Ark of the Covenant. Weapons, Machines and Other Legendary Tech.

Viewing Our World Legends from a Science-Fiction or Technical POV… leads to oft electrifying… consequences. Legendary Tech has been used… All over Our World. Legends tell Tales that in Our Past,.. certain Groups… oft had access to TECH far advanced than the other everyday… cave and tent dwellers per se. By adapting Nature and processes… Weapons and Machines came their Ways also. Herein. Several miraculous Methods. Large and Small also. Explained. Naturally. No Gods or Extra-terrestrials needed.



Until you view and reflect on Our World Legends from a Technical POV…

even unto a Science-Fiction type approach-

much may you miss.

Such as. The…

Ark of the Covenant.

Weapons, Machines and

Other Legendary Tech.

Much indeed. In deed and in fact…

as well.


Our Ancestors used much in Nature to Craft their Ways.

However… this Knowledge and Wisdom was NOT splashed about All over the IOT.

There wasn’t One. Yet.

IOT that is. Crafts.?.


There were MANY. Many many indeed,.. in deed and in fact.

ALL with secrets intact per se. Secrets in the sense of HOW…

to use that Knowledge.


For Creation, Inspiration and Death.

Destruction thereof and therein… also.




War Songs.

Ancient and Legendary Weapons…

oft of Mass Destruction are found on many Ancient Continents.

The Greeks for centuries… were the lil’ Gods of War.

As with the ancestral Spartans. A nomen of Martial renown therein and thereof.


Greek Fire… Ruled the Oceans… Seas and Waters…

for a while.

Burnt Enemy Shipping with a Flame that water could not douse.

A Naval Flame-thrower extraordinaire.

A secretive Recipe which combined several Minerals and Elements uniquely into a flowing form.


Science, Mining and Trade historical Data indicates ingredients such as:







Our World Legends typically credit KALLINIKOS with this Alchemical Discovery.

A Fire… that Water molecules cannot douse.



A Weapon of Mass Destruction…

that helped in the Construction and Origins of early Democracy.

Such Weaponry approaches during such turbulence in History kept encircling Enemies on the back-pedal leaving the Majority of the Public… to Live a Life.

A Weapon of Self-Defence as well,..

from that POV.



The Liquid Gif below however…

shows one possible… Grecian of Yore…



Freely available per se…to One and All.

Though perhaps… undreamed of. It’s Knowledge and Usages

still zipped tight.


Vinegar… works well…



Greek fire… NO MORE. Herein. gifcredit/thanks:twitter


That such as Greek Fire and The Ark of the Covenant.

Weapons, Machines and Other Legendary Tech.

shows indeed Our Ancestors oft thought…

diversely indeed. In deed and in fact also.


Our World Legends reveal many Technical Marvels.

Oft built by Giants.





























For  those  of Science bent… Egyptology too.

These Giant Ones are those summarised below within their Research Legends.


As with the discovery of an entire City at Troy.

Our World Legends confirmed.


A GIANTS Place In History…

Science also.


The ignorance of Giant stature Humans is only possible.

By simply ignoring our Ancestors and Our World Legends.

By ignoring their own early internal Research Evidence and Facts such as that presented within…



The ” Archaic Egypt ” Summary of Professor W.B. EMERY… Pg39:

Noted in the very Early or Pre-Dynastic Tombs and Graves…



“…Anatomical remains of a People whose skulls were of a greater size and whose bodies were larger than those of the Natives…


…and whose;…

“…Racial Origin of these Invaders is unknown and the route they took in their penetration of Egypt equally obscure…




Early, Unknown Origins. Oft ascribed as… Divine.

Larger than Life per se as well.


The historical connections of importance from these Times and Places of such GIANT Facts lies in the recognition that THIS SAME RACE was also at another of Our World Early Civilisations

if not the Earliest.

That of SUMERIA.




“…People allied in type to the big-headed Pre-dynastic Egyptians are to be found buried in the Early graves of Mesopotomia…








A Pyramid of Power.


The Great Pyramid.

Designed by ” Gods “. Built by ” Giants “.

No Extra-terrestrial… need apply.


So Our World Legends do say. Herein.


A Giant of a Mountain like structure was and is…

no mere Tomb.


Pharaoh, Queen or Mummy… even.


From a Legendary Technical and Modern POV. Herein.

A Mountain and the Natural Forces and Elements therein… as well.


Our name… says it All.

Pyramid… pyr(e) amid(st).

Fire… in the Middle. Powers a Pyramids… Ways.



Herein for example;.. whereby;..

Modern Engineer Kunkel soon enough purviewed the inner alleys and galley Ways of the Pyramid from a…

Technical POV.


The Pyramid is a Pump. Engineered. Of Yore. He so declared.

A Fire driven Steam/Vacuum Activated… it seems. To the…


Waters of the Nile… PUMP.


He,.. Kunkel persisted in it’s perfection.

Patent granted therein and thereof.

Kunkel’s Pump… based on… Pharaoh’s Pyramid Great.


Pump it up Pharaoh indeed,.. in deed and in fact also.

