a Science-Fiction or Technical POV… leads to oft electrifying… consequences. Legendary Tech has been used… All over Our World. Legends tell Tales that in Our Past,.. certain Groups… oft had access to TECH far advanced than the other everyday… cave and tent dwellers per se. By adapting Nature and processes… Weapons and Machines came their Ways also. Herein. Several miraculous Methods. Large and Small also. Explained. Naturally. No Gods or Extra-terrestrials needed.



Until you view and reflect on Our World Legends from a Technical POV…

even unto a Science-Fiction type approach-

much may you miss.

Such as. The…

Ark of the Covenant.

Weapons, Machines and

Other Legendary Tech.

Much indeed. In deed and in fact…

as well.


Our Ancestors used much in Nature to Craft their Ways.

However… this Knowledge and Wisdom was NOT splashed about All over the IOT.

There wasn’t One. Yet.

IOT that is. Crafts.?.


There were MANY. Many many indeed,.. in deed and in fact.

ALL with secrets intact per se. Secrets in the sense of HOW…

to use that Knowledge.


For Creation, Inspiration and Death.

Destruction thereof and therein… also.




War Songs.

Ancient and Legendary Weapons…

oft of Mass Destruction are found on many Ancient Continents.

The Greeks for centuries… were the lil’ Gods of War.

As with the ancestral Spartans. A nomen of Martial renown therein and thereof.


Greek Fire… Ruled the Oceans… Seas and Waters…

for a while.

Burnt Enemy Shipping with a Flame that water could not douse.

A Naval Flame-thrower extraordinaire.

A secretive Recipe which combined several Minerals and Elements uniquely into a flowing form.


Science, Mining and Trade historical Data indicates ingredients such as:







Our World Legends typically credit KALLINIKOS with this Alchemical Discovery.

A Fire… that Water molecules cannot douse.



A Weapon of Mass Destruction…

that helped in the Construction and Origins of early Democracy.

Such Weaponry approaches during such turbulence in History kept encircling Enemies on the back-pedal leaving the Majority of the Public… to Live a Life.

A Weapon of Self-Defence as well,..

from that POV.



The Liquid Gif below however…

shows one possible… Grecian of Yore…



Freely available per se…to One and All.

Though perhaps… undreamed of. It’s Knowledge and Usages

still zipped tight.


Vinegar… works well…



Greek fire… NO MORE. Herein. gifcredit/thanks:twitter


That such as Greek Fire and The Ark of the Covenant.

Weapons, Machines and Other Legendary Tech.

shows indeed Our Ancestors oft thought…

diversely indeed. In deed and in fact also.


Our World Legends reveal many Technical Marvels.

Oft built by Giants.





























For  those  of Science bent… Egyptology too.

These Giant Ones are those summarised below within their Research Legends.


As with the discovery of an entire City at Troy.

Our World Legends confirmed.


A GIANTS Place In History…

Science also.


The ignorance of Giant stature Humans is only possible.

By simply ignoring our Ancestors and Our World Legends.

By ignoring their own early internal Research Evidence and Facts such as that presented within…



The ” Archaic Egypt ” Summary of Professor W.B. EMERY… Pg39:

Noted in the very Early or Pre-Dynastic Tombs and Graves…



“…Anatomical remains of a People whose skulls were of a greater size and whose bodies were larger than those of the Natives…


…and whose;…

“…Racial Origin of these Invaders is unknown and the route they took in their penetration of Egypt equally obscure…




Early, Unknown Origins. Oft ascribed as… Divine.

Larger than Life per se as well.


The historical connections of importance from these Times and Places of such GIANT Facts lies in the recognition that THIS SAME RACE was also at another of Our World Early Civilisations

if not the Earliest.

That of SUMERIA.




“…People allied in type to the big-headed Pre-dynastic Egyptians are to be found buried in the Early graves of Mesopotomia…








A Pyramid of Power.


The Great Pyramid.

Designed by ” Gods “. Built by ” Giants “.

No Extra-terrestrial… need apply.


So Our World Legends do say. Herein.


A Giant of a Mountain like structure was and is…

no mere Tomb.


Pharaoh, Queen or Mummy… even.


From a Legendary Technical and Modern POV. Herein.

