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Not All So In Our World. Legends Told Fire So Go. Out In Centralia 1962 So Began. Endings A Towns Times, Places There. Their Fire There Is Still. Burning Now Centralia Burns In Deeds. Indeed Good Intents So Undergrounding Centralia’s. Foundations. Burnt Ups. Within.


In Our World. Legends tell so 1962. One


Fire was lit. Lighting a Mountain

Centrally Yore Fired

Ups. In Our Deeds


indeed. Once

upon a Times, Places. 1962, One that nomened

Centralia. We set this Town named that, on. Fire

from within Our World. Our World


Indeed 1962… One Year Of The Tiger. Fired Ups Outed In Deeds.


Legends tell so 1962. One

still Yore burning. Fire. 2021.

Almost 60 Years on. Fire in Our


Centralia. Still.


Columbia County, Penn. USA.



In 1962





so begins. Endings ups


Situated in. The US. State of Pennsylvania, Columbia County.

Our Township- nomened of Centralia began

per se in. Sayings arounds abouts

1854, a prime Coal. Mining named site.

A growing populace of some overs 2,000.

Gradually called this place Their Home. There seems


Seams oft. Of Anthracite Coal extracted enabled this. That

blooming Mining Town to boom. Blossomed,.. for over

a Century Times, Places. Placing



Centralia Welcome. Perhaps Not.


Us now. Then up too. To


so May ’62; a routine burn-off. Of/by

a local Sanitation Crew determined to get. Rid

of the town’s potential threats. Foliage in the

selected area withered under. Blaze and gaze… till

their error of choice. Shone through that too. This


backburn soon went. Back underground. Somewhere

beneath was lying. An entrance to a disused. Mine

shaft. Beneath lay the Coal Seam. Seemingly now

with ample access too. To Oxygen + Fuel. Soon



a FIRE unpractically. Practically under

the very Foundations oft. Of the Town itself. Began.


That’s NOT. Fog… Centralians.


Indeed Centralia Still Smokin’. Hot in Deeds.


Endings ups with Our Centralia downed was now. Atop

a burning mount sized lump Yore Coal Seam. Unseemly

atop well as alight in Deeds. Indeed as well


Fired Ups…

Our Fiery ELEMENT…

does not. Play well. With


The only safe. Long-term option, when playing

with Fire… is stopping too. To put it. Out

or move. Out + Away. Fire


burning wherever the Coal. Seam led


On Our Surface… Homely. Down Belows Unearthly. Earth.


Inside. Outed In Deeds.

soon led too. To major realisations. No Canary


in this Coal Mine Centralia would help now. That

Smoke, Pollution, sudden Flare-ups, Pit-hole

formations. Forming propensity for House + Properties

so joining in. Fires prosperity

became the uninvited House. Guest. Herein


Several photos ways belows show much. Such potential aboves

heatings ups. Down


Anthracite is Our Carbon densely packed in. This makes it lil’ tougher than most other Coals. Lil’ harder too. To light, in that more Oxygen so. Required for combustion. However, when conditions right-this Coal burns prac. clean + fiercely with little contaminants/pollutants. High inherent Carbon purity content. Capable of great eventual consistent Heat output.



Flooding the mine soon not. An achievable

possible option whilst. Several

several Fire-Fight attempts were. So made +

overwhelmed so as well. Well as Time, Places

raged on, Our Towns. Peoples eventually-

arounds abouts

were put out. Moved out, away. Our-


The Fire so stayed. Yore on

since 1962. Our

Centralia soon enough was left. Rightly

to burn itself. Out… one day. Someday


We so hope.


Region Surrounds Coal Reserves over 6 Billion Tons.



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One 2017 Local Report rainchecked indicates 5. People

somehows still. ” Live ” in the surrounds. Arounds

of this burning abouts Towned. Place


certainly certain of Centralia’s once Home. Supporters…

in Our World. Legends tell so

are warm-hearted folk indeed. In Deeds Hi-5

though their Zip. Code there was unzipped also. All


so by… hot-headed.?. Yore

Officialdom whiles ago it seems. Seemingly




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Centralia smolders with no. Zip Code + 5 Inhabitants on this most. That fiery of routes so seems. Endless.


nevertheless chilling with next 21/4:

Waving In Yore Cats. Our Templed Guardians.