So Our World Legends do so and say.


Herein… i, Shiro as well.











Pharaoh… Hands on.

Ancient Tech does not necessarily equate with Machinery… as we know it…

Now and in the Modern.

As the Pyramid Pump of Our World Legends does show indeed.

In deed and in fact as well.


That Pyramid Great that greatly utilises Natural Elements of Fire and Water.

The Cystalline nature of the Quartzite Blocks also.

Have meaning when viewed in that/the Tech. POV.


Piezo Power the closest Science nomen therein and thereof.

The Natural Power of Pressure it seems.

Close… to hand that is also.


A Pharaoh’s Hand perhaps too it seems.






A Hand-held Piezo Crystal Powered Device.

Ancient Tech Our World Legends do so and say.

Crystalline Quartz, Zinc and Copper.


A Pharaoh’s Wand or Rod… of Ra or Horus that is.

A Rod… of Power. Elements… Minerals as well.

Basic Minerals that are a vital necessity to…

Our Life. All Life.


For all of our life as well.



(Video Link)


Powers of the Gods.

Just take a look at what Our Ancestors saw.

Use Technical POV.



enlightening indeed.




The above is oft referred to as a God from Sumer.

A God.?. OK.


So let’s get POV Technical herein.


Technically… Looks like a Man.

With Wings. Beard also.


Looks thus like a… Mutant Man.

With Strange Ear-rings, Wrist-watch, Bracelet, Hat and.?.


A Handful of… Opium Buds. The Poppy.


These Gods of Ours are thus… Technically. POV.


Tech savvy, drugged up Giant Mutants who accessorise.

Simply divine indeed.


A Bud of the Poppy… Papaver Somniferum the nomen of Science therein and thereof.


They Lord it up divinely in Our World Legends also.

On the Terrestrial… level that is.


Live and die. Love and Hate. Fight and makeup.

Have Families and Friends… Enemies as well.


Marry, have Children… oft…

quite many. Of both.


This is a God.?.


Are We not ALL… then,.. Gods.?.

Though… not necessarily Mutant…

though… only from that and… Our POV.


From such a Beings POV…

we are the Mutant Ones.

Clipped Wings.


Cycles of Knowledge and Power. POV.

Our World Legends.



Capacitator of Incapicitation.

The Our World Legends of the Biblical Ark of the Covenant are…

illuminating indeed as well.


From that/the Technical POV… it is a Capacitator.


Built Layer upon Layer. Condenser. Electric.

An oversized Leyden Jar.

The March 5th, 1933 edition of the Chicago Daily Tribune,..

cited the Experiments of Professor Frederick Rogers;..

the Dean of the Department of Engineering at the Lewis Institute of Technology.

A Technical POV therein and thereof was… obtained.


Two very Conductive layers(Gold) separated by an inert layer(Acacia wood).

An Electro Capacitative Super Weapon


also notoriously ready to flash out. It’s charge.




Even amongst it’s owners.


When… Earthed and Grounded… they were not.

Though mention of Protective Apparel…

such as Special Aprons and Vests is biblically occasional.

Legendary Hints electrified therein it seems indeed.

In deed and in fact… also.


Some 10,000 Volts Professor Rogers did surmise.


Movie Mayhem may indeed thus reflect an Olden Legendary Truth.

The Ark of the Covenant… not a saviour. Just… us and…

a Weapon of War.


Wonders of Our World Legends would never cease. Fire and Brimstone…

optional extras.


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“…They shall construct an ark of acacia wood two and a half cubits long, and one and a half cubits wide, and one and a half cubits high. You shall overlay it with pure gold, inside and out you shall overlay it, and you shall make a gold molding around it. You shall cast four gold rings for it and fasten them on its four feet, and two rings shall be on one side of it and two rings on the other side of it. You shall make poles of acacia wood and overlay them with gold. You shall put the poles into the rings on the sides of the ark, to carry the ark with them. The poles shall remain in the rings of the ark; they shall not be removed from it…”


Wooden Poles to carry.

Wooden Poles.

Wood. Would conduct Electricity…


very badly so Science does so and say. Woodenly perhaps too.

Thus perfect to carry an electrically charged… Weapon. With Wood.


Our World Legends also seem to say that to charge up this Legendary Weapon required very precise positioning. In some place called the HOLY OF HOLIES.

Perhaps… Holy of Holes more apt.

Holes in the Roof per se…

where the Lightning Rod collected it’s Energies.

Later misrepresented by the Religious Cults as a Church Spire.?.


Such Natural Energy collected,..

as the later Scientist Benjamin Franklin found out.

Powered up indeed. Kite high… Sky High it seems.


Holey… yet Natural,.. Electricity.


Lightning Tech;..

the Ways of this Ark of Divine Weaponry.



Power Ups…
All Over Our World.

Legends do tell of more. The Bible… several too.

Legendary Machines with Power.

A… Technical Power… that is.


Depends on your… POV. Beliefs.

Faiths too. Or… Scientific through and through.


Diverse Ways of Thought… Weaponry as well.

Divine they seem not. Nor Extraterrestrial.