A Mountain and the Natural Forces and Elements therein… as well.


Our name… says it All.

Pyramid… pyr(e) amid(st).

Fire… in the Middle. Powers a Pyramids… Ways.



Herein for example;.. whereby;..

Modern Engineer Kunkel soon enough purviewed the inner alleys and galley Ways of the Pyramid from a…

Technical POV.


The Pyramid is a Pump. Engineered. Of Yore. He so declared.

A Fire driven Steam/Vacuum Activated… it seems. To the…


Waters of the Nile… PUMP.


He,.. Kunkel persisted in it’s perfection.

Patent granted therein and thereof.

Kunkel’s Pump… based on… Pharaoh’s Pyramid Great.


Pump it up Pharaoh indeed,.. in deed and in fact also.

So Our World Legends do so and say.


Herein… i, Shiro as well.











Pharaoh… Hands on.

Ancient Tech does not necessarily equate with Machinery… as we know it…

Now and in the Modern.

As the Pyramid Pump of Our World Legends does show indeed.

In deed and in fact as well.


That Pyramid Great that greatly utilises Natural Elements of Fire and Water.

The Cystalline nature of the Quartzite Blocks also.

Have meaning when viewed in that/the Tech. POV.


Piezo Power the closest Science nomen therein and thereof.

The Natural Power of Pressure it seems.

Close… to hand that is also.


A Pharaoh’s Hand perhaps too it seems.






A Hand-held Piezo Crystal Powered Device.

Ancient Tech Our World Legends do so and say.

Crystalline Quartz, Zinc and Copper.


A Pharaoh’s Wand or Rod… of Ra or Horus that is.

A Rod… of Power. Elements… Minerals as well.

Basic Minerals that are a vital necessity to…

Our Life. All Life.


For all of our life as well.



(Video Link)


Powers of the Gods.

Just take a look at what Our Ancestors saw.

Use Technical POV.



enlightening indeed.




The above is oft referred to as a God from Sumer.

A God.?. OK.


So let’s get POV Technical herein.


Technically… Looks like a Man.

With Wings. Beard also.


Looks thus like a… Mutant Man.

With Strange Ear-rings, Wrist-watch, Bracelet, Hat and.?.


A Handful of… Opium Buds. The Poppy.


These Gods of Ours are thus… Technically. POV.


Tech savvy, drugged up Giant Mutants who accessorise.

Simply divine indeed.


A Bud of the Poppy… Papaver Somniferum the nomen of Science therein and thereof.


They Lord it up divinely in Our World Legends also.

On the Terrestrial… level that is.


Live and die. Love and Hate. Fight and makeup.

Have Families and Friends… Enemies as well.


Marry, have Children… oft…

quite many. Of both.


This is a God.?.


Are We not ALL… then,.. Gods.?.

Though… not necessarily Mutant…

though… only from that and… Our POV.


From such a Beings POV…

we are the Mutant Ones.

Clipped Wings.


Cycles of Knowledge and Power. POV.

Our World Legends.


Capacitator of Incapicitation.

The Our World Legends of the Biblical Ark of the Covenant are…

illuminating indeed as well.


From that/the Technical POV… it is a Capacitator.


Built Layer upon Layer. Condenser. Electric.

An oversized Leyden Jar.

The March 5th, 1933 edition of the Chicago Daily Tribune,..

cited the Experiments of Professor Frederick Rogers;..

the Dean of the Department of Engineering at the Lewis Institute of Technology.

A Technical POV therein and thereof was… obtained.


Two very Conductive layers(Gold) separated by an inert layer(Acacia wood).

An Electro Capacitative Super Weapon


also notoriously ready to flash out. It’s charge.




Even amongst it’s owners.


When… Earthed and Grounded… they were not.

Though mention of Protective Apparel…

such as Special Aprons and Vests is biblically occasional.

Legendary Hints electrified therein it seems indeed.

In deed and in fact… also.


Some 10,000 Volts Professor Rogers did surmise.


Movie Mayhem may indeed thus reflect an Olden Legendary Truth.

The Ark of the Covenant… not a saviour. Just… us and…

a Weapon of War.


Wonders of Our World Legends would never cease. Fire and Brimstone…

optional extras.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.




