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In Our World. Legends Tell Bigger Over. The Biter Therein A Giant. Peek Into Giants In Our World. Legends Behemoth Titans In. Their Fields Of Cyclopean Juggernauts. Gargantuan Kingly Proportions Partly True Ors. Simply Lil’ Lies. The Abbreviated Answer. Extended Outs. Herein Rabelais Novels. Reviewed.


Those so pesky. Mosquitos have 47 Edge Sharpened/Tips

ons. It’s Tubal Proboscis/Sucker


see sawings aways. Means whens

They bite that is. That is

OversBite in deed. Indeed

The Bigger Over

The Biter. Gargantua

Syndrome Ways hopefully means They

and such like so forth. Forthrightly.?.


…Never agains evolve Gigantism. Giants




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thereof have been. Many in Our World.

Legends insist, persist. Still Tales

told of Yore


that. The 16th Century French

Doctor, Humanist.

Novelist François Rabelais (.?.1483-1554.?.)

overstated. Not at Alls. When He so. Inserted

Larger-than-Life Characters into. Real Life


Ins. His Novels. Stories Literally Real.


that is. That is


Giant Men, Women, Childs. Childrens Survival

Tales of Colossal Titans, Juggernauts. Behemoth

Cyclopeans focused ons. So

steeped in thrilling yet Daily Human

high jinks that so lively shake. Of Realism


Places, Times. So Giants so


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noted. Gargantua

adds greatly to such. A Novel list. Listing

examples. Of

the amounts arounds abouts. So

simply colossal

Food and Drinks. So taken

by such. Much Appetites


so within Rabelais. Novels

concerns so Writ. Spanish of The 1590’s. Of

Rabelais Main Focus, Character. A

GIANT Sized King Gargantua

seeking persistent Stomach filling. Full

Menus partaken greatly consistently. Therein


such. Rabelais Novels. Much Concerning





highly. Highlighted ins Our World. Legends, Tales

thus told. Mores. Moreovers so real,

so Rabelais increasingly and so forth. Forthrightly

left not. Much Too. To such Your Imaginings. Of

Size, Proportion, Reality. Real


Lives Dramas thus. So projected

onto. A GIANT.



King Gargantua In Deed. Indeed


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Gargantua. Kingly, Youngly. No Littly In Deed. Indeed Hungry.


…So being Gargantua ins Our World.


Legends that Natures of Nature

whens Times, Places. So right


in Alls Sizes. So


gives… Great

… Hunger so seems. Seemingly


reviewed so simply. Enjoyed.

So there. So then



Next Ups Within That:

A to Z… A Major. Music Maker.


Please Feel Free. If So Inclined too. To


i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips, Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our

World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.


Till next…