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In Deeds Divined Stars, Planets So. Move In Our World. Legends Tell Northern Hemisphere Winter Yore. Early Constellated Osiris. Reborne Renamed Orion. Other Constellations Also. All Otherswise Renomened Such Much Stars. Starring Pets, Prey, Brothers. Sisters Divined, So Long Alongs Some. Heavenly Seasonal Pathways Means So. Moving Indeed.




in our world Legends. Legends told, retold


oft. Of Stars. Movements, Alignments. Actions

starring Stars + Planets so unfold. Short + long

Tales legendary so. Constellated

long + prior our diversion into. To Mod. Tech


Astronomy so there were. So

other Ways. Means of looking at our

world. Legends

tell ongoing moving. Pictures were

so placed in our Skies. Out there so


Sagas, Tales became a moving. Tapestry


so above as. Below from




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the impetus/mainstream+undercurrents

oft. Of Society, Tradition, Customs

overarch. Influence

the tales we are. Told. Tellingly worldwides


many Yores Stellar Legends are. One +

the same in essences. Essentially

overviewing the overviewed


Our. Yore viewed Superstars so were. Stars

hereso timed + paced. Placing Calendars

that even now guide our. Festivities/Events

so Seasonal/Cyclical so forth. Forthrightly


left Planets + Stars as. Highlights in deeds. Indeed

aligned with Solstices/Conjunctions shining. Stars


Giants + otherswise as well. Well as Yore lil’

Stars. Moved Hemispherically


Our Northern. Skies in the Winter. Seasons

near to next

rolling bys. Nearbys above we below



will so. See mainly Clouds. Cloud


dispersion occurs so. Seeing then nightly. Rightly

now say Our Orion. Constellated per se

mainly so. Starring in

Yore Stars North Run.

Around Our



So Our Orion Yore Egyptian nomened. Osiris

named mayhaps. Perhaps Stars as


Men drawn by linking. Stars NOW… once

Autumn Falls. Wintery advances


in Our Northern. Skies Sun angles. Change

ups slowly

ups oblique so less heat. Cooling Environ

by not warming. There

leaving chills in that. This air



way up aboves yet. Below

currently moving along with. Stars

as Wintered North so

reigns. Rulings


much such Our. Starry Orion incl.

His Duo Hunting. Dogs (Starred Canis Major +

Canis Minor) + one. Unicorn Constellation

so Starred Monoceros so ‘tween them. This

Unicorn that dogged duo


tho’ seemingly. Simply ignored/unseen heroically +

two caninewise too. To our


Dog days one so startled. Yore

Hare by + by. Nearbys Our

upraised footed. Hero so startled

starryeyed Hare. Starrings Stars named so

Lepus,.. whilst around. Abouts nomened


Constellations incl.

Yore Auriga The. Chariot cruising along. Side





outstretched limb per se. Sayings also

elsewherewise Stars

Our. Clustering starrings includings Hyades

facings off. Oft on, in bullish Tales. Frontly

Tabling Stars


in our world. Legends tell

Pleiades Seven Sistered well as. As well

so travel Our North Winter. Skies so


onto. To thundering in our world legends. Legendary

River Eridanus washing alongs. Along + sides Orion

coiling, bending, winding south. Ward


South Celestial Pole so bound + . Windings





ups our. Zenithed directly overheads so oft. Of

slashes so. Silvery

starry pathways yores nomened

Via. Lactea named Our

Milky. Way way


ups high Winter so. North along rides. So long


movings north for Winter so forth. Forthrightly

left aligned so too. To Our Zodiacs

Horoscopically ranging The Northern. Skies

Wintered be also. All so soaring sunpathed


Taurus The Bull + them. Those

Gemini The. Twins overheads duly dually

reign. Raining dualities


as so our Autumns Fall. So fade. Winter

wets our dry Earth mores. Moreovers underlying




so next coldly sighting. In

on 21/9:

Quirky Quotes #61.