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The Classics in Our World. Legends Tell Tales. Of Yore. A New Ongoing Series. Daily. One. On those ‘tween Days of the Usual every 3rd Day Post Schedule. Short n Sharp Info Bytes. Sweets or Others Wise. Classics. All. #26 Colosseum. Christians Discriminated. Sorta’. Movie Trivia. Mayhem.


Those Romans. Their Gladiators

put ons. Quite a number. Of Shows there.

In that Colosseum.

Showing Live Martial. Theater Sports

of Blood. Spurts of that well as. As well


Martial Mayhem. So reigned, rain

or shine. In

those Romans. Of Times, Places.

Conquest in Our World. Legends


Of Yore. A Lil’. Then


Not Alls. Was a The Renaissance

Yet. So




Movie Type Writers. Now so Writ. Ins


Colosseum. Christians Discriminated. Ins,

Against. Again

Decimated evens too. To even Destructed.

Sorta’. ‘Tis Alls.


Movie Trivia. Herein. As Belows

The Almost. Daily

Random Classic #26.

So Shows


That. Is

this in. Romans Truths. Lies. All

that so


Lies. Ins

The Colosseum. In Rome. Was

so Sacred in Deed. Indeed especially


To Those. The Gladiators.

Them. There so

Honored too. To


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Frick, Messing with, ups. Thems. Not

so Recommended. AnyTimes, Places etc.

At Alls.


So Now. Then in this Real. In

Our World. Legends so Tell. Tales



Sacrificing much. Those Gladiators.

Much. Times, Places. Body

Parts, Lives. Death

a constant. Death constantly


called for. A Religion.?. Mores.


Survival. Therein. That Colossal

Collonaded Colosseum. So


By Gladiators glad. To get Outs. After.



Tough Men, Women. Warriors. Alls.

Oft bound. By Creed, Tradition. Honor

and so forth. Forthrightly

or wrongly. Defending Honor. Theirs.


The Gladiators.



No Christians Martyrs in Our World. Legends tell.

Of Persecution. None. At Alls. Ever.

Nor Tales such Needed. Sacrificed

Therein. Colosseum. At Alls


In the Real. In

Our World. Legends entertainingly so

twisted. That for. Those narratives sake. Forsaking

many Truths therein. Thereof Fact free

also. Also


The Movie Makings Machinery. So

there for. Profit so too. To


The Gladiators. Then,

when in Rome-

Staked Were Their Lives. At stake

sake’s. Each. Theirs. Every Times, Inside.

Not Actors. In


Such a Place. Every

wrong action. Meant much mores.

Less of Life to act. Upon. No

longer. On this stage. Therein


The Colosseum were Events, The Games. Of

Yore. Common to Alls.

Creatures, Wild Beasts. Set Free. Inside.


Where Hunted became Hunters.

When Wild meets Warrior. Men, Women.



of Epic Chases, Battles. On Sea

and Lands. ReTold Tales. Re-Enacted. Of


The Colosseum ’twas. Stone in the Main. Connecting

aboves. Belows too. To

UnderGrounds Structures

Housing Cages, Pits, Mazes. Mores. Amazing


as well. Well as


Rooms, Arenas, Passages, Canals. Aboves

rising high over 49 Mtrs. Over 50,000


Seats, Benches, Box Seats, Awnings. Tiered

Levelled Seatings. Mores. The Mains

Arena. It and of self. Could so. So

be Flooded to a Depth. Of Water too. To

float. Your Boat with


Approx depth 1.5 Mtrs. MariTimes, Places. Mayhems

Martially pursued. Then. There ins. The

Gladiators. Lived, died. Inside.


Such a Place.

Simply. To entertain.



For Entertainment’s sake. Gladiators

were put too. To Works. Martial. At

Expense. Was Death.

Theirs. There


Romans enjoyed so unspectacled

Entertainings. These


in Our World. Legends Tale tell. Of

Breads, Circuses, Manna so.

For the Masses. Therefore. Their


Gladiators. There. They were

Sacrificed. To feed, easeth that beastly.



Hungering Spoils. Now.



Brawls, Bats, Balls. Mores. Alls. Same.



Yours.?. So be. Then. Now.

Simply Entertaining in deed. Indeed

Martial. Ons. For... in Our World. Legends

tell. Tales

so sayeth: For


…When in Rome


Simply. Enjoy

The roam. Within.


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