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Writers Names are well known. Thought of in Our World. Legends tell True. Tales of Special Cases. Fame. Infamy. Infamous are We All.?. Cheeky at least. Most of Us have used. This Term… Name. Herein. The Machiavelli. Life, Loves, Lore. Mores as well. Well as Defined. That Term. Name. His.


Instant recognition, understanding in Our World.

Legends of a Name that says it. All.



Niccolò Machiavelli.

1469-1527. Writer.

The Italian Renaissance Period.




We All. Have Our understanding of this Name.

That has become a Term. Over Times, Places too.

To encompass much more. Than just

What’s That Name.?.


His Name has now. Become a part of many

Languages in Our World. Legends too,

make active usage. Herein. His Lore.


Born on the 3 May, 1469.

Florence, Italy.

Son of a Land-Holder, Lawyer.

Mother Bartolomea, Father Bernardo.

One Brother, Two Sisters.




Niccolò’s Arts… His Talent was/is Writing.

Observational Writings.

A Political and Societal Observer, Thinker and



His Name resonates still. That Term

commonly used to denote a particular set of

Skills/Dispositions/Attitudes. Particularly


associated with Geo-politics, Strategy, War.

An Attitude/Approach of Self-Interest, Strategic Decision

Making, Manipulation, Deception, Lies. Mores.



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Under-Handed, Behind the Scenes. Cover-Ups.

Moral Preachings ignored.

Motivating actions and behaviours unsavoury.

Machiavellian… in Deed. Indeed


the Term has found. A wide range of Modern. Applications.

Academia, Philosophy, Religion, Military, Psychology.

Fashion, Gambling, Law, Management, Government.

Computer Gaming also. Also


derived from mainly. The accumulated recognition

and respect due One. One Book.

The Prince.


nomened in the Latin. Of Yore that is. That is




a Reference too. To the Types of Rulers/Leaders-

not nominally King, Queens, Emperors or Monarchs,..

That managed to almost become so. So

many more Books. So writ as well. Well as


Speeches, Comedies, Plays, Poems,

Biographies, Histories.

Political and Societal Affairs. A Speciality.


Eternal Themes. Portrayed through Contemporary.

Actions. So Writ.



Niccolò’s early Years. Studies are seemingly

not recorded. Known to have been. A Pupil

of the renowned Latin. Teacher Paolo de Ronciglione.


His Writings indicate a Renaissance

Humanistic Education.

Depth of these Studies unknown.

Access. To a famous University.


Quite oft uses direct Refs. to many.

Historians, Authors, Orators, Philosophers. Mores.

Dante, Petrarch, Boccaccio amongst others.

Very well versed. Major, minor Events

as well. Well as


His Personal, major Refs. within Our World

Legends. Begin

with His Beginnings. Of Public Office/Affairs.




Florence, at these Times, Places, a

constituted Republic Government.


The Medici + co. Ways, Means.

Ruling Powers ousted

afore though

sporadic uprisings. Therein.

4 Groupings basically. Held sway in Italy. Of Yore. Then,

with Florence;.. The Duchy of Milan, The Republic

of Venice, The Papacy of Rome.


Niccolò came Ups. Through

the Ranks of the Magistrates.

A Body of Public/Civil Servant Types.

Soon enough. ‘Twas The Secretary of The Ten of War.

(…La Guerra dei Dieci…)


Florentine Representatives tasked with Foreign Relations.




These Tasks involved intimate. Involvement in Affairs.

Of Strategy, Tactics, Geo-Politics,

Diplomacy. Thereof. Therein

Military Strategy, rebuilding of the Florentine Militia.

Traveled extensively. Italy, France, Tyrol. Arounds, abouts.


Dealings with and astute observations of such figures as

Kings, Emperors, The Medicis, The Borgias, Popes,

Arch-Bishops, Cardinals and so forth. Forthrightly

We are left. With


His writings. Indicating delicate Diplomatic assignments

and related observations of Personalities and Actions. A


Multi-faceted Works

and Interpretations.

His Understandings. Analyses appreciated by

the Few who. So sought Knowledge. Such in Work, Life.




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He also found time. For Pleasure.

A Wife, A Mistress… or two.?. hinted at

in Letters. Missives here and there.

No apparent related Scandals. Of note. Found


in Our World. Legends do so and say. In


1502 Machiavelli married Marietta Corsini.

Four sons, two daughters. His Family. So

become. Becoming



A noted Quoted…

“… The great majority of Mankind

is satisfied with appearances,


as though they were Realities… ”


A Pisa Cathedral Interior.



In 1512 a change of Government. So meant His

removal/sacking. Shunned by the New Leaders.

Falsely imprisoned, tortured on False Accusations

by Authorities in Our World. Legends Tell. That

once. At least


Released once. He was too. When These, those

Allegations were

proven incorrect. He semi-retired then.

Mainly escalated Health Reasons too. To a Home.


In the Countryside. San Casciano Val di Pesa,

ten miles south-west of Florence. To and

which soon enough.

Gave Him Times, Places. To Write.

Lots. Mores. More


Credit too. To His Grand-Son, Giovanni Ricci who

then Preserved. Well-kept many of His Writings

as well. Well as

(…A Books Listing from Goodreads. Therein.

Writings List. Thereinaswell…)


Sicily. Statuary Fountain.



Though provoking much discussion

His Legacy

thrives and Lives on. Shining a light on the

Progress of Nations. The nefarious actions

of some. His Works

combine a form. Of Social and Political Philosophy.


Whereby Peoples Governments. Are preferred. Preferring

Ideals of Self-Governance, Honest Work

An overriding Social Responsibility. Appreciating

Public Servants… serving not Royalty, Nobles


nor Themselves… Just, the Public.



Responsible accountable Government. Now,..

of Yore as well. Well as… now…

lending, giving. His Name… to unmask

and so Term

All those who so do. Otherswise.



Themes in Deed. Indeed



Feel Free in Deed. To Share.

Tales True, Tall.

Of Woe and Glow.


Machiavelli basked.

Deeds, Actions.


So Known. Herein



Next… So Writ. To Be…

When The Magic. Has Gone.


Please Feel Free. If So Inclined too. To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips, Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our

World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.


Till next…