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Those High Seas Lead Too. To Stupor Low Acts In Our World. Legends Winery Wisely So Tell. Cadiz Tales Of Yore. Soldier-Pirates Targeting Their Spanish Grape. Produce. Producing War Over That Barrel. Whiny In Deed. Indeed November Wine.


Whiny In Deed. Indeed


Men In Our World. Legends

Tell Winey Soaked Tales. Tall

or shortly True. Men, Wine


and War. Do not Mix. For



such cheap. Shots by those Hotshots



Dutch, Brits.

Do the Spanish

November Wine.

There is NO. War

of 1625.


No Battle in Cadiz. So there

are Barrels mostly. Emptied

now. Then



100 Ships. So sailed, sallied forth.

Missing Their Quarry on those Seas. Seeing

Spain of Yore near and bys. By

Forthrightly counting. Ups

Some 15,000 Troops. So arrived


English, Dutch Soldiery. Soldiering

ins so. Sauntered Into. To Cadiz

‘nary a Spanish. Defender in sight too.

To not so look. Down That Barrel…



They Emptied Thems. Alls

instead. Unsteadily then



They’re Drunk.

15,000 Troops. So

Ready to plunder plundered


Treasures and so.

Fight that good enoughs. Fight

In Cadiz,


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Spain. A Lil’ Of Yore that is. That


November. 1625. When



Soldiers such Couldn’t Fight. Much


Their Ways outs.

Those proverbial Paper Bags. So Their


Commander. Commander

so exasperated enoughs

Sir Edward Cecil. So Ordered Them




Some.?. 14,000... Returned. Home

Inebriated too. To

varying Degrees. Thus



The English King Charles 1

So Piratical Planned Raids On Spains Plundered

Riches War Was.


in Deed. Indeed

this November Wine

Event did Plays. Out. Of

Yore A Lil’. Little more


did the bottled. Ups

Wine Barrels. Of Cadiz

know. What Hit Thems. Hard. Hardy Liquor

so thirstily consumed. By The Invading

Soldiery. Who soldiered

on thru. Every Bottle, Barrel they could. Get


Glasses for. For



no Treasure, Gold so alluring. Liquid

of Grape their Elixir. Of Life. Death

for some came. Later. When some

1,000. So dead-Drunk They missed


There. Their

Boat Ride Home that is. Is that


to be. Found by The Cadiz. Defenders

lately arriving to find.

Prostrate laying

downs. On the Job. Of War


They were. Pissed. As

well as pissing off. These Defenders. Of Cadiz



who now. Had nothing for Their own

Glasses too. To

fill that is. That is

’bout it. For that. This Battle

of Cadiz.


They Came, Whined

They Drank. Wine


Fell Down. Bad Timings in Deed. Indeed


a November Wine not too. To

remember. Remember



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in Deed the Spanish were mainly. Aways. Means

mainly Sailings Ways back still. Tilling

slowly so were. Those Treasure Main

Ships. Theirs



returning for Home too. To

... Cadiz…



nowhere near yet. Then. Them

English, Dutch. Soldiers

arrivings Ways too. Early



so missed Their. Prey. Preyed

upons. Every Liquor

in Sight in Deed. Indeed

A Gain

of no Repute in this. The

War of Then.


November. 1625.


When Men went Pirate. Drank

Ways too much. Macho


misery. So Ensued after. That, thus



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