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Featured Image Of A Wolf Howling In A Forest Winter.

Indeed The Full. Alphabet Encoded In Our World. Legends Of A To Z. Seizing Those Ciphered Ways. Means This Be Hits n Misses. Of Myth, Fact. Fictional Truthful Factoids In Our World. Legends These So Writ Seen. Herein Letter #W. Wolf. Bells ‘n’ Whistles In Deed.


So when Wolves dance. Daring, ready for

that. This so cold shivering Morning. Entry,

so greyly Wintered into. To sunny Aurora’d


Days, burrowed Den deep Northern Nights. Caved,

so dazed

by Dawn’s early. Colors, playful Winter light. Mornings

awakening Prowl,

when Wolves so appear. Daringly dance thereabouts

as well. Well as there of Yore. Our


Wolf is given that Final Honor. Of Sacrifice

of The God/Man/Hero Odin. Odin

of The Norse, around abouts that is. Is that


so recalled in those called. Far Northern Times, Places

these of Our Yore. Our World Legends Tell



This Wolf’s Nomen = Fenris.


Image Of Ancient Norse God Odin Enthroned.

In Deed Odin. Be Iconic Indeed.



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Herein too. To see, be

A to Z in Our World.



#W. Hit ‘n’ Myth. Wolf Bells ‘n’ Whistles not

required Research at all. All-


Father-of-Gods, usually ref’d/named as Odin.

Odin aka = Wodin, Woden, Wotan so forth.

Forthrightly Our Wolf’s Science. Nomen = Canis

thus Wolf: Grey/Red = Canis Lupus/Canis Rufus.


The Wolf Archetype. Symbolic of Nature’s

ready. Chaotic cruelty, vicious impartial justice. Harbinger,

Messenger, Servant of mournfully decaying this. That Wintery

Natures. Naturally in Our World. Legends Norse Tell

so Fenris/Wolves

Born. Of Loki the so divined Infernal borne. A somewhat


Principled Evil. Discordant Howls that mindfully


Image Of Three White Wolves With Two Looking At The Third Howl.

Well As Wolves Trio’d As Well.


resonate oft. In Ears, Throats +

Mind. Numbing


Cold, such Weather much. Accompanies

Norse Tales in Our World. Legends

tell so


The Ragnarok = Their Norse End Times, Places. There


a Divined Theomachy. Wars of Heroes, Gods, Giants.

Largely Placing

Winters Night King. Of The Wolves, Son

of a bitchGod. That


Fenris in this. Limedlight

of the Rainbowed Northern. Lights,

The Aurora Borealis in Deed. Indeed


Image Of A Greenish Aurora Borealis Sky.

That Is Green Bound Borealis. Aurora Is That. There.


this Place, Times Asgard. Refuge, Home Of Gods

so undivinely burned. Down as

Odin turned


arounds abouts too. To godface their reckoning. There

at The Ragnarok.

The Fated Twilight of Gods. Heralded by

An All-Knowing Red Rooster’s Call. So called

That. This Divined so overthrown END. The Ragnarok.

Their End.



this timeless unravelling of The Gods. These so



Image Of The Ancient Norse Gods And Goddesses Family Tree.

Indeed By The Gods. Norse There. Their Family In Deeds.


Soon enough lowly might those too. To be…


then- These Times, Places Mod.

Of Our Mankind, kind or not. Yet Yore-

… yet then


As Fenris finally, firmly approached. So

Odin instinctively let The Spear, Gungnir

slip so surely into. To His Hands, then…


just as… smoothly

let it drop.


He knew. Now,


Image Of A Row Of Icicles On A Roof Support.

When In Deed Yore. Our Ragnar Rocks. Backs Icily. Indeed.


He Knew. More than Fenris. Justly


now so steadfastly approached. Standing

Tall He locked. Eyes with Fenris King of Wolves. His,

the divine Green. Flecked so now with Red, the Grey

of Fenris so naturally central Yellowed. Golden

shining, aflamed well as. As well

as The Fenris so loomed. Large over, above. Odin,



around abouts this of His. That

small rather wry. Smile, so then formed, played. His


Last Cup of Holy Mead coursing thru’ Veins. His,


Image Of A Seated White Wolf Licking Own Lips.

Indeed Times, Places All So.


The End, Ragnaroks Final Day. Was just now-


so beginning.

Fenris opened wide those. Jaws gaping

in this. That so wolfish cool bane of mornings due. Duly

howling a Victory. Call. So the snows called The North so

were backlit. By licks ‘n’ flickers. Sights, sounds of Fortress.



ongoings so relentless destruction. Towerings afire, Pillars

of Smoke aboves. Belows Asgard Pillars,

Walls crumbling, incessant so attentive Flames. Quenching


Fears dark ‘n’ grim. Now…

not so. Grim, so Odin rightfully left. Prowling forwards.

Heading back…


Home. So

stepping outs too. To dance amidst Wolves.


One More Time.


Image Of A Snow Angel Icon Formed In Snowfield.

Snowings So Writ. Showings Next Quote Quirky #72.