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Hot As Indeed Our. World Legends Tell Firings. Ups In Deeds Volcanisms. Vulcan Meets Yore. Mountains. Inners Twice Enduring One Divines. Ordained Cliff Throw + Lockdown In One. Unmotherly Magma Strewn Mountain. Vulcan So Skills Ups, Moves Ups + Out.  In Setting Our World. Legends On Fire Parted. One.


Fire so. Outed


in the dark Inner. Recesses of Our Earth, Nature

moves forthrightly. So forth do that pressured

Natural Forces… these interact, provoke,

prevail. Grow increasingly those. Swelling


the soon visible shudders, stresses. Strains

of Our Planet, Our World. Legends tell in

Motion… inside



Our Earth one. Planet at work


or play. Heat, Smoke. Visibly rising groundswise

so on. Ups

here and there… pinpricks of Light… flare, flame…

and grow as well. Fire.?. no. Liquid Stone afire. So

A Fire Inside… the Earth. Volcanic


Burnings bright now. Headings ups in

consistently feeding. Belows new fuel for that-

Inner Earth Fire.

Remains later… of simply Ash.


A Mountain above. Volcano. Vulcan





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The Volcano stirs.


Inside and out.

From Our World Legends. Later

The Legendary nomened Yore


Vulcan So, Meet Our

Venus. Where

There’s Smoke, Fire

so begins. Yores Our



From whose very name we evoke

such. Much a Mount Volcanic. Much

is again brought so. Sharply to Mind. Mine

burning brightly + forthrightly. Naming

Fire requires two too. To tangle


so fuel + flame as well. Well as Yores



To Our divined Juno and Jupiter. One,

so another Son is + was born. Now,..


Then Yore so… Forthrightly left or

not. Borne

A Baby thus Divine so. Born shiny Bright.?. So


The Council of Gods… of Ancient Rome… were…

overall quite quiet. Quietly pleased. So anticipatings,

expectant. Known

in the Legends as. The ‘ Dei Consentes ‘.

Till the Official Baby Viewing… that is. That was


When and then. Unexpectedlys

The Mood was lost… so went Ugly. So

Indeed,.. in deed and in factums

also. All so

Our World Legends sayeth agree. Herein.


Vulcan was one kid. Ugly




Baby in deeds was oft. Of such a ungodly look,

constantly seen bys. Nearby Mother Juno. Was

inclined, indeed. So


Wanted to lose. Him so it seems,.. so,..

threw him.

Off a Cliff. Theres arounds abouts

meanings. Ways meant so that.


This was the closest one available. Cliff off. Of

some oft ranged Mount Olympus… was it’s


He,.. The Ugly Baby God above nomened…

though yet unnamed;.. did so cliffingly Olympus


survived. Basically unharmed… somehows.

A not so divine and eternal.?. Sore foot. Limp

The only scar too. One to linger, remain.

Tis and twas a God divined

after All. Vulcanised.

Even if a Baby One. Ugly

as it seems Now to


tho’. Baby steps… with a lil’ limp

were so taken. Eventually fronting

back too. To undear ol’ Mum. So walking

into. To



see Her + so. So again Divine

Mommy. So

Dearest Juno… Juno… cheaply

threw him.

Again. Away


into one hot as. Hades alikes

hellishly unliked Fiery Mountain… Hellcat


divined Juno

Then told Ugly. Baby God Now With

Limp that longered- to stay…

There. Here- inside one. Mountain Fiery

Till he was one. Man-God. Late, much

laters than one. Years. So


As He so early grew yearly

The Limp… so stayed also. Growing ups

Named when then,

was all. So done and dusted. Nomened

somehows typically. As now:..


Vulcan. Hephaistos




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Mountain Man with one. Add-on. On


tho’ Still Ugly it seems and still…

Divined… too. To be

With now grown all. Ups in

Life though a unique and rather heart


Skill-set. Blacksmither Extraordinaire.

Earthly + Divined. Gear. Gearing ups


All… Fired Up… as well.

Especially after being cooped up

and in One. Afire Mountain below nearbys.

By… Mum. Thanking


The Vulcanisms of Science.

Our Modern Sciences have spent much. Time

and peoples Volcano

Studying. Much aspects of Nature. Such raw

fierceness of some oft. Of the eruptions have

caused many ugly


incidents of mayhem, destruction.

Common ferocities vulcanisms throughout Our

Fiery. Yores

History and Herstory. Our World


Legends fired are many much

such also. All so



Our Volcanoes.


3 Main Volcanic Types.



Gaps, Holes and/or Ruptures of Our Earth’s Crust.

Lava leakage points oft. Of interest in + arounds

The Tectonic. Plates… some 17


so of them form this Crust. Earths so-

Whence and where around they meet. So

Earthquakes and Volcanoes… do too. So

Grow… arounds abouts more likely

that is. That is


reflectings aboves in

The Image below. Shows the Crusty

connections thereof. Earths Crust



In the Main and Generally.


The formation of Magma appears to drive

Volcano Locale. So


Being heated and thus less dense

than the surrounds

of Inner Earth Rocks and so forth.

With Pressure. Heated

It drives… Upward.

From the Inside… out.


Forming the Volcano… with Lava Flow

usually flowing soon. After. So Cliff + Volcano



flowed into. To Vulcans Life, Livelihoods +

Training mores. Moreovers underlying rightly

left. So


After erupting and escaping from his Inner

Earth helldoms… divinely ordered

Housing and Schooling. Place so. Movingly

Yore Our Vulcan too,… moved on. Onto


Flowing sorta straight back into… Society

Divinity Circles/Realms. So Blacksmithing so

meet + greet ordered bys Zeus too. To

That Girl. The Girl

Venus so. Vulcan


unpretty… or not. Yes unique



His Talents so yet… in Times, Places

Peace + War also. All so could use. So

Them. All in our world legends eruptings


next in Part too. Two next Week. Strongly

Yore Vulcan Meets Our. Venus. Where

There’s Fire. Smoke Obscuring


for now

absented so firing outs. Upping next on…