Just as effective. Entire Cities demolished with the…

God-Mother of all bombs.


Sayonara Sodom… Gomorrah Good-bye.


Angels that and thus weep,..

imploring run and don’t ever…

look back. From… their God’s Work.



Weapons with terrible Powers of Destruction.

Gods with Tempers that condemn and curse. Others.


Ascribed furthermore to a God.?. who later in the Bible is supposedly and somehow mysteriously transforms into One All Knowing-All good.?. Yet before in the OT… needed Tech. And went to War. Oft. A lot actually. A real lot.

As well as attempting to drown…

All of us. And succeeded on most of us.

A God… tis called.?.


Yet also in such Legends,.. many overlook this God’s defeats. By Charioteers of Iron for example. Judges 1:19.?. Or why not ask why.?. Such a God… supposedly creates a Species after his image and then rampages killing several Millions and more along his Ways.

Rather… maniacally self-defeating perhaps.?.

Mutant megalomaniac most apt.


Meanwhile a Modern view of Tech.

From a reading of Ezekiel of the Biblical OT.

Another Patent came true to view.


When a previous NASA Chief and Engineer did surmise,..

and would not admit defeat…

that what a Biblical Prophet saw. Flew. Also.


Also… looked somewhat like this…

thus below.

Ezekiel… this Prophets nomen therein and thereof.

Biblical that is.




A God… or a disgruntled Ancestor…

with access to Weapons, Machines and Other…

Legendary Tech.?.


Fly High. Naturally.

Divine or not. No need for those Extraterrestrials.



Letters from Our Ancestors.

This is what Legends are. Herein. POV.


Find Worth and Have Faith…

in your self. Your Dreams. In You.


For if not You.?.




Our World Legends.

Light that Flame.


Be One.



Till next…



Ninja Weapons Wall Slide-show.

Weapons. The Site Cameras are… emptied. Herein. Wall-to-Wall Weaponry Slide-show. Our World Legends. Minimal chat and background Music… too. photocredit/thanks:weaponcollector


WEAPONS of the NINJA and associated MARTIAL TRADITIONS helped shape much of the ancient world they were used and lived in.

Many are rather unique and classical in their form oft. adapted to suit the particular circumstances required.

Inventive indeed (click).


A very large variety.

Battle-field and training alike.


(Music Link)




Weapons Wall


…tis just a show-case Way,..

…to show-case such WAYs indeed;..

…in deed and in fact… too.


Some, over time and deeds became LEGENDARY…indeed (click).

Many included within Our World Legends.

A select few feature in various… as well.


So… Our World Legends do say. photocredit/thanks:togetherwerise


A LEGEND OF AMAKUNI for example, from the 7th/8th century;

tells of the WEAPONS LEGEND explanation whereby the KATANA, a single-edged Sword

was obtained by the simple division of KEN

the double-bladed Sword.




The HISTORY of such as NINJA WEAPONS involves so much more than War and associated Combat.


ANCIENT JAPAN…community + co.


TOKUGAWA CASTLE, EDO… Japan. photocredit/thanks:elteprompthu


From the settlements of Community and Defence necessity;

…also via the MINING and then ALCHEMY OF FIRE.


(Video Link)


the ANCIENT SWORD-MAKERS applied to create these unique weaponry items and onto

the BUDO MASTERS who personally refined technique and method.


And themselves.


Mirror… Musashi Miyamoto + Attendant… also. photocredit/thanks:joongdokwan


This training too for example would involve the interpretation of actions via THE ARTS OF WAR, THE DOJO and even the somewhat frivolous organised ‘ Hunts ‘ of the BUSHI SAMURAI

whereby wild animals such as quite large Boars or Deer forced/cornered into active COMBAT.


Live training indeed…with the losing party…

buried or eaten.




SLIDE-SHOW… to follow:


(Music Link)


The following NINJA WEAPONS WALL SLIDE-SHOW is a dedication and reminder of the inherent beauty…in




NINJA +co…WEAPONRY related pics.


Please Start at the Kunoichi with Chain Photo.

for some 200+ weaponry related pics…mostly.

The Slide-show: Weapon Wall.



(Music Link)



Till next…

For a look at ROCKnROLL’s MUSIC ORIGIN LEGENDS…(click)…or

(click) here…and see–HOW WE SET THIS TOWN ON FIRE…or then again…


…scroll up for another last lingering look at the



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Shuriken, Spike and Projectile. Throwing up…

Throwing Weapons is an Ancient Art. Stone cold Truths and Our World Legends say this started with… stones… hot or cold isn’t mentioned actually. Soon enough… other stuff was being tossed… all over the World. In Japan… long ago it seems… this became an Art of War… a Martial Art. Herein. Some specialist tossing utensils. The long and short,.. star and other potent projectiles… too. Slide-show, Toss Intel… and other such… sharp pointed stuff.


(Music Link)


Ninja Instructors oft… throw up.

Their Weapons.


Any direction… actually.

This a lesson i, Shiro learnt early in my training.

One aspect that even such as Hollyweed got right.


Besides how hard Training can be… that is.


