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Indeed Ming Pottery In Our World. Legends Tell Is One Yores Fine Container. Ships Sent Fleeting Bys Dynasty Emperors Decree. Yore 1400’s China Assembles One Huge Fleet Too. To Treasure Ships Also. All So Quite Long. Ships Burdened With Ming. Pottery, Spices, Gems, Silks. Rode Our Watery Ways. Means Trading, Exploring Till. Politics Rears Above Our Waves. Waving Floundering Fleets. Aways. Herein Lockdown + Outs In Deeds.


Yore Ming Pottery


renowned arounds abouts Our World. Legends

tell Ming Pottery is so. More than one

simple container. Ships

yore built bys

Our Ming. Yore Pottery

Fleets Flounder


not at first as endings simply. So begins

transported much such, delivered on Ming. Treasure

Ships. Huge


Fleets that later Chinese. Rulers withdrew Funding +

Support from, so thus floundering. Wrecking

this Nations capabilities oft. Of travelling beyond. Borders.



further seawards prosperous Chinese Society. Early

became Maritimes, Places explorers. Shipping Tech. improved

as well. As well

viewing associated Trades expanded, Trading expanded. Ships

plied Coasts well viewed oft. Of + so from then. On


One Great View In Deeds. Indeed One Great Wall.


Our Basic Ship Design. Yore China.


Early Trade Routes Follow Winds. Currents Arounds Abouts.


prevailing currents + winds incl. Monsoon Zones. Shipping

Traders, Diplomats, Explorers, Slaves. Silk, Beastiary,

Spices, Porcelain, Ivory, Gems, Cloth, Incense + mores. Moreovers

underlying Trade Routes becoming akin too. To Our watery Silk

Roads. Exchanging Yore Goods + Our Cultures. Good Junk


Ming. Wrecks founds so far + wide in. Yore +

Our now Waters from. In, on


our world. Legends

out of Yore Africa, Arabia, Persia. In Our Rome,

India, Americas, Indonesia also. All so arounds abouts

telling so. Travels thru’ times,


places, ships. Chinese. Then


Indeed Wind + Water. Blows In Deeds.


Indeed Marco Gets Arounds. Abouts In Deeds.


we have now such. Travel luminarys Histories/Tales

as one Our Marco. Yore Polo

Family + Conti’s ones. Well travelled in deeds. Indeed later so

thrilling + enthralling Readers with His. Diverse

take on this. That far thriving cultural Regions of Asia. On +

off. Yore Shores. Surely on


the onset of Our Ming the Early. 1400’s Emperors planned

further Naval Expeditions. Calling for a huge Fleet expansion

with. At least 250 of the Largest Treasure Ships too. To

be constructed. 250 Ships


thus this size had. 9 Masts…(…re Masts = 8

for Horse Carrier Transporters. 7

for Grain/Spice/Goods. 6

for Guests Transport. 5

for War. Ships so forth…) Forthrightly left Treasure


Ships app. 400 Feet in Lengths. Multi

Sailed Red/Yellow Silk + Bamboo reinforced. Multi


Indeed Pottery. Ming In Deed.


Indeed Ming Treasure. Ship In Deed.


Decked Maritimes, Places Behemoths. By 1405 also

app. 30,000 Men of several relevant Professions,


The Fleet. Fleet Commander + Admirals + co.

were All so assembled. Ready too. To float

arounds abouts. Aways

in Our World. Legends tell

means this was no fleeting in deeds. Indeed

Fleet Building too. To

the fore


at. Three Main Yards

in Longjiang, Qingjiang + Beiqinghe. Building

one range oft. Of vessels incl. dedicated Water Transport +

Supply Ships. Our large Yore Treasure. Ships

fitted with watertight. Compartments, advanced/oversized

Rudders + Signal Devices as well. Well as well



for a Series oft. Of Expeditions expeditiously planned,

some seven. 7 overs the Years 1405-1431. One



Indeed Admiral Zheng He Giant. Maritimer In Deeds.


under the overall nomened command oft. Of he


Admiral-Commander Zheng He. One 7 Ft.

eunuch. Fleet Admirals


incl. Hong Bao, Zhou Man, Zhou Wen + Yang Qing. Many

Mission Goals. Trade, Gifts, Diplomacy. Exploration, Mapping +

Navigational Knowledge, Flora + Fauna collectings/swappings

so forth. Forthrightly left a lil’. Later


only typically Politics too. To muddy so in these. Those

whom when Ming Fall there. Their Fleet



out of waters here. There + afters +

during such. Much Voyages there was

a Ruling Regime Change as well. As

one not so well
welcome. News. Ships


returning from so epic Journeys

received so lil’ welcome. Home


Indeed Indonesia’s Sampo Kong Temple Dedicated Too. To Ming’s Admiral Zheng He In Deeds.


Mod. Memorial Treasure. Ship.


had changed. The eventual incoming new Emperor

was so one non-Ming too. One to


want lil’ of His. Previous Rulers

accomplishments so known. Overs Times, Places +

in Deeds. Indeed

tho’ belatedly giving Honors for. Our One Yore 7 Ft.

Admiral. Commander,


the vast majority of vast. Personnel, Travel + Trade + knowledge

experienced, so accrued. From these early voyages ignored,

so forgot. Disregarded by these. Those following Ruling


as by the 1500’s was illegal too. To even build one. 2mast

ship whilst in 1525 also. All so

Ocean-going Vessels were oft. Of destroyed

by Their Coastal Authorities. There


Ming Pottery was no. More

The Ming Navy, some 3,500 Vessels was now. Then

None. Treasure


Ships included. Shippings



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