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Rights Left Outs In Our World. Legends Tell Giant Tales Oft. Of Hands. Right Hands Left Right Off. Of Yore Mounds Left Too. To Bear + Bare Our Rightly. Just Right Arms. So Hands So Left So Are Left. Leaving Rights From Our Yore Egypt, South America Too. To Seek Huge Herculean Hand Ups. Downed OffedHanded Giants.


War. No


Rights left in Yore Our

War. War


Winners can be so left sore. Losers

Rights left unrightly Outs. In

War that heck rightfully so is. Is that

when a handful of these. Those The Losing. Soldiers


Yore Giant Hand Matters Right. Left Outs


thus + so get. Captured. Freedom

largely simply a handy cliche. Rightful Clinging too. To




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Our Yore Camp/Prison Bars so. Rightly Impossible. Only

One Ours Handed-Left is. Their Left Handily there. So

oft offhandedly offedHanded freed. Offending Handed

Rights off. They

been so subject to. Ones Soldierly

Right. Hand taken so chopped. Off One too. Of


Yore oft captured Our Enemy. Soldiers had Theirs. Rights

Hands so unrightly left apart. So offed so

struck off. Of

Yore Our Warlike. Ways repaid in such much kind. Of

unkindly so left + removing. Ones Right Limbs. Rightful



Soldiers, Giants of War. Right Handy no mores. Moreovers

Tales handling left




underlying in. Moreovers right now Our

deep diggings. Styled so Archaeological. Finds. Yore Lost


Right Hands left filling Mounds- Datings easily so back

in. Times, Places

in Our World. Legends tell exampled rights. Trampled

Yore Hyksos, Egyptian. Dated Findings Grave Mounds largely

full. Sized

Giant Right. Hands Dug


rightfully outs well as. As well in much such Our righteous

Southerly. American left Yores in

Our World. Legends tell nomened Conquestings. Spanish

Conquistadores so named Then. There conquering

a rightful Company oft. Of


Incan King Atahualpa’s

Enthroned Handling. Dual Armed with Arms-

Handlers Litter. Bearers by

parting The Company thereso. Oft there +



Indeed Incan King Atahualpa’s Litter. Bearers Handily. Removed In Deeds.


then thereof. Offed


Their Rights + otherwise Other. One

Left borne Arm too. To have barely no. One

Arms. Left + Rights There left well as. As well Their Left +



BOTH struck +

left + right-Hands so left Off. Of


such so left bys these. Those

unrighteous Sworded

so + so’s Spanish. Conquistadores arounds abouts there


handily lil’ was left. Conquering


Indeed One Oft. Of Many Severed Large Right. Handy In Deeds Finds This. Right One Left From A Hyksos Palace At Yore Avaris (…now Tell el-Daba…).


Indeed Heracles So. Templed In Ruins In Deeds.


Hero Hercules Huge Eyeful. Yore Grecian/Roman


Colossal 13+ Mtr. High Statue hereof Jordan’s. Amman

Roman Temple

also now. Has only One. All so Handily

remainings well as. As well an Elbow +

One Hand. No Body. Nobody


knows exactly whens. His Body Statue Selfie

heroically handily captured. In Stone so

largely vanished into. To


a no. Body Statue


Indeed Heracles Labors In Deeds.



subject after in Our World. Legends tell several Disasters.?.


Left right out arounds abouts + overs. Our Yore

Times, Places, Natural Disasters incl. Earthquakes, Eruptions-

Volcanic Mounts


so tolled. A more than less handy Price to that. This rest

One Hand + One. Elbow

hugely left is all. That so remains

of giantly righton. Heroic Herc’s Statue Body bits. Largely



Just One Left In Deeds Huge. Handed Templed Rightly Heracles.


next right arounds abouts. Herein 5/5:

Seeing Yore Numbers Sensing. Our 9.


Indeed One Giant Statued Handy Heracles Possibly Left Like. This In Deeds So. Right.