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Featured Image Gemini Twin Children Sitting In A Toy Truck Playing Outside. A Colorful Banner Flies On The Wall.

The Full. Alphabet Encoded in Our World. Legends of A to Z. Seizing those Ciphered Ways. Means This Be. A Hits n Misses. Of Myth, Fact. Fictional Truthful. Fantastic in Our World. Legends Of Odds Doubled Ups. Herein. The Letter. #T. So Twinned. So Gem a Nigh.


Gemini, those

Heavenly Twins too. The Third

of The Zodiac. Symbols so be

Twinned well as. As well


does Gemini be. Two, Paired

so Jointly. Balanced, Alternatings


Dynamic Opposites. Balanced


Featured Topic Image Gemini Constellation Pictorial.


Pillars, Children mores. Moreovers


Gemini logically so. Starrily

precedes that Summer Solstice so Astrologically. So

there Outer. Spaces. Twins


in Our World. Legends are many

so forth. Forthrightly left Tales of Yore. Classically

Thesis, Antithesis,… Times, Places. Of Harmonic

Ambiguity Unifying Contradictions. These


Castor, Pollux. Pillars of Hermes, Heracles. Twin Pillars

of Solomon’s Temple, Jachin, Boaz. This Duo. Of

The Strength + The Divine Established therein,

of Kabala/FreeMasonry also


in Deed. Indeed well as

Romulus, Remus. Twin Guardians,

Dragons. Sphinxes, Guards Dogs, Birds of

Odin. Osiris, Set. All


sets so Twinned


Featured Topic Image Gemini Symbol.


well as Styled per se. Sayings Gemini

So Twinned. So Gem a Nigh

so sounds. Gemini

herein so begins. Twinning


Birth probabilities seems. Seemingly

fast approaching 5%

of General.

Populations Figures.


Some 33 per 1000 Births. So

can this be so. Tweaked. In

certain Previous Twinning Lineages


1 in 12. Births so are Twinned. Twins


Featured Topic Image Complete Zodiac Symbols Chart Elementally Classed.


of the 12 Zodiacal Cycle. Gemini


Symbolically Links With Mercury/Jupiter Planetary

Pair. Paired


Symbols not as Opposites directly. Rather

dissenting/conflicting Complementaries that


so apply. Applied Arty


factors in Tales, Pics, Symbols

may be different Left/Right, Action/Reaction,

Arm Gestures/Pointers/Perspectives,

differing Natural Environs also. Create, Destroy. Death,

Life. Complements, contradictions


so per Yin/Yang

not Direct. Opposites per Fire/Ice. A Duality. That


Deepness of Simple. Paradox. Twinned


Featured Topic Image Gemini Zodiac Coin.


Children too

still. Now in Our World. Legends

Tell so

oft Symbolises These. Two’ed Gemini. Twins

complimented so. So complement

wherebys Complete means Togethers. Arts,


Sculptures so forth may evens. Show

a Two Faced

Person/Being/Animal/Object as Rep. of this


Star Duo. Gemini Duality

in Our World. Legends


Tell Balancings Opposites


Pair Of Children Wearing Rollerskates Looking Over A Grassy Area.

#45 Quirked Quote So Next.


so Balanced. So be.