Lessons In Joy and Soreness From Sensei Harry Mitrou’s ADELAIDE NINPO SEMINAR.

S. HARRY MITROU’s recent visit and ADELAIDE NINPO SEMINAR. Highlights of the event herein. Held at J.SARGENT’s DOJO and with ED LOMAX as a guest Instructor the weekend long NINPO TAI-KAI Seminar was a well packed and participated event. A Shiro style review indeed. photocredit/thanks:hiveminer




Held at J.SARGENT’s DOJO ( https://sargentbujinkan.com/about-jason ) SENSEI HARRY MITROU (Photo above)-

and with ED LOMAX ( https://lomaxdojo.com/ )

as a further guest Instructor the recent weekend NINPO TAI-KAI Seminar was a well packed event.


(Video Link)



People , info , NINPO , friendships and more

were all packed into a great weekend of learning and training.


SENSEI’s JASON , ED and HARRY were all user-friendly

with much knowledge to share…and they did…often!


The typical BUJINKAN atmosphere of direct training

and direct friendship and fellowship applied.


S. JASON SARGENT photocredit/thanks:midoritengubujinkandojo


S. ED LOMAX…SOKE M.HATSUMI…S. JASON SARGENT… photocredit/thanks:midoritengubujinkandojo




Having not trained for a while I am sore yet so happy.

My legs , weak of soreness and reek of TIGER BALM now too.


My heart is singing with the joy of new NINPO friendships whilst my body recovers from the new NINPO training…

SENSEI HARRY is a lively mix of enthusiasm , inspiration and encouragement.

An Instructor who takes the time to share.


With great care and an obvious love of NINPO , he further explained and expounded on the ORIGINS of several of the olden RYU that the BUJINKAN system encompasses.

Often with very practical and direct technique application too! Incorporating weaponry into such technique felt uncomplicated and gave broad scope to the self-defence concepts he/they imparted.


His knowledge ,

thoughts on BUDO and personal self-defence utilising NINPO are subtle yet direct.

His love of NINPO grew from the LEGENDS heard in childhood and fully matured in JAPAN with SOKE & etc.

As an Instructor he is becoming somewhat of a LEGEND himself.


NINPO IKKAN SENSEI’s. Thank you ALL for the training.

Njoyed it-simply tho sorely too!!!






(Video Link)





Shiro says: OK, WHOSE THE LEGEND WHO LEFT THE XRAY MACHINE ON…??? gifcredit/thanks:graphicsbuzz




Till next…


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