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From All around Our World Legends they come. Their actions and deeds… enigmatic. Many names… are they called. Winged Gods, Bird-men, Tengu, Angels, Fire-birds and so forth. The Fallen. Herein. Their Lament. In prose.



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Where this Mind… was.

i, Shiro.


A fleeting moment.


The Fallen.

Look Up.

(aka… Wings and Prayer. Clipped.)


Their weight was back… ON my Back.

Fast and fleeting.


Too fast in fact- then that… moment gone.

I… am back.

Here. Human.


This Body is of the Earth’s.

I… am not. Was not.


To see Home… I survey the Heavens.

I… need to- and do look… up.

So Our World Legends of Lore and Astronomy…

do so and say. Look up.


I,.. so… look up.


So… where am I.?.


Looking up.

Thus below.


Below the Heavens lies where and what;..

do Our World Legends so Tale to tell.?.


Tis where I am.


Here. Look up.

Below the Heavens tis so said…


…tis Hell.

Here. Below.


This… sentence then…

will end.

My Time then,.. will then come.

Saving the best till and for that moment of last.


Freedom back on my Back.

Wings. Unclipped.


Who I am.

Tengu. Angel. Fallen. Many names.

I am. So I think,..


Tis then,.. till only then…

a fleeting moment will take.





Where this Heart… is.



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Till next…