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Only Natural In Our World. Legends that… just amiss the 7 Wonders inclusion. Are… the Eighth. Herein. Such a One. The 8th in Our World. Legends, Wonders. Crusaders. Mores. Gems. Gem of A Room. So Found. 1670… ish. Then… Lost.?.


So Long. Before Our Inventive Minds created. Plastics

and Colored Glass. Glass that Nature so made,

in Our World. Legends so Tell;..

Was the Excretions of Trees. Sap.

Organic Origins, Remains. That


Overs Times, Places. Amberised.



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A Semi-Precious Gem.

Amber. So nomened. Herein

The 8th

Wonder in Our World.

Legends of that. Room. So comes to Mind. Mine. Sap.

Cleaned, Shaped and Polished.

The Amber Room.


An 8th Wonder of the World. Begins


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this Tale. Of Yore. Firstly 1100’s ish.

With The Crusader Knights, then too. To

the Gem Artisans of Saint

Petersburg, Russia.

1700’s… ish.


In Our World. Legends so Tell. Tales

of The Roads. Those PathWays, Means of


Trade. Routes. Of Yore. Ways ‘n’ Means. The

Roads of. Thereof…


Silk, Salt, Amber. Mores. More


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than simple Trade Ways to sample. These Routes

provided a Network of Land, River and

Coast through much of the then known World.

In Our World. Legends.


From the Baltics to the Mediterranean, beyond.

For Travellers. Of Alls Types. Typecasting


The First Crusaders is… problematical

typically. Typographically


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The Lords. Of Amber.

This Title originally.

Was/is a self-endowed Nick-Name. A Nomen

for what Themselves,..

certain Knights. Become. Became.


In Our World. Legends from

The Holy Land have long beckoned Pilgrims,

Travellers, Traders. Community. Knights

as well. Well as


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using their particular. Talents.

One of the enduring Legacies of The Crusades. In

addition to the Religious Follies. 1100’s ish.


Was. The orderly Formation

of several Orders. Of Knights. Knights


Knights. Crusading. Modern Legoistic Repo.


Templar, Hospitaller and Teutonic. For example. The

Teutonic Knights. Crusading overs. Overdone, Overs

and done, in deed. Indeed, heading North

back and into Europe. Establishing and maintaining


a powerful Authority over

those. Lands. Where and bys. Over

Times, Places, Events,..

Those knights tales,


in Our World. Legends become. Became


bound with a new Role. The

Lords. Lords



of Amber.

Roll outs.

Eventually. Eventually,

the Knights Teutonic. A well-disciplined, -organised

Order. Oversaw the challenges ahead. Then.


Began organising. Commercial, Commodity, Trade.

Goods, Spices. Gems. Mores. Marketed.

Transport, Routes Safe-guarded, Patrolled.


An expanding Empire per se. Lorded

Overs. By Lords,.. ex-Knights. Awarding

… Themselves.?. The Title.

The Lords of Amber.


Challenged. The Consumer slavery

Status Quo per se. Then.


By Nows… 1380’s… ish.

Empire expansion. Ongoings.

Profits much. Much noticed

by Others. Commercial Interests. Noted.


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Of interest then. Then. The Begins…

so marks. The Ends

of those goodsly T. Knights too. To


the Beginning of the 1400’s. As

1410… almost Ended. Resulting


Power Plays, Faction Fights, wresting,

wrestling. Mores. Of and For

Control. Control… eventually

opposed… By another Army or Two…




Lords of Amber. Go To. War,

mostly ending. In Death. Theirs.

Follows. That. The



Teutonics. Got smashed. Ups. Up and facing.

At the Battle of Grunwald. 1410.


The early Armies of such Euro States of

Poland, Lithuania +

co. compounded the Knights. Back. Fronts

pounded outs

as well. Well as




Good-night, -bye

Knights. Teutonic… Lights Outs. Basically.


Lording. Overs and done, then

in deed. Indeed


smash and bashed. Ups. Then smithereened

Diplomatically, Geo-Politically. Good-bye.


By Emperor Napoleon 1. Finally

Years, Times, Places… Later. Disbanded.

Early 1800’s that was. That is


when, whence those Long Afters

Imperial Commands. Decree. Cried

Outs. Bys,

Napoleon laconically One, in Our World.


Legends strategically

whisper much. Of that and so,

trickery. Tricks


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of The Trade. Of Trickery. Ambers resilience,

it’s very Natures. It’s Down and fall. Now. Now


with Mod. Tech.

We can FAKE Amber. EASY.


Synthetic Resins and Substitutes are plentiful.

As too immature Amber… nomened Copal.

Reworked by simple heat applications.



All can be appropriately Colored and matched…

with perfect Specimens inclusions included.

Then Hardened.



Though Under Fluoro…

Copal and Amber Do Fluoresce

different Colors than Plastics, Resins etc…



In Others Ways, Means. Normally avail. Available

agrees i, Shiro, is Amber… though perhaps;..


Not Recommended as Investment Gems. Gems,


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Hundred, Thousands from the Baltics. Mores.


gathered. Ambers. Alls. For… An 8th.

World Wonder. Room. That.

The Wonder Room. Amber.

The Amber Room.

Of Yore. Russia.


Some 6 Tons. Of Baltic Amber.

Gold too, for the Detail Works.

One Room.



One Room. That Room.


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Amber. Fit for an emperorTsar. Tsar

Peter 1. 6 Tons. 1 Room.


Construction of the actual Room appears

underway as the 17th Cent. Begins.

Over Times, Places several embellishments

and additions added. Mores Room.


Located in the Catherine Palace

of Tsarskoye Selo, Saint Petersburg.


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A Gift to Celebrate the Peace attained ‘tween

Prussia and Russia. Coexisting. Consisting

of Panels, Fittings, Decorative Displays.

Alls. Of Amber. Lil’ Gold also. Also


WW2. Was not kind. Kind of not

good either. As mores. Trickery. Afoots.


Was. Then. Then…


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THIS 6 + Ton Room… Disappeared.?.


Thins Airs. Supposedly taken

by German Troops…

and even though They were defeated…

The Amber Room… never again… opened.

The Door… could not be found still.


Still and Till…

Tween 1979 and 2003.

President Putin. Persisted too. To


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FAKE and Recreate… THE WHOLE ROOM.



Times, Places… 2003, Russia. Reveals


The Room. Replica. Opened in Our World. Legends

of the 8th Wonder. Anewed.


The wonder of the Amber Room

wonderfully Realised. Again. Now. Then


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Ambers from the Baltic. President Putin.

So picked. Outs. Out


again for and In Our World. Legends

of the Russian Gem Artisans

recreated. Then replaced this Lost Wonder.


An Eighth. One


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now. You have a chance too. To

Share. Herein.


Those Wonders.

In Our World. Legends.



that so captivate. You.


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Next… Wonders of Wordplays. On WordPress. Woe

begone those. Wordly Wowsers. With Words. Also

revealed in Our World. Legends deciphered. First herein. Thereof

What’s That Name.?. Shakespeare.


Please Feel Free. If So Inclined too. To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips, Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our

World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.


Till next…