“…They shall construct an ark of acacia wood two and a half cubits long, and one and a half cubits wide, and one and a half cubits high. You shall overlay it with pure gold, inside and out you shall overlay it, and you shall make a gold molding around it. You shall cast four gold rings for it and fasten them on its four feet, and two rings shall be on one side of it and two rings on the other side of it. You shall make poles of acacia wood and overlay them with gold. You shall put the poles into the rings on the sides of the ark, to carry the ark with them. The poles shall remain in the rings of the ark; they shall not be removed from it…”


Wooden Poles to carry.

Wooden Poles.

Wood. Would conduct Electricity…


very badly so Science does so and say. Woodenly perhaps too.

Thus perfect to carry an electrically charged… Weapon. With Wood.


Our World Legends also seem to say that to charge up this Legendary Weapon required very precise positioning. In some place called the HOLY OF HOLIES.

Perhaps… Holy of Holes more apt.

Holes in the Roof per se…

where the Lightning Rod collected it’s Energies.

Later misrepresented by the Religious Cults as a Church Spire.?.


Such Natural Energy collected,..

as the later Scientist Benjamin Franklin found out.

Powered up indeed. Kite high… Sky High it seems.


Holey… yet Natural,.. Electricity.


Lightning Tech;..

the Ways of this Ark of Divine Weaponry.


Power Ups…
All Over Our World.

Legends do tell of more. The Bible… several too.

Legendary Machines with Power.

A… Technical Power… that is.


Depends on your… POV. Beliefs.

Faiths too. Or… Scientific through and through.


Diverse Ways of Thought… Weaponry as well.

Divine they seem not. Nor Extraterrestrial.

Just as effective. Entire Cities demolished with the…

God-Mother of all bombs.


Sayonara Sodom… Gomorrah Good-bye.


Angels that and thus weep,..

imploring run and don’t ever…

look back. From… their God’s Work.



Weapons with terrible Powers of Destruction.

Gods with Tempers that condemn and curse. Others.


Ascribed furthermore to a God.?. who later in the Bible is supposedly and somehow mysteriously transforms into One All Knowing-All good.?. Yet before in the OT… needed Tech. And went to War. Oft. A lot actually. A real lot.

As well as attempting to drown…

All of us. And succeeded on most of us.

A God… tis called.?.


Yet also in such Legends,.. many overlook this God’s defeats. By Charioteers of Iron for example. Judges 1:19.?. Or why not ask why.?. Such a God… supposedly creates a Species after his image and then rampages killing several Millions and more along his Ways.

Rather… maniacally self-defeating perhaps.?.

Mutant megalomaniac most apt.


Meanwhile a Modern view of Tech.

From a reading of Ezekiel of the Biblical OT.

Another Patent came true to view.


When a previous NASA Chief and Engineer did surmise,..

and would not admit defeat…

that what a Biblical Prophet saw. Flew. Also.


Also… looked somewhat like this…

thus below.

Ezekiel… this Prophets nomen therein and thereof.

Biblical that is.




A God… or a disgruntled Ancestor…

with access to Weapons, Machines and Other…

Legendary Tech.?.


Fly High. Naturally.

Divine or not. No need for those Extraterrestrials.



Letters from Our Ancestors.

This is what Legends are. Herein. POV.


Find Worth and Have Faith…

in your self. Your Dreams. In You.


For if not You.?.




Our World Legends.

Light that Flame.


Be One.



Till next…



Ninja Weapons Wall Slide-show.

Weapons. The Site Cameras are… emptied. Herein. Wall-to-Wall Weaponry Slide-show. Our World Legends. Minimal chat and background Music… too. photocredit/thanks:weaponcollector


WEAPONS of the NINJA and associated MARTIAL TRADITIONS helped shape much of the ancient world they were used and lived in.

Many are rather unique and classical in their form oft. adapted to suit the particular circumstances required.

Inventive indeed (click).


A very large variety.

Battle-field and training alike.


(Music Link)




Weapons Wall


…tis just a show-case Way,..

…to show-case such WAYs indeed;..

…in deed and in fact… too.


Some, over time and deeds became LEGENDARY…indeed (click).

Many included within Our World Legends.

A select few feature in various… as well.


