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The Full. Alphabet encoded in Our World. Legends of A to Z. Seizing those ciphered Ways. Means This be. Hits n Misses. Of Myth, Fact. Fictional Truthful. Fantastic in Our World. Legends. Herein. The Letter. #R. Rare. Earths Times Places.


Rare Earth

from Our World.


Legends Tell of Earth.

Not a rare. Thing per se. Saying

Our World is Earthy yet in Deed. Indeed

howevers that so. Nomened


Rare Earth so getting. Rarer

heading Yearly too. Towards 150,000 Tons. Of

those Group. Metallic Elements. The


Rare Earths. Though so

sought afters. Before soon

Demand overtakes Supply Trade wise


that is. That is



currently Rare Earth Production is widely

availed of the Red Iron Type Environs/Landscapes

in Our World. Legends Mined

such as in


Australia, Brazil, Canada, China,

India, South Africa, United States so

forth. Forthrightly

mainly China. Then


A to Z in Our World. Legends

Hit ‘n’ Myth. Rare. Earths Times Places

so taking. Place.


Howevers 17 Rare Earth Minerals do occur. Ins


Low Concentrations within Our World. Legends



Though;.. tellingly Add.

Similar Minerals can. Clump too. Together well as. As well

the usual Mining Extraction, Refining Processes. So



apply as well too. To Applications in

which so include. Industry, Research. Community


Tech. Mod. Devices include Color TV’s/Panels, Electric

Motors, Magnets, Batteries, Generators, Turbines

as well as numerous Medical, Military, Satellite,

Optical Uses/Devices. Mores. Moreovers

not as Rare. As Gold


though also adversely. Chemically Active, Radioactive.


of certain Processes also. Apply. Applying



Alphabetics to Nomens. So

include Uses/Users of: This

17. Elemental Earths Rare:


Cerium: Atom. wght = 58. Oxidizer. Petroleum refining, Ceramics, Glass.

Dysprosium: Atom. wght = 66. Magnets, Lasers.

Erbium: Atom. wght = 68. Steel alloyed with Vanadium, Lasers.

Europium: Atom. wght = 63. Colored Phosphors, Lasers, Merc. Lamps.

Gadolinium: Atom. wght = 64. Magnets, specialty Optics, Computer.

Holmium: Atom. wght = 67. Lasers.

Lanthanum: Atom. wght = 57. Specialty Glasses, Optics, Electrodes.

Lutetium: Atom. wght = 71. Specialty Glass, Radiology equipment.

Neodymium: Atom. wght = 60. Magnets, Lasers, Ceramics, Glass.

Praseodymium: Atom. wght = 59. Magnets, Lasers, Ceramics, Glass.

Promethium: Atom. wght  = 61. Nuclear Batteries.

Samarium: Atom. wght = 62. Magnets, Lasers, Sciences Research.

Scandium: Atom. wght = 21. Aluminum Alloys/Metals.

Terbium: Atom. wght = 65. Ceramics, Paints, Lasers, Fluor. Lamps.

Thulium: Atom. wght = 69. X-ray equip.

Ytterbium: Atom. wght = 70. Lasers. Chemical reducer.

Yttrium: Atom. wght = 39. Superconductors, Light sources.


Sources of Rare Earth. Mined Deposits vary


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in richness, quantity, quality. Type

as well. Well as perhaps providing

Growth Limits too. To Tech. Devices in Deed. Indeed

So Future Made. Demand v Supply. Limiting


Overuse. A Future. Necessity, Responsibility

also. Also



so Next. So Is

Quirky Quotes Quaintly Done.