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In Our World Legends Tell. Times + Times. Again Places For One. Poem Means Ways Over. Done Timely Herein. Just On Time Arounds. Abouts Prose.


Stepping up down the road so i. Walk


a Destiny that won’t bring me. Home

so lost searching all ways out never. In

i shout out loud so writ never. Talk


softly seeing all. Eyes so closed

falling as i so. Rise

in this darkness that so shines. So


touched with your. Gaze

brightly i fade. In

lights and dreams so. Alive so

ever nending. So



lost. In finding You

lightly Reality so unreal. So pretending


now then lil’ late. Now Nine.



One Eight.


In Deeds So Night. Good Indeed.


So night. Good

Times, Places so in next on 14/7:

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