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Jack. In Our World. Legends Tell Tales. Stalking Giants. Mores. More Than Simple Lore. Laws Of Nature. Naturally Reveal. More. Herein. A Lil’ Look. Looking, Seek and Search. Stalked. Beans That Show. Deep Roots In Deed. Indeed. Mores. Much.


Jack’s back. Back from stalking that Giant ol’

has-been. Beans in Our World. Legends

of the Sciences. Show. Are a Plant


that Climbs. Climbing can be risky. Risks

too. To and In Bean consumption.

Thereof. Therein


both good, bad, Health-wise. Reside. Besides

such Health considerations in Our World.

Legends Tell Tales. Of

Jack’s Giant. Beanstalk.

Stalking Giants

made so much easier. Then.

Of Yore. Your


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interest in this so and called Children’s

Fairy-tale. May Pique. Hugely. Once


realised this Tale. Is over 5,000

Years Old. Olden in deed. Indeed

One of the Oldest. Known of. Herein. Here


does grow. So much. Mores. More




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than Merry are those. Who. In Mind. Theirs. There

so see. Seeing how grows. Grows

in a Giant Ways. Means



in Our World. Legends so rose to cause.



This Causeway.


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The Giants. Of Ireland.



So formed.

A World Heritage Site. Sighting

this stunning Stone Formation. That bewilders.

Turning World Wonders

into wonderings. Of Mind. Wandering

alongs, arounds abouts.


The Giant’s Causeway

according to the Sciences

are ONLY a result of Volcanic Processes. Processing

extreme Heat some 40,000 Basalt Columns.




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Hexagonal so shaped.

As per The Bees. Honeycomb. Snowflakes,

Gems. More. Salt-Flats also. Also


A Volcanic Eruption. The Cause…

of the Causeway. So Sciences say…


and yet… ALL Other REFS INDICATE






So and then.?.


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Stony. Hexagonals.


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Plant Cells. Hexagonal.


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Cells. Plant. Tree.


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Stony.?. Cells…


Whose Cells.?. The Giant’s Causeway.?.


Cells are in… LIFE-FORMS.?.


So. Does Science then…

Consider Our World, Our Planet





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… Certainly NOT… Officially it seems. Seemingly

The Sciences twist, turn too. To


find no answer to such. Images. Belows.

Did the Volcanic Eruption somehows maintain

such Heat so Hexagons form whilst dripping.?.

840-890º C.?.


Exposed to Air… Possibly Waters also. Also


Back Then

in Our World. Such Heat removes LIFE…

Yet and so… Things. Grew. Even


back then. Then even now…


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Do Bees generate such Heat.?.

840-890º C.?.


To Hexagonally

Form Theirs.?.




And… Snowflakes.?.

Hexagonal Crystals need. No

such Flame to thrive.


What abouts. Those

Beans.?. So alive.

On the inside…

Means and whiles. Wily


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Inner Cell. Beans.


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The Cause Way.


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Plant. Way.


Jack so climbed. That Stalk. All

the while Jack. Climbed. Ups.



such a ” Tree “. Stumped. As Belows.?.


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The aboves. Image in Our World.

Legends of those

Sciences. Insists still is NOT a Tree. Trees

like this. No such… Tree of Life.?.

gets a look in. Exist.?.


Looks deceiving it seems. Seemingly

whilst having Rings and other Tree-Like.

Features. Layers, Cellular Columns. Mores. More

and overs. Yet in Our World. Legends

insist Trees have been getting smaller.


Or perhaps as well. Well as Us…

no longer. Lets Them Grow. Big as.


As Belows. Slide-Shows. Show. That.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Whilst petrified. Forests get a grudging acceptance. Accepting

that Trees. Get Stoned. Is a NO-NO. In Science. In Our World

Legends say Yes. That. These




To contend with. Can in Deed be. Be indeed



Be Like Dino

Saurs.?. Sore



points. Uppity in deed. Indeed.

Pet Theories and Reputations. Go down. In

History. History is full.

Of wrong guesses

In Our World.

Legends Tell Tales of Men, Women. Creatures

too, who.

Thru’ no fault of their own. Grew BIG.


So… WHY NOT TREES.?. If so. So

a Tree-House. May have been. Then.

A simple



Dream Home. Simply.



Simple it seems too. To

insist. Legends. Are full of hot air.


Herein. In Our World

Legends are…


just like Dreams. Dreaming



Next… is so. So to be: Those

Swords. Under Heavens Japans. Best 5 Of Yore.


Please Feel Free. If So Inclined too. To


i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips, Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our

World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.


Till next…