After Sticks came Stones… so Our World Legends say.

…The rest… is History. For,..

…other items… soon were tossed… too.


In Japan… a lil’ while back in History and Herstory.


Samurai, Ninja, Priests,.. the general Public… as well.


These Weapons tended to be…

Shuriken, Spike and Projectile.

Throwing up…

… or in any direction and getting the Target though,..

…is quite hard work indeed.


Training Time and Tips it seems herein.


QUITE A MOUTHFUL… MOVIE MAYHEM STYLE. gifcredit/thanks:youtube/4gifs

Heads Up…

First Up…

…Safety First.


Paramount in any Training session is Safety.

Yours and Others.

The Weaponry discussed herein can injure, maim and kill.


Designed to cut into and penetrate skin, tissue and muscle.

Thrown or held in hand for Combat.


These are not playthings.


As with any such… maintain your Respect.


Live Weaponry is the wielder’s responsibility.

Follow Instructions and Protocols.

Train Safely.



(…As an 😉 aside here: Know where the Dojo First Aid Kit is.

…Also;.. make or buy a small Basic one…

…keep with/in your Training Bag…

…along with some Freeze Spray and Heat Ointment.)


A Typical Training Target.


Shinobi SHURIKEN Selection… photocredit/thanks:pinterest


Hold Up…

…Check Up.


Maintenance and Care of your Training Weaponry essential for longevity and Safety.

Keep the sharp Tips tip-top sharp… minimises bounce off/ricochet.


This means;..

Gentle pressure on a Fine Grade Sharpening Stone.

Remove minimal steel when honing.

Keep rust/chemical-free, oil as req’d.

Pad and Pack appropriately noting above.


Basic Leather Pouch,.. or Cloth Roll.

Other ideas are the old style Floppy Disk Ten Pack Containers or small Wooden Boxes.


There are many shapes and sizes as shown in the pics above and below.

Some specialised types come with various coatings applied.

Slightly differing in flight characteristics, purposes and so forth.


Cost… too.


(Video Link)





Throw Up…

…thy hands…for;..

a Shiro… decisive and…

…incisive Ninja and Kunoichi Cost-Cutting…



Sharp as indeed,.. in deed and in fact… too.

A cheaper and easy to make alternative for the Spike Type.


Is to… grab a stack of the large wood squareish ChopSticks;..

…sort and keep all the un-lacquered ones.

Trim length slightly… Sharpen one end;..

…Soak in Oil… to add weight etc.



Once suitably oiled and weighted down… toss…

…up or anywhere,..on Target;..

…to your heart’s and wallets… content… and relief as well.


The above procedure will produce a lighter Spike that flies fairly true.

Great for projectile practice.

Getting the Arm and Body motions to flow smoothly.


Once mastered, the transition to the Real Thing much simpler as the extra weight easily adjusted to.


This can then be applied to ANY OBJECT per se,..

…that you may wish to toss… away.

Way toward the Target… that is.


Tis Time… for tossing.

(Music Link)


Who’s Up.?.

Name calling is also an Art.


Here’s a Glossary Type for personal perusal.



Shuriken : 手裏剣 Throwing Star/Palm Blade.

Shaken 車剣 Wheel type.

Kurumaken : above alternative name.


Bō Shuriken 棒手裏剣 Stick/Spike type.

Hira Shuriken 平手裏剣 Flat type.


Biao : Pin type.

Harigata : Needle type.

Higuruma  : Fuse, Oil and Gunpowder type.

Hokogata : Spear type.

Kugigata : Nail type.

Kankyuto : Piercing type.

Kogata : Utility Knife type.

Kozuka : Small knife kept in Sword Scabbard.

Kunaigata : Farming Tool type.

Matsubatagata : Pine Needle type.

Senban : Lathe Plate/Blade type.

Tantogata : Knife type.

Teppan : Metal/Iron Plate type.

Tetsumari : Ball shaped spiky type.

Uchibari : Large Needle type.


Shurikenjutsu :  手裏剣術


Modern Tech. has updated this Weapons approach-

…with the not so humble Gunnery type.

Which toss out a lot.


Ways too many… to catch… too.


Full on Tossers indeed,.. in deed and in fact…



(Video Link)


What’s Up…

… with the Law.?. you may ask spikily… now.


These Weapon Forms have oft been banned in times and places.

Their hidden nature per se… objected to.

Tactical advantage… lawfully disadvantaged.


Check your Local Area for applicable,..

…prior to you tossing yours… around.


These and the nature of the surprise and stealth aspects have induced many Schools over the years to go underground per se. Thus the large variety of Type and Training. This was simply added to the Training Menu of the School concerned… usually as Supplementary to their main focus.

Generally included in the olden Martial (…war…) Systems referred to as the Bugei or Sogo-bugei.

Of which… there were/are many… also.

Quite a few Historical Schools specialising in this Weapon Form over the years… as well.


Throwing Techniques termed : Dakenjutsu

Combat Techniques termed : Shokenjutsu


Tetsumari type. photocredit/thanks:ninjaencyclopedia

Heads Up… again,..

