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In Deeds Defensive In Our World. Legends Tell Creatively Classicly Unique So May Indeed. Applied Our + Yores Weaponry Too. To So Suit. Ups Outings One Set Oft. Of 9 So Longly Short. Listed Yore Classic Japanese Styled Unique Ones. First Trio Herein In Our Part One. To Three Yores.


Shuriken, Sasumata. Jutte

one too. Trio. Be


endings ups. Beginnings herein

One Yore Unique. Classic

Nine Weapons Too. One Trio


oft. Of one


Triple Trio’d Set in deeds. Indeed totalled

Nine uniquely

classic. Yore Japanese ancient Weapons. 9.



Part One. One classic firstly


Yore Japan classical. Theme

whereby nothing, something, anything

and everything is. One possible weapon… or

can be… or



Unusual or unique weaponry

truly has a long. History and connection

with Mankind. Classically + otherswise


All so over our. World



 Jutte, Sasumata, Shuriken. So


Part One of 3 Trio’s. 3 Weapons per Trio per

se. Sayings so otherswise weaponswise:


Wherever we so struggle… they mayso. Be…

in some form. Forming our Yore first. Trio


  •  1. The SHURIKEN.


1. The SHURIKEN…: The linkueininja collection. Showing several variety of star or projectile type. Can also be bladed. The iconic ‘ throwing star ‘; Shuriken’s basic literal meaning is ‘ palm blade ‘. In olden times too, the Shuriken was often referred to as a ‘ hibuki/kakushibuki ‘ or ‘ secret/concealed ‘ type Weapon. Oft. carried in loosely tied packs/bundles within one’s clothes. A distracting/hindering weapon in concept though. Other uses include such as much aiding punching/striking/blocking are noted. The arts of use soon became a Tradition, usually being referred to as Shuriken Jutsu. They appear first chronicled around 1080 ish, being referred to as ‘ shuriken ni utsu ‘ in the HIYORI no KI which describes events of the Later Three Years War ‘ Gosannen no Eki ‘. An olden Ryu still continuing the Tradition is that of the Meifu Shinkage Ryu. Many of the techniques inherent mainly involve use of both Sword and Shuriken in combination or consecutive moves/actions. Btw… BOTH these weapons… Can be used/thrown to surprising effect… or to effect surprise indeed.



  •  2. The SASUMATA.




GOTCHA… 2. The SASUMATA ( and variations ) can indeed be non-lethal weaponry whilst still possessing high offensive/defensive potential. A stereo-typical olden police/guard ‘ restraining/capturing weapon ‘. With it’s long reach and the shaped catch area being made of metal, extremely useful too against even armored opponents. High-defensive structure and capabilities and intent. The Staff/handle could be metal or wood, possibly with further attachments. As with others in this review; there are historically many with subtle yet very effective add-ons/variations. Tips, barbs, chain/rope attached, hook devices and more. This type of common-sense approach to a weapons development meant that most opponents could be confidently approached then somewhat easily levered or pressured against, as well as the opponent’s weapon if so req. With unique versatility, the Sasumata, with a long history too, probably not as bloody as some. But still a classic.



  •  3. The JUTTE.




3. The JUTTE… another unique weapon classic with high non-lethal potential as well as high offensive/defensive capabilities. Similar in concept/theme to the previous SASUMATA though directed primarily at bladed weapon defense rather than personnel; in particular, the SAMURAI’s KATANA sword. Aka the SWORD/Blade CATCHER. Technically, a rather sophisticated weapons combat form developed involving skillful parries of the opponent’s blade combining with effective percussive and thrusting strikes/blocks. If the blade was caught and trapped, simple leverage/pressure/twists etc would remove the opponent’s hands from their weapon. The hilt could also butt-hit with force as with the main rod; the weapon sometimes thrown if req. Wordplay with it’s name has also revealed one of it’s inner secrets,.. for the word ju(t)te literally means ‘ has the strength of ten hands ‘.




SHIRO’s JAP. JUTTE 1990. The Jutte was another also mainly used historically by police/guards as a ‘ disarming/restraining ‘ tool. Usually non-sharpened, (though rare; bladed examples are known), a solid metal rod with a catch tine/fork: more than adequate against armor too. Can be easily enhanced by addition of rope/chain attachments on handle end or inside a special hollowed handle cavity section. Some had a hilt-guard and were oft. carried in a scabbard too. Usage of the Jutte became so prevalent ( +effective vs sword ) that at times in history it became the ‘ symbol ‘ for the civil police forces. Renegade/criminal Samurai… beware… Jutte will catch you out…


Shuriken, Sasumata. Jutte Classics

all. So


catching you next. Timings on

Yore Classic. One Part to. Two. Next

Trio too then. Now to so


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