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Of Yore Color In Our World. Legends Tell So Hued Much Off. Oft Of Such Traditions Traditionally Incorporated Traditional. Colors. Darkly Tho’ Yores History So Lightly Disagrees. Agreeable Research Readily Nosing Thru’ Ready. Refs Noted So Seasonally Into. To Our Yore Art Works So Gladly. Tiding Ups In This. That Santa Greenly So Browned. Read Offs Red. Read Of Nosey Notes Herein.




upon Yore Times. Places Our Yultidean

Santa shone outs. In mix so

rainbowed + non. Rainbowed Colors. Colorful


Santa merrily characterised so then. Ready

so presented ats Xmas

Our. Times + Places. Placings now

readily seen Decembered in our world. Legends tell

Yore Santa once remembered upon times. Places


colors oft. Of many differings Hues. Largely readily




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hidden aways in way yore. Ages ago so

one Rainbow Our World. Yore Xmas


Artists ready so too. To readily Santa. Paint

use other colors than. Reddy

in deeds. Indeed Yore presently Our

Santa readily merrily presented so. As


greened + brown tanny + purpled. Blued

as well tinted so afore. Before well as




the advent of ready. Present available mass

adverts presented. So alls arounds

abouts. Advertisings convertings +

so harping on this. That attractiveness of Red

as so eyecatchings. Caught adverted eternally


presently for continuings posterity. Yore

Browned Our Santa

Reddy. Ready

Goes Green. Man


and Woman come in many. Colors

as does Our Yore Santa also. All so merry


Our Santa, Our. Father Christmas Yore

appear presented originally as. Moreso too than

so two. Moreovers

to one more so saintly. Nicholised

added ons thento. Than now two to threed


Characters as our. Midwinter Trinity mix oft. Of

characters in deeds. Indeed seasoned




separate togethers. Of Cultural inclusion into. To

one small

number oft. Of One. Overalls Seasonal Rep. Repping

Peoples from alls arounds. Abouts festiveness Our

World. Legends


gathered so twined entertaining entwinements

and consolidations onto + into. To merrily

playing One colorful character thus. This

conglomerations coalescing traditional Traditions. So

such presented


Traditionally therebys. So indeeds

incorporatings archetype St. Nicklaus who. Had

in deed His once separate. Commemorative

Feast Day on. The 6th. December

overs times places prior. Placing much + such

many in our world legends into. To One. So


Our Popes joined one in well as. As well

at the time. Placings Papal Julius 1

so catholically decreed 25th Dec. as The.

Holiday wholly holied

overridings Otherswise Traditions oft. Of



Solstice Celebration/Presentations

so priors then. Now




Our Christmas invokes combo’s oft. Of the proceedings

Yore Characters prior. Mass Advertising repeatedly

so enjoys evoking. Emotions dollars + cents. Yores

so sensibly mores. Moreovers Yore


Poetry from one Clement. Moore in

so 1822. Even had Our dashing

Xmas Saint + Reindeer. Starring


Pygmy Characters heighted as teeny. Tiny

Yore Elven


Men + Deer saintly our reignings. Raining

Imaged aboves. Belows presents

gnomely small down chimneyed here. Then ups

large Presents on us. All so largely named

Poem presently then. Now so as known Ours


The Night Before Christmas. Yores




One Poem initially merrily nomened: A Visit From St. Nicholas

so presented published in 1823 as well. Well as

so during WW2 (1939-45) lil’ Yores…


The U.S. Army in deed also. All so gave Santa

One. Large Gun

indeed in. At least one not so. Merry


Wartime. Propaganda Poster. Posing

so too. To one



so into. To Yores + Ours colorings

so wholly. Seasonal so merry

Holidays come onto one. To rep.


All. All readily repping so presenting

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