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In Our World. Legends of the Number 9 number many. Many Others use… Other. Numbers. Herein. Those 9 Tales Tall and Terrifying ly. True. Probably as well. So Nomened. Named Thus Anyways. Scared and Crap Less… i, Shiro. Do Go. There. The 9 That Others Won’t Touch… Evens With That 10 Foot Poles. Herein. The Tales Ends. Not The Pole. Bit Long. That is.


In Our World. Legends Too, Have A Deep, This Dark

Side. Murky.

‘Tis Why. Why i, Shiro only Go There. Sparingly. 😎

‘Cos… It’s Dark. As Well. There. Well as

Lil’ Hard To See, Let Alone Write Right. Left


To Your Own Devices… You…


…Probably have No

Need in Our World. To. To


Know the Following. Herein.




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Please Try. Not and None. Of These.


At Homes or in that, those Wilds Woodsy

Places, Times as well. Well as

into this and that Deep. Places

We Go.


Ready… or Not. Soon



enough In Our World. You will find


Legends Go Ups and that Other Ways.

Some Go All Ways too. To and All



To Be Faced. Arounds.

By FearFull YOU. Now. As Belows.


Those Few So Soaked. In That Dark.


9 Pant Crappers In 

Our World. Legends

To Crap

Your Pants. By. Begins


With Some bare Fear. Fear not. Some



Of The Bears. Are Cute. Toys.

Bears in The Wild. Are Not. At Alls.

Like That.


Whilst Most and Many Creatures in Our World. Legends

of the Sciences so, say;.. ‘Tis good

to wait till Your Prey/Food…

is actually Dead. Prior Partaking. Thereof.


Bears… DON’T WAIT. For That. Death.


  • Bears Will Eat Their Food… Dead… OR ALIVE.

Bears Btw’s…

Are NOT CUTE… When They Do That. Cute

Only When They Do. No Thing. Like That.


ANTI-BEAR SUITs. Nightmare in Itself. To Wear.


So… STAY…ON The Couch. There.

No need for a bare Bear. In There.

Or Anywheres Else. Elsewhere

in Our World. Legends proclaim. That


  • It has been some 160 Years. 160 Years…

since Our World. Had a SOLAR SUPERSTORM.


Great… ‘Cos…


They Come In Cycles. Of 150…


Just Some Facts.

7 Mores In Our World

To Go. As Belows. Herein.

Here in Our World

Legends. More


  • Research in 2013, showed even those classed with

Great Memory Recall (HSAM=Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory)

were just as susceptible to False Memories. Volunteers,

after suggestions by Researchers… described watching Footage

of the Crash of United Flight 92 Pennsylvania U.S.A. on 9/11…

many with great and vivid detail. Yet and so…




  • 青木ヶ原

Japan’s AOKIGAHARA Forest has over Times become a draw-card.

For Suicides. Signs erected tell of the Preciousness of Life…

to Lil’ avail. In 2004 the Authorities documented 108 Suicides

that Year.

Figures since, are not documented for Public Safety Reasons.

The Golden Gate Bridge has a similar rep.



  • Home Chefs in the U.S.A. Leaving Cooking… to itself.

Are responsible for almost half

of such Fires. Home Fires that…

burn Homes. Down.



  • The Most Invasive Country in Our World Legends

of Martialness is… Britain.

Historically over Times, Places… The British

have invaded some 90% of Countries Globally.

The City of London Corporation is not of Britain… Btw’s.



  • Conditions and circumstances were so debilitating that…

During the American Civil Wars… more than 2/3rds

of the Soldiers Lost… died from Disease.




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2 Last and Lingering…


  • Whilst the U.S.A. has many many Laws. Laws

about Laws as well. Well as

There are none for Cannibalism.


…Food for thought.?. Therein.


  • A Unique Spin… on Assault With A Deadly Weapon. Arose

in 2016. Joshua James of Florida u.s.a.

The Wendy’s Drive-In so targeted.

By j.j. and a… 3.5 Foot ALLIGATOR… Thankfully…


not a Hungry Hippo.?.



Crapped Outs.?.

Feel so Free and Mores.

To Share.


Those in Our World. Legends

of Scare. Fears and so Forths. Forthrightly

and so. Do Tell. Herein. Thus and so


The Facts which Shock. You.




Next… This, these and those…


Of That New Year.


Please Feel Free and If So Inclined To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips and Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is

A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.


Till next…


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