For safety and minimising ricochet rampage,..

…Targets… are Not Hard Wood… at all.


Old bamboo Tatami Mats… ideal… though lil’ messy.

Stacked/Tied Thickish Packs of Layers of Cardboard… also messy.

Rubber/Carpet matting of suitable thickness (…app. 20mm…)

… ideal… not so messy… too.


Not as thick as some though… cos;..

…remember the bounce… off,..


…coming yours or others Ways.


OLDEN SHURIKEN TYPES… photocredit/thanks:thepinsta

Catch Up…

…on Chuck Ups.


Throwing the Shuriken is technically simple.


You don’t.

Throw… at all… that is.


The action is much more akin to that of the Fishing Rod/Pole.





The lighter than a Ball weight per se… and the intent…

…totally different.

Throwing your balls… so to speak that normal Ways…

…means lil’ attention given to spin and tumbling of the ball concerned.


Herein… we want… none of that.

No rough n tumble indeed it seems,..

…in deed and in fact… too.


Herein… Directed Release… the better terms.


Even an Alien… Shuriken User it seems. gifcredit/thanks:youtube/giphy


The Basics… of…

Throwing Up…

… and other directions… as well.


With the Spike Type:

Throwing with the Arm and Hands is usually made in a circular fashion.

Freely… loosely.

This can generate in an appropriately weighted object… great speed.

Also imparts rotation.


Throwing  Spike Shuriken + co. correctly simply involves the control of that.

Of Object Velocity and Rotational Speed.

A Directed Release therefore thereof.


Cup your hand slightly.

The bump or ridge that forms at the base of your thumb.

Tis where the Stick/Spike ones… butt end… sits.

Resting and lying comfortably ‘tween first and second fingers.

The sharp end peeks out behind fingertips.


The Thumb comes across to support… lightly.


Snug in thy Palm. Like so. photocredit/thanks:yamatobudogu


As the throw is made:

The palm placement pushes/presses against the Spike whilst/as the moving Arm flexes up n then down and wrist snapped etc.


Ensures a flat trajectory… tossed fast… basically.

Over the short to mid range.


From any position and in any direction is also practiced.

Once understood,..

…the Basics are added to with varying grips and other throwing implements/tools/weapons.


For example:

The Star Type involves different Grip Methods that are more pistol like/pinch grip- slightly behind the point area,.. whereby the finger and wrist aid in applying max. rotation also.

Flicks and timed Wrist Snaps work… hand in hand to…

…cover distance and generate power.


(Video Link)


SHINOBI SUPASTARS… photocredit/thanks:pinterest


Spiking… your Punch.

Modern Versions include Keys, Rulers, Pens, Small Torches, Tools etc.

Shokenjutsu… The Hand-Held Techniques.


Spikes + co. add steel to your defence capabilities.

Attacks… too.

Small, hidden… and pointedly surprising.


Maybe not quite up to Wolverine’s.

Useful nonetheless indeed.


Usually simply held in the hand they can aid Blocking Oppo and/or Weaponry.

Adds impact effectiveness to most of your Actions.

Punch, Pressure Points, Trap Aid, Twist/Leverage Device, Bony/Light Armored areas present no issue etc.

Differing Grips to suit.


Lightweight and easy to maneuver.

Variations usually socially acceptable and readily available items/objects.


The Tool/Object usually kept hidden as best can to maximise effectiveness.

The… won’t know what hit ’em… attitude/approach.


Several of the Basic Throw Movements…L-R: Overarm/Sidearm/Backhand photocredit/thanks:tortueman


Up… and at ’em…

The movements and throw positions herein discussed are generalised.

Actual positioning is dependent on many Combat Factors.

Forms and Style vary accordingly.

Consult your Instructor for particulars.


Whilst Training can not cover every possibility;

Once the Basic Motion understood and your Targeting…

…is in the main… right on target.


Add the number in your hand for consecutive or multiple throw(s).

Then add a fake-out movement… or a distraction/intimidation/warning… at a close object to attacker.

Double/both hand throw(s).

Whilst Falling and/or Rolling.


(…Learn… to avoid them… too…)


Practice throwing from any and every position you can achieve or get into.

Seated, Flat on floor, Standing, Kneeling, Walking, Running and so forth and so on.


Till You…

Ends Up…

Hands Up…

…emptied out…

… and have run out of tossable things.


Have fun… throwing up… ALL OVER.



Just pick the right… Target.


(Music Link)


Show Up… Time:

Slide-show… Up… that is.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.



(Video Link)



O… Kunoichi of the Wayward Wavy Hairstuff… Can’t seem to do a thing with it.?. The Legends. Herein. Uncut.


(Video Link)


SAMURAI Sword OF JAPAN,.. 刀 KATANA 武士/武家 . Click aways image thereon to see Shiro’s Slide-show of 25 Legendary Swords. Herein. photocredit/thanks:pinterest


Shiro will now… Shut Up… too.


Our World Legends.

Be One.


Till next…


Hammer, Horse and Spear. A God… too.

