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Crunching Giant Numbers In Our World. Legends Tell Largely Calculatings Arounds Abouts These Huge. Those Beings Being Counted Ups. In Small Print There Is. This Giant Total Oft. Of Giants In Our Yore America’s Places. Times Addons Added. Ups. In Here. Sorta Lil’ Tiny Totalled.


What’s in those. Numbers that these



Giants were. So largely used too. To heavy

Journals, Reports, Media. Mediatings attentions on

Giants oft. Of Our The Americas we turn. Now

Totally Yore Giants. Short



into Ours. Calculators so lightly

onto. To Yore Giants in Our World. Legends.


Our World +




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Yore Giants have turned on. Calculus

in the Life of Researcher. Thomas K. Dietrich


who so took careful Times, Places. Placing

numerals in additions well as. As well

after turning on. His Calculator later. Earlier

noting the big Task he had set. Himself. Calculating

all overs + arounds abouts Yore. Americas

vast open spacings out that is. Is that


so aboves resultings. Belows




so in. One Giant

oriented pointed. Summary List:


(… One full. Version of this + supporting details etc… is. Found

in that. Months,..

Nexus Magazine Australian Edition

Printed Oct-Nov 2017 Issue. Titled

Mound-Builders of North America Pgs37- so forth…)

Forthrightly left documented Our Total


Finds. Numberings

…vis… :T. K. Dietrich: The (North/Mid) Americas;


  • British Columbia: The Great Fraser Midden
  • Ontario: Locale at Dunnville, Toronto.


  • USA-
  • Alabama: Locale at Moundville… 400 Skeletons @ 33 Mounds.
  • Arizona: Locale  at Walnut Creek.
  • Arkansas: Locale at Chickasawba Mound… artefacts and hieroglyphs.
  • California: Locales on the Channel Islands.
  • Channel Islands = Santa Catalina Island: … 3,781 Skeletons.
  • Stone Pillars, artefacts of Temple Chinigchinich, artefacts at Island Museum, Avalon.
  • Channel Islands = Santa Rosa Island.
  • Channel Islands = Santa Barbara Island.
  • San Nicolas Island near Death Valley, Nevada Border.
  • Locale: Temple of Giants… (…i, Shiro notes that. This area includes a Huge 32 Cave System… inner Earth per se.?…. app. 180 Square Miles of Caves…).
  • Locale: Wingate Pass.
  • Georgia: Locales at: Cartersville, Golden Isles, St. Simon’s Island, Sea Island, Greene County, Oconee River.
  • Illinois: …Area ‘tween Rivers Illinois/Mississippi… Mounds litter this Area, Cahokia Mounds.
  • Locales also:Dickson Mounds… 3,000 Burials and Remains Noted.
  • …and… Lake County: South of Waukegan River.
  • Indiana: Eagle Lake, Jennings.
  • Iowa: Eagle City, Hardin County.
  • Kentucky: Sparta Cave, Pulaski County; Kingston Mound; Lewis Plantation; Petersburg.
  • Maryland: Point of Rocks; Potomac River.
  • Minnesota: International Falls Dam; Winona.
  • Mississippi: Cartersville.
  • Missouri: Clay County mounds; Poplar Bluff (…100 skeletons and  Sun Temple…).
  • Nevada: Fallon (red-haired, blue-eyed, Caucasian-Ainu Giants mummified by bat guano, 7400 BC); Lake Lahontan (duck decoys); Lovelock Cave; Spirit Cave.
  • New Mexico: Guadalupe County: Mesa Rica; Silver City.
  • New York: Long Island; Lower Hudson Valley; Staten Island.
  • North Carolina: Caldwell County (…42 skeletons…); Yadkin Valley.
  • Ohio: Estimated to have had 10,000 mounds including at: Ashtabula County; Chillicothe (Giant with pearls); Cincinnati (Cincinnati Museum of Natural History & Science); Fort Hill; Muskingum County; Little Miami River Valley (evidence of cranial surgery); Newark (Holy Stones & Keystone artefacts); Salem.
  • Oklahoma: Grand river Dam, Langley.
  • Pennsylvania: Elrama Mound, Pigeon Creek: North East village (…150 giant skeletons…).
  • Tennessee: Augusta; Cumberland; Duck River: Little Harpeth River, Little Tennessee River; Natchez.
  • Texas: Victoria County.
  • Utah: Jordan River near Salt Lake City.
  • Virginia: Shenandoah River.
  • West Virginia: In 1883, Colonel P.W. Norris and Professor Cyrus Thomas for the Smithsonian investigated 50 mounds and numerous giant skeletons (6’7″ to 7’6″), notably at Charleston, Moundsville (an 8′-tall queen with 656 ivory beads), South Charleston and Wheeling; “The Giant Town”, Horseshoe Bend, Cheat River, Tucker County.
  • Wisconsin: Doty Island, Menasha; Fox River; Merton; Pelican Lake; Stoddard.





The following is a list oft. Of U. S. sites where. Height

data of (…Giant.?.) remains was not. Recorded in


  • Arizona: Lee Canyon.
  • California: Concord Mound in Contra Costa County; Carpinteria: Emeryville Shellmound; Temescal Creek; West Berkeley Shellmound; Strawberry Creek; Taft.
  • Florida: Little Salt Spring; Naples; North Port; Republic Grove, Hardee County; Sarasota; West Bay; Windover Pond; Titusville (bog mummies water burials perfectly preserved, dated to 12,000 BCE).
  • Nevada: Gypsum Cave near Las Vegas.
  • New York: Phoenix, Oswego River Valley.
  • North Dakota: Mandan; Caney Fork.
  • Oklahoma: Thunderbird.
  • Pennsylvania: Delaware Valley; Avella Cave, Washington County.
  • Tennessee: Cumberland Caverns near Cairo (mummies in pyramidal baskets).
  • Texas: Waco.
  • Virginia: Front Royal.


(…Thanks T.K.Dietrich for the above Summary…) Belows





herein such noted much. Many Thousands so seems. Seemingly


greatly in these. Those Yore Times, Places + Numbers. Otherwise

largely now in deeds. Indeed Our Masai oft. Of Africa

believe Themselves too. To be Descendants of

Giants. One


direction Tall certainly so applies too. To

so Our Masai be. Being


Yore Giants. Legends



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then seating

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