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Featured Image Of A Closeup Of A Wings Spread Golden Bird Statue.

Indeed The Full. Alphabet Encoded In Our World. Legends Of A To Z. Seizing Those Ciphered Ways. Means This Be Hits n Misses. Of Myth, Fact. Fictional Truthful Factoids In Our World. Legends These So Writ Seen. Herein Letter #E. El so Golden. Dorado Made in Deed.


El Dorado


so nomened. Golden Kinged Man, Mountain, City or Room.?.

so named in Our World. Legends Yores tell All

so. May be.

Mayhaps wherebys in Our Yore. Our




Image Of A Barrel Pot Full Of Gold Coins.

As Well Coined In Deed.


Preciously sought metaled in Our World.

Legends Tell of meddling many Ways. Means Gold

in The Real not so. Rare


has there been a Time. Places

arounds abouts when not so. Coveted also. All

so Maritimers covering these. Those deep


vast Distances overs Seas. The Dutch, Spanish, English,

French, American

so forth. Forthrightly left Pirates, Buccaneers, Privateers,

Freebooters, Corsairs. Others so covetings

mores. Moreovers

underlying Explorations, Conquests. Dominion over

many. Major

Identities of Others. Lands. Much



a large. Lure.


El Dorado One such

so named too. To



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Image Of The Scientific Periodic Table Highlighting Gold And It's Corresponding Properties.

79 Indeed Periodically Gold. Au In Deed.


Our Sciences Gold Nomened Auric. Gold

oft Au


Abbreviated well as. As well related , reflected ins

Symbolism, Arts, Nature so forth. Forthrightly

Nature left: a shiny

Metallic Element. Within


A to Z in Our World. Legends

Hit ‘n’ Myth. El so Golden. Dorado Made El-ementary.


El = Nomened/Title For Divined, Gods, Leaders, Elitists.

Electricity… = El’s. Power named elementally natured


in those. Yore stormy Maritimes Places. Our Tales of El

Dorado’s. Treasures immediately

emerge. El-ucidating these so begins. Ending


Image Of A Toy Pirate Ship On A Treasure Map.

Indeed As Well Mapped. Outs In Deed.


Their Seawards Con Questings journeyings. There

such sons of conquered Beaches. There parking Their

Boats much now in, on long Shores. Men surely on

The South Americas. Gold soon enoughs

sought, found. Was removed. Off. Shores,

lots of stolen Gold. Lots


Conquerors went. Back a lil’ or a LOT Richer. In Gold,

Silver, Ceramics, Jewels In Deed. Indeed so

much used such too. To pay off their Own debts

there too. To

fricked ups bankers down credit so ways. Means

banks then mores. Moreovers underlying Interests


used for Profit overs. People.

People in Yore

livings had no interest in Interest. Interestingly


Image Of A Large Golden Ornate Clock On A Building Wall/Side.

As Well Arounds Abouts. Time So Be In Deed.


in South. America They were then thereof. Oft Decimated.


massacred, killed offs. Gold +

anything else deemed of. Value by The Conquerings

went on too. To

board. Their Ships sailed aways there. Here


well as means the How. Why

inflame Alchemists in Deed. Indeed

as well Creatvely Cook Ups Their Own. Whilst Gold

is not Rare for Real

per se. Sayings Alchemists

succeeded with Real Evidence. So is very. Rare. All

told arounds abouts in Our World. Legends Tell this. That


El Dorado has been so inflated, conflated within the

Tales of Gold. Discovery + Exploration, Warfare, Slavery,

Community that it, Gold. Like

in Our World Legends has MANY Forms. Mountain,


King/Man, City or Room.?. So greedily

each too. To Their Own chosen Choice. Lure



Inner Jewel so there. Sparkling here


Image Closeup Of A Young Golden Masked Woman.

Golden Times In Deed. Indeed Places So Too.


next so Writ also. Be

#73. Quote Quirky shinings outs. Herein.