So… Our World Legends do say. photocredit/thanks:togetherwerise


A LEGEND OF AMAKUNI for example, from the 7th/8th century;

tells of the WEAPONS LEGEND explanation whereby the KATANA, a single-edged Sword

was obtained by the simple division of KEN

the double-bladed Sword.




The HISTORY of such as NINJA WEAPONS involves so much more than War and associated Combat.


ANCIENT JAPAN…community + co.


TOKUGAWA CASTLE, EDO… Japan. photocredit/thanks:elteprompthu


From the settlements of Community and Defence necessity;

…also via the MINING and then ALCHEMY OF FIRE.


(Video Link)


the ANCIENT SWORD-MAKERS applied to create these unique weaponry items and onto

the BUDO MASTERS who personally refined technique and method.


And themselves.


Mirror… Musashi Miyamoto + Attendant… also. photocredit/thanks:joongdokwan


This training too for example would involve the interpretation of actions via THE ARTS OF WAR, THE DOJO and even the somewhat frivolous organised ‘ Hunts ‘ of the BUSHI SAMURAI

whereby wild animals such as quite large Boars or Deer forced/cornered into active COMBAT.


Live training indeed…with the losing party…

buried or eaten.




SLIDE-SHOW… to follow:


(Music Link)


The following NINJA WEAPONS WALL SLIDE-SHOW is a dedication and reminder of the inherent beauty…in




NINJA +co…WEAPONRY related pics.


Please Start at the Kunoichi with Chain Photo.

for some 200+ weaponry related pics…mostly.

The Slide-show: Weapon Wall.



(Music Link)



Till next…

For a look at ROCKnROLL’s MUSIC ORIGIN LEGENDS…(click)…or

(click) here…and see–HOW WE SET THIS TOWN ON FIRE…or then again…


…scroll up for another last lingering look at the



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Shuriken, Spike and Projectile. Throwing up…

Throwing Weapons is an Ancient Art. Stone cold Truths and Our World Legends say this started with… stones… hot or cold isn’t mentioned actually. Soon enough… other stuff was being tossed… all over the World. In Japan… long ago it seems… this became an Art of War… a Martial Art. Herein. Some specialist tossing utensils. The long and short,.. star and other potent projectiles… too. Slide-show, Toss Intel… and other such… sharp pointed stuff.


(Music Link)


Ninja Instructors oft… throw up.

Their Weapons.


Any direction… actually.

This a lesson i, Shiro learnt early in my training.

One aspect that even such as Hollyweed got right.


Besides how hard Training can be… that is.


After Sticks came Stones… so Our World Legends say.

…The rest… is History. For,..

…other items… soon were tossed… too.


In Japan… a lil’ while back in History and Herstory.


Samurai, Ninja, Priests,.. the general Public… as well.


These Weapons tended to be…

Shuriken, Spike and Projectile.

Throwing up…

… or in any direction and getting the Target though,..

…is quite hard work indeed.


Training Time and Tips it seems herein.


QUITE A MOUTHFUL… MOVIE MAYHEM STYLE. gifcredit/thanks:youtube/4gifs

Heads Up…

First Up…

…Safety First.


Paramount in any Training session is Safety.

Yours and Others.

The Weaponry discussed herein can injure, maim and kill.


Designed to cut into and penetrate skin, tissue and muscle.

Thrown or held in hand for Combat.


These are not playthings.


As with any such… maintain your Respect.


Live Weaponry is the wielder’s responsibility.

Follow Instructions and Protocols.

Train Safely.



(…As an 😉 aside here: Know where the Dojo First Aid Kit is.

…Also;.. make or buy a small Basic one…

…keep with/in your Training Bag…

…along with some Freeze Spray and Heat Ointment.)


A Typical Training Target.


Shinobi SHURIKEN Selection… photocredit/thanks:pinterest


Hold Up…

…Check Up.


Maintenance and Care of your Training Weaponry essential for longevity and Safety.

Keep the sharp Tips tip-top sharp… minimises bounce off/ricochet.


This means;..

Gentle pressure on a Fine Grade Sharpening Stone.

Remove minimal steel when honing.

Keep rust/chemical-free, oil as req’d.

Pad and Pack appropriately noting above.