ALL Weapons of War… when they belong to those Divine. Even the Gods of Yore used Weapons… usually to great effect,.. affecting lots… indeed. Our World Legends of ODIN… and his preferred Weaponry examined herein. WAR Hammer, Horse and Spear. Great Weapons it seems. A lil’ bout Odin… too. Intel, Background Music. Shiro Style.


A Weapon of War.

Our World Legends are clear enough… oft crystal.


A Weapon of War. Odin is.

So these Legends say.


Odin is a Heavenly Martial Warrior with;..


Horse and Spear,..

…the Tools of his Trade.

A God… too…

…of times of Yore,.. and of the Legendary Norse.

An Elite Soldier,… with an… also… Legendary Horse.


An Elite Soldier and all that therein… entails.


The Horse he rides in on…

…this Horse btw,.. has also a… Tale… to tell.


A Tail too… and… SIX Legs.



(…Sometimes 8;..

…may depend on the Legend you ask: it seems indeed…)


(Music Link)




Six Legs carry a God into War…

and then,.. later… into Valhalla… too.

A Multi-doored Hall for… fallen Heroes… who get up again,..

…to feast, sing… and be… merry.


Then go fight some more… and so forth and so on.


Whilst they wait for Ragnarök and the Final Battle…

…to end ALL other Battles,..

…or something like that… that is.


SLEIPNIR THE 6 LEGGED, GREAT SPEAR GUNGNIR, DIVINE SWORD and ICON… o… AND Bearded Wise and Old ODIN… too… with those cute lil’ Fallen ANGEL… WINGS… on his Head.? Blind wardrobe peeps too methinks. : MODERN STATUARY. photocredit/thanks:celticattic


The… Thirst of Odin.?.

Odin btw… eats very lil’.



…nothing actually-whilst all the feasting and merriment goes on,..

…and on and on…


Just drinks Wine.

Honeyed Wine probably… MEAD.


Cos he can…

…he’s a God,.. after all.


(Video Link)



Odin has other Talents.

Besides an obvious personal issue with Alcohol… that is.

An issue whereby being Godlike means sustenance and nourishment can even be found in a Barrel.


Or Bottle and so forth.

Probably Mead.


A Tree… Transpiring… too.


Sounds… and Tastes… Divine.?.


Whilst such as Sir Isaac Newton,.. spent an afternoon under a Tree.

To realise and become aware of such as… Gravity.


To realise and become… Divinity.

Odin thus;..

A Topsy-Turvy… Master of… became.


A Modern Pictorial Symbol of the TREE OF LIFE… in NORSE-SPEAK… YGGDRASIL.


Odin did.

For 9… NINE…




Hanging upside-down.


In and on and under… a Tree.

Quite a few more arvo’s than Sir Newts it seems.

Divine..!.?. God-like… even.


Hanging upside-down on a WORLD TREE.



YGGDRASIL… is it’s name.

The Transpirer. A Tree.

The World’s… apparently… too.


Though Invisible.




I,.. Shiro now… wonder no more.

A God of Chaos perhaps Odin be… too.


Well… imagine his World-view;..

Drunk as a Drunk… can be AND…


…upside-down.!. …invisible… as well.


How Divine. Simple.


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Six legs.

A Tail.

Rides on Air, Land and more.

Hell Symbols adorn it’s coat.

Knows wherein Valhalla… too.


A Tale thus… also… to tell.


If only… Horses could talk.


…the Movie.


(Video Link)


Martial Warriors indeed.

Odin and Sleipnir.


Legends… (…Mister Ed… too.).


Divine Warriors also… akin to the Tengu of Japan.

Fallen Angels… that is.


A World-wide phenomenon and series of Legends therein indeed.

A lot of… leg-work… also.


Divine Martial Warrior.


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THE NEFILIM… FALLEN ANGELS.?. Some call this a… FALL.?. photocredit/thanks:wikimedia


Odin… not Sleipnir.


Sleipnir’s Divine… but still… a Horse.

That Odin… rides in on.


War-Horse… that is.

Divine… Martial… too.


O… Rather Divine… Though… NOT SLEIPNIR. Has ONLY… 4 LEGS. NOPE… NOT SLEIPNIR Indeed it seems,.. in deed and in fact… too. Divine. Just… and rather.




The Hammer… it’s Time.

A War-Hammer.

Mostly used by his son… Thor.

A War-Hammer… and much more it seems.


Mjollnir is it’s name.


The WAR-HAMMER is a powerful and in-close Combat Weapon.

Optional Throw.

Percussive and Concussive.

Smashes through… attacks and/or defences.

These Capabilities negated the rounded/curved Armor advantage over several other Weapons.

Allowed full force applications… people and buildings/structures.


Some were Spiked.

Many World-wide variations.

Hammer time… indeed.


By the Gods… it seems… also.


A WAR-HAMMER TYPE… photocredit/thanks:pinterest


The Spear.


Gungnir… is it’s name.


A Legendary Great Spear.

Sharp… and to the point.

Ideal for Mid to long Range. Optional Throw.


Defensive and Offensive Capabilities.

Keep opponents at bay… or pierce their Defences.


