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In Theory Going Viral In Our World. Legends Tell Bio Research Facilitated. Facilities Lobbying U.S. Bio Labbed Lobbing. Ups Everywheres So Arounds Our World 336 Abouts. In Ukraine 26 Seems So. Seemingly Stalling Ukraines Own. Invasion Day By Days. Dazed Russia Saves 2 Provincial. Ways From Mean Invadings Ukrained. Raining Biolabs No Mores. So Moreovers Underlying Lyings Lying Meanings. Rearranged Isolatings There Is No. Virol Vitriol Herein.




336 in app. 30. Countries


have U.S. run/funded Biological. Research Facilities. Bio

Labs accordings too. To U.S.

Treaty doc’s + Russian + Chinese

Foreign Ministry sources as well. Well as Documents


document much ado. Such activities beings facilitated

Proliferations Treaty. Violations

at these. Those Bio Labby Facilities 336. 46

lobbed so


in Ukraine. Ukraines Nazi Battalions

own invasion Plans  + surrounds

was so stymied by. Russia/Belarus pre-empting just.

Days before the Nazi Ukraines were ready too. To

move on in Themselves. Putin put in


so first. Just… U.S./Ukraine Our One disclosed

Treaty. 2005 Weapons Proliferation 05-829

only BioLab mentions. 3. By 2022 = 46. So


thus 43 so not so Treatyable. For Virus




(Video Link)


can be. Grown in BioLabs in Our World. Legends

tell cultured in. Dishes so oft. Of isolating

Beefy Monkey

Kidney Been. Soup


ingredients dished. Outs later herein so now

tell mores. Moresovers underlying lying now



with secrecy classifications any. True extent…

oft. Of Dangerous Pathogens non-proliferations. Goings


in deeds. Indeed Treatyswise

for the last 17 Years… So

WHAT EXACTLY have They been

doing.?. for 17 Years.?. So


treatywise says too. To stop ones proliferations yet

they have proliferated. Biolabs from 3 too. To 46

and reported about none of them over

the last 17.?. Years

of questings ignored. Self interest


while our world self proclaimed Great.

Democracy GloboCop does less. Than great

at being discovered. Themselves committing crimes

repeatedly against international. Law

with Bio Labs, gains-of-function Pathogens. Work


worked in 336 Labs in arounds. Abouts 30 countries

dominated by the US




forces the followings ? Why

there is no. Virus


there is one. Soup. Cultured

Isolate One Multi

Ingredient Soup.


The Viral Theory has spoon. Bent ISOLATE

Meaning accordings too. To Our Dictionary


meaning. Isolation ≠ to isolate virus. Virology

isolates.?. by making One MULTI Ingredients

Soup. Virology

isolates by adding Many MORE

Ingredients.?. Many. So



Water, salts/nutrients, cow blood cells, monkey

kidney cells + mores +

finally swishings in this… That adds in this swill…


the yet still now… non-isolated Patients

Full. Sample All

so goes mixingly into. To be stirred into. To

also make One Cultured Soup NOT. One Isolated

Virus One

at alls so. All so swimmingly. Mixed Patient



in One Beefy Monkey Kidney Been. Mineral +

Vitamin packed watery. Soup. Sits.?. one


virol isolated virus… somewheres.?. somehows.?. How

so lonely

now brown cow monkeying. Arounds

abouts = Isolate.?. How now in deeds. Indeed


Virally sampling this. That mix




further isolates many wonderings wanderings… So

has each and every OTHER Ingredient been

checked for its own viral content and combo’s

thereof.?. Have


these. Those numerous Ingredients been

devirused.?. HOW.?. If

so somehow why… then are we not

using/adapting that approach too/instead.?. instead

of then bothering with furtherings THIS Ingredient

full. Hearty beefy monkey soupy cultured virus no

surprise some vaxees not even

workings. Properly etc etc what ifs…


Has the patient even got a Virus.?. Which

One.?. How

known etc.?. How do we know this type

oft. Of sample HAS THE Virus in it.?. What about

any Viral others this. That Patient may as per norm

comprise oft. Of some 380 Trillion Viruses so. We

bodily have

have.?..?. Comorbidities + Allergies factor

in.?. + Multiple Trillions

Viruses.?. ONE.?. REAL VIRUS ORIGINS possibly

Then + now… finding this. That one

becomes so unknown… for


Virology uses one Multi Ingredient. Soup

not one isolated. Sample nor one isolated virus

samply been seen. So


just been. Soup




sprouting viruses to the fore. Four flavored


Soups. Sake

or five + Ingredients mixed into. To

How can a Virus Sample BE. Isolated if it’s mixings

with such much. Other Ingrediential stuff. Stuffed full


if i, Shiro solitarily knows. That this

isolate virol idea begins early too. To look singularly

mixings lately. Dilutings

unrealism arounds abouts our world. Legends tell


stirringly how virus isolated + cultures

made isolate… yet

not. So… for


yet mixed in/with numerous MANY other

genetic materiels, once livings material + other

fluids + chemicals etc Ways. Means not Isolated

at all. So


Indeed So Prior. Plannedemic In Deed.



compare to what isolated usually means…


how can be isolated if mixed with. Multiple ingredients

e.g. waters, salts, cow blood, monkey cells +…



e.g. so called virus/cultured growth thingy

could come from ANY or combo’s of these

othered Ingredients etc as well…


so not well for you. Our Virology insists

viral isolatings done. By this + these

such Methods.?. Much =

Isolating… = Mixing ins. Concentrating

ingredients by Dilution in others.?. Isolating


in Culturing Patient Samples one MULTI. Faceted

Soup no Control oft. Of Quality

oft. Of Beefy Monkey Kidney Been. So been

Cultured where dishy diversity arises non. Isolated

doctorings multi mixed in. Outing nonsensical


Virology as having defined no. Sense

of reality penicillined. Virally doctored

void so clarity oft. Of

norm Meanings. Meaning meanwhilst Yore


Soups. Up



been dishing outs isolated next on 1/6:

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