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Yore Stoned In Our World. Legends Tell Stones Stands. Ups In Many. Places Timed So Yores + Mores Our. Moreovers Underlying Truly Standings Stones, Hengings Looked So Ats. In Views Grounded Tor. Outs In Quakings Under. Ground Granitic Fissures. Ridden Environ Electric Effects. Effectively Stones. Stand Aligned Phenomena Too. To Shine. Out Lined Herein Seated.


Sacred Sites



in our world. Legends

tell left so upright Standing. Stones


star in many many. Places aligned +

timed usually Yores. Our placed

such + much


Stone Circles, Standing Stones. Henges,

Tors, Fogous + co. Menhirs, Sarsens nomened

so forth. Forthrightly

left names found only in. Our World

Legends. Legends

so from

Yore. Sitting Stoned In

Our. Out Standing. Stones


Tales tell vast majorities so are. Crystalline. Stones

Granite, Quartzes + co. so comprise greatly

our. Major +

minor known Stands + Sites. Stones




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in standing in our world. Legends also tell. All so

whilst Aligned to various Sun/Moon/Planetary/Star

Alignments. Seasonal/Calendrical so Our Yores


Stone Sites so be on. Onto Grounds scaped

so structurally so faulty. Lying truly skewed


near + bys. By fissures, undergrounded

caves/cracks/waters/features so. Faulted


Lands not so placed evenly. Geological

illogical stony localised areas. Stone

Standing Sites so oft too. To then +

now be outer subjects too. To related

inner Earthian

Planetary Fields/Forces oft. Of


Earth Movements, Pressures, Forces +

Lightings generated so auroral

natured. Methods,

Phenomena unnaturally inner. Earthly


pressures + incidents quaked therein. Herein

our world legends notes our. Archetypical

Architectural notably resemblings

Standings. Stone our noted. Pyramids Great


well as all. So pointedly

usual Symbolically follow this. That as well

Patterned of so unusual Stone. Features

within +


without. Stone outing Earth oriented mis-

alignments greatly. Aligned in inners


Our Great. Pyramids peculiar

inners per se Sayings. With the so

nomened. Named



Kings Chamber/Room. For our Pyramid is

greatly + generously squarely. Triangulates

pointedly above as. Belows + all

Limestoned enstoned. Mostly arounds mainly


abouts. About so Limestoned so ‘cept…


that one. Exceptions this

beings Inners Stoned our. Kingly Being

Chamberings. Chambers

oft. Of being roomily one. Anomaly

as above so. Below +

innerly Our Yores King. Chambers

so built purposely too. To be ONLY

with Granitic greatly. Surrounded

bys. Nearbys Stony Limestones. Standing


great. Stone Granite

slabs totallings exactlies 100. 100

forming one by. Nearbys series

of layered/chambers royally so nomened. Naming


Aswan as the source 600 miles aways. By Aswan

immense Granite Slabs so nined. 9 form. The Roof

lined per se. Sayings eached

weighings so up too. To overs 50. Tons Slabs

Granitic So layered roofily Ascending. Descending

Passageways Gallery Grand so. Unite


Limestone + Granite uniquely architectural. Texturally

symbolically great. Pyramid anomaly in yores + ours

deeds. Indeed


In Deeds Great. Pyramids Inners Limestoned Outed Indeed.


Closing In In Deeds. On Indeed Limestoned Surrounds Granitic So Chambered.


in our world legends tell. Yores


stonily so. Sites so seating Granitics + co.

Purposely sited, built. Standing Stones

crystalline natures so.?. conduit, perhaps so

tuned. In + point. Out,


highlight/enhance. Earth Faulty areas. Earth

Magnetic/Geo. produced


Fields. Anomalies + suchlike. Alikes Phenomena

of Frequency, Compass, Radio. Magnetic, Ultra

Sounds, Time disturbances frequently. As

above so. Below Our

Polar. Regions quirkily so balancings

Our mothered. Nature produces


Our. Auroras so. Produce induced

electrical? typed phenomena so writ. Exotic

visuals spun skyways as well. Well as

such Earth Light shows. Showing

much unusual colorings whilst. So

movingly glowingly gliding. By flowing in


reflected outerswise by. Otherswise localised

Power. Lit peculiar Lights elsewheres. So Our

Earthly + Sea. Sources such as The Moors,

St. Elmo’s, Min Min, Fairy. Type Earth

Lights, Phantasms + Mind State/Time

shifts/events in. Our Faulted

crystalline Granite so may. Be nearby

sightings + deeds indeed. Unusual Earth


Environs,.. unusual effects. Effectively Yore

stoned granitically so greatly. Enthroned



so. Next sittings uneasily

herein. On 31/8:

Quirky Quotes #58.