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Yores So. Cosmic Catastrophic Event In Our World. Legends Tell So Our Ice Age Ends. Beginning So End Oft. Of Yore Atlantis. Our Mountain Ranges. Rearrange Our Himalayas Too. To Our Andes As Yore Tiahuanaco Rides Out This. That Storm To Sea. See The Rise In Deeds. Indeed One New Moon. Ours Lies Up There. So Writ Pointedly Down Herein.


Have You ever been Fooled.?.

Would + will You


admit. To That.?. This… +


Ever told a Big Lie.?.

With/to Them. Those


whom did You Fool.?.



Nasa’s Nazi Scienced Rocketry Scientists

produced. Rockets for our Military. Industrial



Simply Nasa’s Nazis became essentials in U.S.A’s.

Arsenals. Pointing Rockets even unto Our Moon. Our

Planetary bound no more. Moreovers

Will Our Real. Yores New

Moon Stand


up. Underlying rightly ending begins oft. Of

so such much Questions. Did They

get There. No.., yes Here Our


Wikileaks recently. Released archive Footage. Old


of a Film Set. Setting aboves belows

of a Movie so forth. Forthrightly

lying so happened. On/of/off Our Moon. Lunacy


rewriting Our Yores History. Passing




The Gravity. Of this Situationwise Moonwise

thus. That


  • means it’s GRAVITATIONAL Influence extends too. To

arounds about 20-25,000 miles

according. Calculations of Calculus +

Alchemy expert

Sir. Isaac Newton +



yet so. According the exnaziNASA Rocketries



” … At a point 43,495 miles from the Moon, Lunar

Gravity exerted a force equal to the Gravity

of the Earth, then some 200,000 miles distant…”

Wernher Von Braun NASA : TIME Magazine

JULY 25, 1969.



Sir Isaac Newton and Equations in deeds app. 25000…
Nasa says something else indeed it seems = 43495.


So secondly

besides Wernher von Braun…. being German…

Originally anyways.


Thus and so i, Shiro, using a Calculator + INVERSE


Can so and Now. Reveal: So


using the figure presented

by naziNASA W.von Braun:


  • …GRAV.EARTH (Radius Earth2/X2) = 1.

…= GRAV.MOON (RadiusMoon2/Y2)

… = 0.64 = 64%+ approx.

…= app. 2/3rds of OUR EARTHS… 64% approx.!.


Our MOON Has…2/3…!!!… OUR GRAVITY

as well. Along




we go, You + i, Shiro to see. More

Anomaly so anoma lies. Moon struck

Hollows holler outs

indeeds. Indeed



  • Our Moon rings like a bell after Quakes.

For Hours. 3 + a bit. Actually usually. Then


in arounds 1962, NASA

Scientist Dr. Gordon MacDonald admitted outing:

“…If the Astronomical data are reduced, it is found

that the Data require that the Interior of the Moon is

more like a hollow than a homogeneous Sphere…” One


such much as Nobel

Scientist + Chemist Dr. Harold Urey

agreed thus. That this Moons reduced density is.

Because of large areas inside the Moon where

there is “…simply a cavity…” whilst


MIT’s Dr. Sean C. Solomon allowed,

“…The Lunar Orbiter experiments vastly improved

our knowledge of the Moons Gravitational Field . . .

indicating the frightening possibility

that the Moon might be hollow…” And in

Carl Sagan’s treatise, Intelligent Life in the Universe;

the Astronomer did so Writ:

“…A natural Satellite cannot be a hollow object…” So


Technically such Sounds need. A Cavity. Of

some Nature. To ding that dong. Naturally




  • Our Moon is the ONLY

moon in. Our Solar System that. Thus Orbits

in this near perfect Circular Ways. Ways


these mean Our

Moons. Center of Mass is about 6000 ft. Closer

then too. To Our Earth than it’s Geometric. Center

which seems. Seemingly means it

should always. Be so wibbly so wobbly. Esp


with that Far- + Dark-side Bulge. Bulging

somehows. Darkly closely


Our Moon ignores far

reaching Natural Systems,

Rules. Laws Cosmic Principles that apply


Elsewheres, Everywheres. Somewheres




  • vectoring Our vexing Eclipsing Equation. Vexed

Science Fan + noted. Author Isaac Asimov noted

pointedly. Outing this inner Solar Systems enigma:



“…There is no Astronomical reason why

the Moon and the Sun should fit so well.

It is the sheerest of coincidences,

and only the Earth among all the Planets

is blessed in this fashion…” Blessing


such much Numbers in general that apply. Therein.

Thereof Our Moon tho’ roughly. 400 Times smaller

is. Somehows

also. All so 400 Times closer to… To thus + so. So

covers Up. Our Sun. At Times,


Places. Perfectly. Like

Goldilocks B+B. Just


Just Right. Left




  • ♦  Yore Our New Moon.

Accordings Ancient Greeks Aristotle, Plutarch; The

Romans of Yore, Apollonius Rhodius, Ovid also. So

All pointed so. Out + Writ up on this enigma. Issue

Belows by aboves in that. This in


Our World Legends oft. Of The Proselenes,

a Yore Peoples living. In Arcadia

tell Our Tales of Times. Places whereby so

was. There

was a Time/Age Before.


“…Before there was a Moon in the Heavens…”


Whilst ever so Agreeings with Our World. Legends

from Tiahuanaco. In which

Their Bolivian Courtyard. There At Kalasasaya

Wall Writ so Tells. Now that Our

“…Moon came into orbit around the Earth

between 11,500 and 13,000 years ago…”


A recent realignment of Orbit… tis’ seems. A New

Moon Rising



whilst when Our. Yore Last

Ice Ages begins too. To endings

up so Yore. Our Atlantis so downed


in deed. Indeed

so next. Ups in outed on 12/1:

Quirky Quotes #25.