Extreme versatility and maneuverability,.. also light-weight per se.




Crafted out of high quality Woods and Steels etc.

Large variety of shapes and sizes.


Japanese Martial Legend,.. Hattori Hanzo had a 14ft. G.SPEAR.


Many World-wide variations.

Reinforced Shafts, Chain Add-ons, Spiked,..

…Straight-/Shaped-/Curved- Bladed, Snare/Snag Points


…and many more such pointed Weaponry ideas.


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THE Horse…

…he rides in on.




6 Legged.

Fast… probably furious too…

…at times.




Defensive and Offensive Capabilities.


In and out… of trouble… lil’ quicker.

Mainly Olden Transport/Supply and “…Tank like…” War Duties.

Training and Personality may include/enhance various abilities.



All of our Elder Civilisations,..

…such as that of Sumer or Egypt rode Horses.

Into War… and many other places.


Battle effectiveness progressed as did Technology.

Saddle, Stirrups, Reins, Carriages and so forth.

Armor… too.

Light- to Heavy- Cavalry options.


A variety of Duties including Reconnaissance, Patrols and Communication.



The Horse of Odin… had other Duties,.. Divine that is.

The Path to Valhalla lies in some type of Inter-Dimensional Realm.


Sleipnir with 6 Legs knew well the Route.

Many Wars indeed did Odin partake… of.

In deed and in fact… too.


Along with his cadre of Warrior Women… the Valkyries.

Women of War… too.

Associated with Strength and Survival on the fields of Battle.


A Soldier’s Fate therein…

…therein their Hands and Hearts.


ONE OF THE ANGELIC VALKYRIEN OF WAR… Long-Haired Feminine yet Warrior,.. Horse, Spear, Shield… CROW…too. Compadre of ODIN… also. photocredit/thanks:pnarbo/wikimedia


Sleipnir,.. the 6 Legged oft led the Valhalla Way.

In and Out… Over and Under… too it seems.


6 Feet… at a time.



…Probably… just a rather… far lap… then.


(Video Link)


Off To War… or just… Oft to War.?. photocredit/thanks:ancientpages


Some Other…

…Divine Qualities of Odin.?.


In addition to his Godly Martial-ness… Odin is an animal…

…and bird Lover per se.

Divine Multi-Taskers,.. the better preference it seems.


Besides Sleipnir the Legged 6;

Oft pictured with such as Eagles, Crows… and Dogs/Wolves.

See pics herein… elsewhere too.


A Love of Pets… Obvious by Odin. photocredit/thanks:wikispaces


Crows,.. Huginn and Muginn;..

-aka… “…Thought…” and “…Mind Memory…”.

World-wide fly-bys… and fly-overs.


Lotsa flapping of Wings and so on.

Intel and News Reporter Duties therein. Daily.


Also Two Dogs.


The… Dogs of War,.. i, Shiro… presume thereabouts.?.

Duties include Patrols, Static Throne Guard Duty, Chase and Catch… those at War, Rest and Rec. at Valhalla.

Optional ravaging and Bone gnawing.


Geri… and… Freki.

The “…Ravenous Ones…“.


Lotsa… Legs… in total therein indeed.


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For those with an interest;

Odin is an iconic Computer Game Character… also.

A Legend therein… too.



Features Odin and several others of note usually,..

…as a form of Special Attack vis the Summons Ability.


6 Legged Sleipnir… too.

Our World Legends.


Of Yore… and… now…

here too.





Till next…


Legendary Swords. Slide-show. Top 25.

Swords from Our World LEGENDs have sliced their way through Martial History and onto everlasting fame… or notoriety. Their heroic deeds have also long brought inspiration into the hearts of many. Metaphorically speaking that is.!. Truth and Myth combined in a blade. Though the reality of history and usage of each is sometimes quite unclear they ALL captivate and charm indeed. Herein… a Top 25. Shiro style it seems. The Slide-show. Dreamy background Music… too.


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(…btw…Please note that NOT ALL of the above Photo images are of the Originals…)


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Till next…


SWORD’S SUNDAY ARVO CRUISE… gifcredit/thanks:bozukteyp



The Gurkha. Their Knife. The Slide-show.

Elite Soldiers such as The GURKHA have long been a part of MILITARY HISTORY within Our World Legends. From Mountainous NEPAL this Tradition emanated on the orders of their KING. Their Weapon of choice… the GURKHA KNIFE is herein laid bare. SLIDE-SHOW, Intel,.. LEGENDS and more… too. Shiro style. THE GURKHA. THEIR KNIFE. photocredit/thanks:schoolsyrdsb


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Elite Soldiers oft follow Methods and Traditions.

The GURKHA,.. a prime example.


Their Traditional Weapon of choice; The Gurkha Knife.


A Knife that is a shortish, sharp and curved,..

…MACHETE Type Sword.


A Knife of LEGENDS.




…are Soldier’s of NEPAL (click).


… is the KUKRI… (Khukuri)… and…

…The LEGENDS of this Knife flow on from a History of some length.


Like the Knife… itself.




As with most of this Type,.. the KUKRI has one bladed edge.


