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The Full. Alphabet encoded in Our World. Legends of A to Z. Seizing those ciphered Ways. Means This be. Hits n Misses. Of Myth, Fact. Fictional Truthful. Fantastic in Our World. Legends. Herein. The Letter. #N. Ninpo, Ninjutsu. Ninja.


Ninja In Our World. Legends well as

Tell Ninpo. Tales that is. Is that,

those of Yore. Japan, Martial too. To


become a Collective. Nomens termed

for Alls. So encompassed Alls Arts.


Of The Ninja.

Of Ninjutsu. Mores. Of


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Physical Ninjutsu.


Ninpo. Of Mind.


Practitioners nomened Ninja,

Kunoichi. Male, Female. Ins

that. This


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Ninja, Kunoichi. Ninjutsu Training, Study Ninpo.


A to Z

in Our World. Legends

Hit ‘n’ Myth. Ninpo,

Ninjutsu. Ninja

of, from.


The Letter. #N.


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In Our World. Legends Tell. Tales

of The Fallen. Fallen

Angels in Deed. Indeed The Tengu

in Japan became Mentors, Teachers,

Friends, Foe too. To many


that sought The Ninja Ways. Means

Ninja, Kunoich, Samurai. OthersWise also. Also

Times, Places. Mountains, Plains

oft. Became Sanctuaries. Of War. Civils War…


is not Civil. At Alls.

Potentially… evens Neighbours. May

oppose. A Philosophy


of Survival.

Ensued, persists, Survives

even unto. Now of these. Days. Of Yore,



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Tengu. Training.


still now. Practitioners, Students of Ninpo

involve many. Self-Defence Ways. Means

of Self improvements. Thru’

Movements. Natural. Comboed

with Weaponry. Of Alls. Sorts. Sorta’


Traditions that combines. Practicality

and Mentality in Our World. Legends

Told are many. Many


Concepts so. Applied too. To

the Various Ways of. The Opposition. Opposing

Power hungry, seeking Lords lording. Overs


the Physical Arts and Mental Approaches

too. To Combats Martial,

The Philosophy of Ninpo. So rides

alongs, arounds, abouts well as. As well

mystique, rumor, speculation. Speculating



no further. In 1969 i had. A Dream. In

1984… i, Shiro so entered. That Dream

World in Our World. Legends

of Japan. So welcomed. Stayed too. To

Train, Live. Rest. In theirs. Awhiles. There


those Ways. Are still strong. Strength

a bonus not. Necessity. Flexibility

a must. The Ninja, Kunoichi

Students. Train Hard well as. As well


the after Discussions. Intense. Intensely

interesting also. Also Histories, Legends,

Weaponry, Philosophy, Mind-Sets,


Combat Styles, LifeStyles, Loves. Good

and not so. Those



Acts of Daring. That

so earned the Rep. Can

be Practiced. Though emphasis is not. At

Alls applied. If applicable… and willing:

One can seek and search for further Training

in partic. Areas of Interest and meeting

Persons of. Interest.


A High. Possibility

there. Possible


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Physical. Training Ways. Means Ninjutsu.


too. You, i to. Find, Meet well as. There

in Our World. Legends so Tell. You too. To


Live Your Dreams. So

as well.