iDREAMofNINJA Weapon Intel…#4

WEAPON INTEL #4 DIY TRAINING WEAPON construction instructions. (…cont. vis #3…) You have 4×1′ Blank Weapon handles… Adapt these TO YOUR TRAINING. Some ideas presented herein… continuing on with DIY ideas… more on WOOD. photocredit/thanks:pinterest






construction instructions;..

(…cont. vis #3…)



You have 4×1′ Blank Weapon handles…

There are many uses for these.Be inventive.

Some ideas presented below.



1 or 2 handles as req’d.

extra REQUIRE: pr.blades app.AUD$70/Drill Kit/ring bolts&etc/length light chain app.AUD$10&clips.

  • Tidy up as req’d.
  • Carefully cut slot for blade tang(very carefully:slot width slightly less than tang thickness).



  • Mark, Line up and drill placements holes thru slotted handle and (in line with) tang holes.
  • Slot tang in carefully=blade is sharp.
  • Bolts in and tighten firmly-i tend to use some type of “mud”= extreme pressure paste on bolts and self-lock nuts(NO GLUE-in case you need to repair etc).Most blades may have only one placement hole-feel free to add more as/if reqd-i usually use 1or2:sometimes 3 if longer tang: once done,test if ok;add more if still loose etc.
  • If req’d Drill very small lead/pilot hole in end/butt handle&attach ring bolt to handle butt-glue”loctite”generously here.  Let dry(clip makes chain attach/unattach QUICK AND EASY).
  •  Go Train.Simple.Njoy.



Though technically not a usual “NINJA” WEAPON=good for chain practice.

2 Handles as req’d.

extra REQUIRE:ring bolts & etc/small length light chain app.AUD$2 +clips.

  • Tidy up as req’d.
  • Drill very small lead/pilot hole in one end of each blank handle.
  • Insert & attach ring bolt-glue “loctite” generously here. Let dry.
  • Attach chain+clip(if req’d) to each end.njoy.CAREFULLY.
  • NOTE:Shiro “chamfered” handle end…adds another facet to Weapon. FEEL FREE to experiment.


  • 3 sectional staff-similar build to nunchaku.





  • trng knife-cut to size, leave round one end to represent handle-other end chamfered perhaps…choices choices…


  • kubotan(pressure point weapon). This requires lil extra work on handle. Use chisel type tool to carefully create grooves/lumps symetrically along Weapon length(Cut to size=quite small weapon=app.12cm).Round or Chamfer ends too.


If you can carve wood…


YAWARAs + KUBOTANs carved from exotic wood. photocredit/thanks:houstoncarpediem



Training Weapons if built sturdy are long lasting usually. some slight sanding or retouch varnish may get out most knocks.

If there is some cracking/fracturing starting to appear;the following repair method should suffice.

  • Sand smooth as best can.
  • DUCT TAPE affected area tightly and thoroughly going well past damaged area.
  • Refer to blog article below on DUCT TAPE for a historical overview & usage. 
  • Retighten and/or reset bolts(if reqd)-DO FIRST if near affected area-can tape over this area but maybe NOT GLUE as below in case further/future maint.req.
  • This is where we use fish line and glue-run line thru water to moisten/then wind tightly around affected area and well past if can/…then tie off tightly and let dry lil-Soak in glue”loctite”all around taped/line bound area;esp.over tape ends/borders.



  • LET DRY.


Till next…


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