Oft accompanied by a pair of small UTILITY KNIVES.

These are placed into Scabbard Pockets and are used as Fire Flint-Strikers, Sharpeners, Skinning Wild-life and other such typical pen-knife applications.


All bound in a sturdy SCABBARD.

Of Wood and Leather… with add-ons.


…In Nepali: खुकुरीKhukuri.


Pronounced KOO-ka-ree, a SANSKRIT derivation meaning… Razor.



Nepal’s History and Details of it’s Lands of Yore appear lil’ in the LEGENDS and Records.

The KIRATA Peoples of the 7/8th Century A.D. appear first mentioned in the later INDIAN EPIC “SANSCRIT MAHABHARATA TEXT


Such as LORD SHIVA, LORD BUDDHA and VALMIKI are told of therein (click).


A Goddess… Shakti and Shiva. Herein. The Legends. Blue. Ambidextrous.




The decline of the KIRATA led to this Valley Empire being dominated by several Dynasty at various stages.

Such as the LICCHAVI,.. MALLA,.. and SHAH are noted.


These in turn gave way to…DEMOCRACY… AND CIVIL WAR… too (click).

Currently Termed a Federal Democratic Republic.

  • सङ्घीय लोकतान्त्रिक गणतन्त्र नेपाल
  • Sanghiya Loktāntrik Ganatantra Nepāl

The Constitution of Nepal adopted in 2017 recognises a seven-state Country region.


Nepal is a rugged mountainous, hilly Land with fertile Plains and all the associated diverse Geography…



Eight of the Worlds top 10 tallest Mountains are within this Range.


Mt.EVEREST… the tallest.




Eight Gurkha men depicted in a British Indian painting. During the 18th and 19th centuries, the British employed Indian artists to illustrate the manners and customs of India and to record scenes of monuments, deities, festivals, and occupations. This is one such ‘Company‘ painting commissioned by William Fraser in 1815 whilst he was Deputy Resident of Delhi. photocredit/thanks:flickr/daviddb


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…The Kukri is the national as well as the religious weapon of the Gurkhas.
 It is obligatory for a Gurkha to carry it while awake and to place it under
the pillow when retiring…

  • Maharaja Padma Shamser Jangbahadur Rana
       (Prime Minister and Supreme Commander…1948.)


The shape and style of the KUKRI is an ancient one indeed it seems.

A distinctive curved and weighted design.

Refs and Sculptures indicate the Weapons of such as the Ancient Macedonians and Scythians resemble the GURKHA KNIFE (click).

The broad heavy Blade is multi-functional.


Ax,.. Machete and Knife capabilities per se.

Clearing undergrowth, Wood chopping, Hunting… A can-opener… too.


(Video Link)


The Blacksmiths (…LOHAR…) of the KHUKURI TRADITION belong to the KAMI CLAN.

Trained from a very early age (…at 5+ years of age…) the aspiring Blacksmiths spend several decades mastering their Craft. At approx. age 40…AND… capable of producing High quality goods,.. they are then considered MASTERS of the Blacksmith Arts.


The KUKRI has no specific set of dimensions as size, weight, balance and fit… are personal… and can be tweaked to suit… any-one… any-size… any-how etc.


(…Shiro’s Kukri for example… refer Slide-show below for pics…

…is approx. 48cm in length and 5.25cm width at Blade’s widest point…)


Though Modern Tech Methods supply mass produced products of good quality… the best… are still lovingly and professionally hand-made.


Fine and high Carbon Steel produce the better Blades.

Fluted and damascened.


Very good results can be achieved using such as Railway Tracks and old Motor Vehicle Leaf Spring Suspension Steel.

These contain high Carbon amounts.

Blades can be 1/4 inch thick, have and maintain sharp edging yet be extremely flexible… too.

Application stresses are easily dealt with whilst still maintaining Weapon integrity.

This is backed up by the prevalent method of a FULL TANG BLADE… all the way to the end of the Handle/Grip.


The majority of Modern makes are WOOD Handled,.. though Water-Buffalo Horns also used.

Ivory and Bone in the past also.


Secured by Rivets… with Resin to glue where needed.

Some bound with a Copper Band/Ring.




Leather Scabbards may be worked with Cloth or also engraved in some fashion.

The NOTCH(es)… (…termed…CHO…) located at the Blade end/Handle also allow fluid dispersion.


Religious LEGENDS and sentiments indicate the Notches… resemble a Cow’s Hoof… Cow’s being of Religious and veneratory worth in Nepal.

Symbolically represented on the National Icon that is the KUKRI.


Several Modern variations also include a recess groove near the Blade Back.

Liquid dispersal and weight reduction thereof .



The KUKRI of the GURKHA from NEPAL.

Groovy indeed,.. in deed and in fact… too.


Somewhat LEGENDARY it seems… as well.

Tis not just a Combat Knife per se.

Though tis indeed a Knife for a particular style of Combat.



Our World LEGENDs.


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खुकुरी KUKRI…



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Till next…


Alexander the Great… Personal… Great Sword. photocredit/thanks:pinterest