Basic Leather Pouch,.. or Cloth Roll.

Other ideas are the old style Floppy Disk Ten Pack Containers or small Wooden Boxes.


There are many shapes and sizes as shown in the pics above and below.

Some specialised types come with various coatings applied.

Slightly differing in flight characteristics, purposes and so forth.


Cost… too.


(Video Link)





Throw Up…

…thy hands…for;..

a Shiro… decisive and…

…incisive Ninja and Kunoichi Cost-Cutting…



Sharp as indeed,.. in deed and in fact… too.

A cheaper and easy to make alternative for the Spike Type.


Is to… grab a stack of the large wood squareish ChopSticks;..

…sort and keep all the un-lacquered ones.

Trim length slightly… Sharpen one end;..

…Soak in Oil… to add weight etc.



Once suitably oiled and weighted down… toss…

…up or anywhere,..on Target;..

…to your heart’s and wallets… content… and relief as well.


The above procedure will produce a lighter Spike that flies fairly true.

Great for projectile practice.

Getting the Arm and Body motions to flow smoothly.


Once mastered, the transition to the Real Thing much simpler as the extra weight easily adjusted to.


This can then be applied to ANY OBJECT per se,..

…that you may wish to toss… away.

Way toward the Target… that is.


Tis Time… for tossing.

(Music Link)


Who’s Up.?.

Name calling is also an Art.


Here’s a Glossary Type for personal perusal.



Shuriken : 手裏剣 Throwing Star/Palm Blade.

Shaken 車剣 Wheel type.

Kurumaken : above alternative name.


Bō Shuriken 棒手裏剣 Stick/Spike type.

Hira Shuriken 平手裏剣 Flat type.


Biao : Pin type.

Harigata : Needle type.

Higuruma  : Fuse, Oil and Gunpowder type.

Hokogata : Spear type.

Kugigata : Nail type.

Kankyuto : Piercing type.

Kogata : Utility Knife type.

Kozuka : Small knife kept in Sword Scabbard.

Kunaigata : Farming Tool type.

Matsubatagata : Pine Needle type.

Senban : Lathe Plate/Blade type.

Tantogata : Knife type.

Teppan : Metal/Iron Plate type.

Tetsumari : Ball shaped spiky type.

Uchibari : Large Needle type.


Shurikenjutsu :  手裏剣術


Modern Tech. has updated this Weapons approach-

…with the not so humble Gunnery type.

Which toss out a lot.


Ways too many… to catch… too.


Full on Tossers indeed,.. in deed and in fact…



(Video Link)


What’s Up…

… with the Law.?. you may ask spikily… now.


These Weapon Forms have oft been banned in times and places.

Their hidden nature per se… objected to.

Tactical advantage… lawfully disadvantaged.


Check your Local Area for applicable,..

…prior to you tossing yours… around.


These and the nature of the surprise and stealth aspects have induced many Schools over the years to go underground per se. Thus the large variety of Type and Training. This was simply added to the Training Menu of the School concerned… usually as Supplementary to their main focus.

Generally included in the olden Martial (…war…) Systems referred to as the Bugei or Sogo-bugei.

Of which… there were/are many… also.

Quite a few Historical Schools specialising in this Weapon Form over the years… as well.


Throwing Techniques termed : Dakenjutsu

Combat Techniques termed : Shokenjutsu


Tetsumari type. photocredit/thanks:ninjaencyclopedia

Heads Up… again,..

For safety and minimising ricochet rampage,..

…Targets… are Not Hard Wood… at all.


Old bamboo Tatami Mats… ideal… though lil’ messy.

Stacked/Tied Thickish Packs of Layers of Cardboard… also messy.

Rubber/Carpet matting of suitable thickness (…app. 20mm…)

… ideal… not so messy… too.


Not as thick as some though… cos;..

…remember the bounce… off,..


…coming yours or others Ways.


OLDEN SHURIKEN TYPES… photocredit/thanks:thepinsta

Catch Up…

…on Chuck Ups.


Throwing the Shuriken is technically simple.


You don’t.

Throw… at all… that is.


The action is much more akin to that of the Fishing Rod/Pole.





The lighter than a Ball weight per se… and the intent…

…totally different.

