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In Our World, Legends of Iconic Japan include the Tea Ceremony. Closing in on Winter Training i, Shiro enter the damp Night, Dojo, then Damp Night again. To Train… and take Tea. From and With… a Ninja.?. Ceremonially Speared as well. Well as Herein. Tattling On Teas, Swords, Spiralling Spears.


Japan. 1991.



As i, Shiro, approached, a Lit Room ahead grew bright. er.

Now Night and Dark, i… was in Training. In

Our World, Legends known as Ninja,..

have so become

My Instructors/Teachers/Mentors.



1984… That, so Began.


There was no Internet. No IOT Then. In 1984.

Barely in 1991…

Not like now.



In 1984 Two South Australians decided to follow.

Their Dream.


Using Books we chased these Shadows throughout

recent History. Yearning for their Secrets. Travelled

to another Aussie State to confirm an Address. Worked


Two Jobs, Saved like crazy…

Flew on a Big Plane.

Then a Fast Train. Or Two.

Found the Address. Eventually. Next

Day. Actually.


Lived The Dream.

In Japan. With Ninja. Then



when on to Learn… a couple of things.

They felt like Showing Us… including


How To Take Tea

Ways From A Ninja


… With Ninja… as well. Well as

being Japanese Tea. Green. Then. 1991.


Japan. SomeWheres. Back Then. Then



as i furthered into the Light. Things

become clearer. Back into the Night

We so went.


Training Outdoors. Winter.



In Rice Paddies.

Chatting abouts… Tea Ways.


With Spears. Swords.

Ninja too. To

find so Sweet and Sour is the Way

of Tea. Japanese. Japan’s



Tea Ways Out,.. Ins.

Way of Tea has several nomens. Names include:

Chanoyu,.. Sado,.. Ocha.


Ritualistic, fashioned, the Ceremony

invokes appreciation of the Tea by

showing appreciation TO the Guests…

by giving them a Drink… and Show.


Guests presented with Kashi… Sweets, 菓子

usually Seasonal.

Consumed prior, so balanced by Bitter Tea.


Tea is Green, powdered:  Matcha/Macha 抹茶




The Tea Plant is/was not Native to Japan.

Introduction vis China app. 4th Century.

Tea cultivated app. 6th Century-

Ceremony cultivation app. 8th Century-


Initial Uses/Users: Religious, Medicinal.

Mainly cost driven.


Myoan Eisai, a Priest penned the first Treatise

on the Way of Tea. The Kissa Yojoki.

(…aka Tea Drinking is Good For Health…)

In 1211.



Tea Cups…

All Overs,..

Over Times, Places the partaking of Tea

became a Societal norm. For Samurai and the

General Public alike. Like a


Snake. In 1991, hissed Ninja Instructor

Fumio Manaka Shihan as i, Shiro

thrust a Sword. Struck out when a Low Posture. So



Bladed Tip, angled slightly upwards,

approached Ribs. Then smoothly turning flat,

to penetrate ‘tween Bones. There. His. Then



His Hiss. Turned Hum. Humming now, He

too angled His Body. Doing so whilst

looping and twisting. His Spear Thrust.


Using the Spears extra length easily

evading my Sword. Out of Reach. Reaching

i, Shiro. His Spear met Chest. Mine.


The twist to the Spear’s motion ensured. Penetration.

‘Cept this One had a rounded Training Blade/End. Still…

still, those tentacles of Pain. So Flared. Chest. Mine.


I hissed now, breathless, gasping, as His Technique.

Targeted. Took Effect.


Manaka Shihan hummed. Mores. Meanwhiles



My Chest, Solar Plexus…

wanted to find a quiet Corner. Fars



My Body flew back… rather gracefully. Somehows.

Ballet like Leap… ‘cept in reverse.

My Sword though, wibbled and wobbled belatedly

cutting Air Molecules. Lil’ else.


I squished, splashed. The Landing. Still

Upright. In a Rice Paddy. Field

Sword held limply. Chest…


Maruyama. Rice Paddies. Night.


ON FIRE. Metaphorically.


Somewheres. Japan.

Now so bespattered with muddy Water that

slowly made it’s Own Ways. Down


My Face. Mainly. Manaka


Shihan smiled, hum stopped,

saying simply,.. tea-singly;..


“… Again…”… More in Deed.



Indeed,.. i, Shiro couldn’t agree. More. More


Tea and Ways…

too does the Tea Way combine. Flowers,

Calligraphy, Tea Rooms Design/Materials,

Gardens and subtle Lighting


are some examples. Each Facet adding to the

overall effect. Taste, Smell as well. Well as Ceramics

and Utensils. Each Plays a Part. Theirs. Within

these Tea Ways.


As with presented Sweets;.. Seasonal Themes

and Variations dominate The Flowers, Gardens,


so forth. Forthrightly


that even now,



many typically associate, recognise.

The Season-ed Tea Ceremony as Iconic.


Almost soothingly Meditative in action,.. participation

as Guest(s) and Giver interact. Simple yet

appreciative approach that adds much

to the taste of those tannin Teas. Shared. Sharing too


more than a Drink, Manaka Shihan did us Honor.

By Sharing. Knowledge, Fact, Opinion, Thoughts.

As  Aboves. Belows. Herein. Teas ed out.




Ways of Those Divine. Stirring The World… Cup… With a Spear. Naginata in fact. Divine Duo: Izanami in Red, Izanagi the Black. From Japan’s Origin Legend. Clicks for mores.


Art. Rice. Paddies.


the Ancestors has long been a part of Japan’s

Martial Traditions. Traditionally the Tea Ceremony

has become, over Times, Places…


A Way to Balance… 



With it’s simplicity, naturalness unadorned.

Tea Rooms reflect this as well. Well as

unpainted, unwaxed, simply weathered

and worn. Simply. Bare.


Excess is scorned. Of no Desire, Reason.

For Thems, That. Therein.

One Callig. Scroll, One Flower Bunch/Branch.

A Tea Set, You, i.


A Discipline, Tradition of simply sharing. Tea.

Shihan Manaka went on. Mores.



The Ideals and Concepts akin to that and

those of Zen Buddhism stir so deep within

The Tea Ways. Way laid and intertwined,


The Tea Ceremony

invokes, causes and effects






The overall effect plays both Conscious

and Unconscious Levels. Such engagement


uplifting manner brings together…

Inner Equality. Balance.


The Left Brain Side Analytical,.. following the

Implements, Procedures, Details, Rituals.




(Video Link)


The Right Side Appreciative,.. following the

Creative Natural beauty of Plant/Paper/Place…

interactions of feelings ‘ tween Guest, Host…

anticipation of Taste, Smell, Touch, Sight, Sound.


Simple Sights and Sounds… Surround.

Running Waters, Boiling Waters.

Wisps of Steam.


Whisk on Ceramics.

So Wiped Clean.



How To Take Tea From A Ninja.?.

Simple. Simply


Share Training, Lives.

Our World, Legends. Dreams.


A Simple… Sharing.

Of That Cup… Of Life.


Shall i Pour.?.



Feel Free. Mores. To Teas-e out.

To Share.


This and That.

Your Favourite Brew.


Teas, Others.

Alls will do. To Share.

Such Views. From You. Herein.

Please do.



Next… So Is To Be… This:

The Kraken Lives. Out There. Deep.



Please Feel Free and If So Inclined To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips and Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is

A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.



Till next…