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Atlantis in Our World. Legends Tell. Tales of Vanishings. In History after. Plato,.. several hundred. Others. So writ. Writing down that History of Mammoths. Mammoth Earthquakes. Aboves. Belows. Leads One Back. To There. Their Task. Confronting Tusks, Atlantis. Atlantic Waving Belows. Those Watery Wavy. Seas.


Some 11,700 Years. Ago. An Ice-Age. Ended.


So.?. Did the Earth so chill. Shiver, shake. Then

Quake. Alls abouts, arounds. Places, Times

of Yore. In Our World. Legends


so Tell. Tales. Tailing

off from sudden, such. Environ

Changes so abrupt. Abruptly

halted too. To Movement of those. The


Mammoths. Mammoth


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changes. Hugely affected effects. Of

The Weather. Whether


these. Effects. Effectively

Reverberated ElseWheres.?. Those

Mammoth… remains

to be. Seen. Still remain well as. As well

herein, so seems. Seemingly


such, much Changes also with.

Came an Icy. Death. Frozen

in Places, Times. Stilled as this Huge

Species. Suddenly

became Extinct. To tread no further



Their Ways. Means Times, Places

of which. Those. That Lost Civilisation also. Also

so Fell. Ended. Then. Then The

Atlantis, Mammoth.


Quake. Shake Downs.

Begins. As Belows. So shakily. So shows.


In Our World. Legends of those Sciences. So Tell.

As Ref. aboves. Belows so states:

That Pleistocene Icy Epoch/Age. Lasted. Till some

...11,700 Years. Of Yore. Ago.


Following literally and exactly. The Plato. Then

9,000+ Years. Prior His. 2,019 + 360…=

11379+. Years Ago.


His directions too. To Atlantis.

Shake further doubt. Aways.


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Plato Styled. So go: Then, now.

To the South of The Island Dollabarata.

So nomened. Is wheres. Plato Leads. To.


The Atlantic Ocean.

Where Atlantis. Was. Once. One


wonders during this watery wander...

Why are We. Then not looking. Now.?.




Deep Sea MariTimes. Mod. Inventions means

Places, Ways are known too. To go Deep. There.

Ocean. Blue.

So.?. Why are We. Nots. There.?. There


That Atlantic Oceanic Earthquake Belt. Belts

aways. Cosistently. Focus

theres. The Deep Rifts. That Go Deep. From

IceLand downs. Azores, Lisbon. Thru’.

Ons. To

those Brazilian Coasts.


The Mid-Atlantic Ridge. There. Is

the longest Mountain Range. In Our World.

Legends of Sciences such. So Tell


The Atlantic is simply. One. Active Massive

UnderWaters Volcanic Zone.


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As aboves. Vid. So shows. Showing

Eruptions, Volcanism, Quakes.

Tidal, Wave Actions.

SuperQuakes. Mores. Moreover


Unseen for the most. Of Us too. To


Islands form, raise. Then

sink. Still Now. Now


Looking. Backs. A Sampling of.

Some 300+ Years. Of History. Of Yore.

The Atlantic

Quakery, Island. Makery per se. Says


  • In 1692. The Port Royal EarthQuakes.

Parts of this Island. Sank. Pirates as well. Well as



In 1727. Newbury. Shaken.


  • In 1775. That Lisbon EarthQuake. Over

60,000 Died. Then


  • 1783 Calabria. Quaked.


  • In 1783. IceLand EarthQuake. Estimated

1/5 Population perished. Whilst


  • In 1808. San Jorge Volcanic Eruptions.


  • In 1811. Sambrina Island.

Formed, Raised. Sank.


  • 1837 Calabria. Quakes.


  • In 1845. Hecla Volcano Eruption.

Went ons. For 7 Months.


Such a Listing. Goes Ons. So too. To




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  • In 1902. Mont Pelee. Eruption wiped out. City

of St. Pierre. 20,000+ Deaths.


  • In 1909. The Pico de Teyde Volcanic Eruptions.


  • In 1931 Fernando Noronha Volcanic Eruptions.


  • In 1944. Two New Salvage Islands formed, raised.


  • In 1963. Surtsey Island. Formed, Raised.

Two Others. A Lil’ Later.


The Atlantic. Still stirs.

Then. Now. Now


Fire Thru’ Ice. Lens.


Others in Our World. Legends

of the Sciences. Join Ins

well as as well. Or nots. Note


The EarthQuake Tracking Site. Therein.

Just The Northern. Sector.

Notes over 3770 in the. Past Year. Alone. There. There


is Over 90,000 In Our World. Legends

Number such as These. So say. Every Year.


Alls Over Our. World. Legends Tell Tales




110 in the Times. This Post. So writ.

Perhaps. One to Two too. Per Read. This.

That i, Shiro


recalls. Here. Now. Then Plato so. Recalled

this Event also. Also noting,


that so took. One Night. Only. One.


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A Civilisation.


One Night.


of sight. So


Quaked, Washed Aways. Means

so Sunken. Lost


So Fell.


In that same Times, Places. You

Did so. Last Dream.


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Posted Next: ‘Tis that

Would. That Wood Show. Ups.


Please Feel Free. If So Inclined too. To


i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips, Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our

World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.


Till next…



To Ponder. Plato: (Republic 473c-d):


“…Until Philosophers rule as Kings

or those who are now called Kings

and Leading Men genuinely and adequately philosophise,

that is,


until Political Power and Philosophy entirely coincide,

while the many Natures who at present

pursue either one exclusively

are forcibly prevented from doing so,


Cities will have no rest from evils,..

nor, I think, will the Human Race…” (Republic 473c-d)



Machiavelli so. Agrees.