Throwing your balls… so to speak that normal Ways…

…means lil’ attention given to spin and tumbling of the ball concerned.


Herein… we want… none of that.

No rough n tumble indeed it seems,..

…in deed and in fact… too.


Herein… Directed Release… the better terms.


Even an Alien… Shuriken User it seems. gifcredit/thanks:youtube/giphy


The Basics… of…

Throwing Up…

… and other directions… as well.


With the Spike Type:

Throwing with the Arm and Hands is usually made in a circular fashion.

Freely… loosely.

This can generate in an appropriately weighted object… great speed.

Also imparts rotation.


Throwing  Spike Shuriken + co. correctly simply involves the control of that.

Of Object Velocity and Rotational Speed.

A Directed Release therefore thereof.


Cup your hand slightly.

The bump or ridge that forms at the base of your thumb.

Tis where the Stick/Spike ones… butt end… sits.

Resting and lying comfortably ‘tween first and second fingers.

The sharp end peeks out behind fingertips.


The Thumb comes across to support… lightly.


Snug in thy Palm. Like so. photocredit/thanks:yamatobudogu


As the throw is made:

The palm placement pushes/presses against the Spike whilst/as the moving Arm flexes up n then down and wrist snapped etc.


Ensures a flat trajectory… tossed fast… basically.

Over the short to mid range.


From any position and in any direction is also practiced.

Once understood,..

…the Basics are added to with varying grips and other throwing implements/tools/weapons.


For example:

The Star Type involves different Grip Methods that are more pistol like/pinch grip- slightly behind the point area,.. whereby the finger and wrist aid in applying max. rotation also.

Flicks and timed Wrist Snaps work… hand in hand to…

…cover distance and generate power.


(Video Link)


SHINOBI SUPASTARS… photocredit/thanks:pinterest


Spiking… your Punch.

Modern Versions include Keys, Rulers, Pens, Small Torches, Tools etc.

Shokenjutsu… The Hand-Held Techniques.


Spikes + co. add steel to your defence capabilities.

Attacks… too.

Small, hidden… and pointedly surprising.


Maybe not quite up to Wolverine’s.

Useful nonetheless indeed.


Usually simply held in the hand they can aid Blocking Oppo and/or Weaponry.

Adds impact effectiveness to most of your Actions.

Punch, Pressure Points, Trap Aid, Twist/Leverage Device, Bony/Light Armored areas present no issue etc.

Differing Grips to suit.


Lightweight and easy to maneuver.

Variations usually socially acceptable and readily available items/objects.


The Tool/Object usually kept hidden as best can to maximise effectiveness.

The… won’t know what hit ’em… attitude/approach.


Several of the Basic Throw Movements…L-R: Overarm/Sidearm/Backhand photocredit/thanks:tortueman


Up… and at ’em…

The movements and throw positions herein discussed are generalised.

Actual positioning is dependent on many Combat Factors.

Forms and Style vary accordingly.

Consult your Instructor for particulars.


Whilst Training can not cover every possibility;

Once the Basic Motion understood and your Targeting…

…is in the main… right on target.


Add the number in your hand for consecutive or multiple throw(s).

Then add a fake-out movement… or a distraction/intimidation/warning… at a close object to attacker.

Double/both hand throw(s).

Whilst Falling and/or Rolling.


(…Learn… to avoid them… too…)


Practice throwing from any and every position you can achieve or get into.

Seated, Flat on floor, Standing, Kneeling, Walking, Running and so forth and so on.


Till You…

Ends Up…

Hands Up…

…emptied out…

… and have run out of tossable things.


Have fun… throwing up… ALL OVER.



Just pick the right… Target.


(Music Link)


Show Up… Time:

Slide-show… Up… that is.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.



(Video Link)



O… Kunoichi of the Wayward Wavy Hairstuff… Can’t seem to do a thing with it.?. The Legends. Herein. Uncut.


(Video Link)


SAMURAI Sword OF JAPAN,.. 刀 KATANA 武士/武家 . Click aways image thereon to see Shiro’s Slide-show of 25 Legendary Swords. Herein. photocredit/thanks:pinterest


Shiro will now… Shut Up… too.


Our World Legends.

Be One.


Till next…