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Featured Image Of A Metal Man Statue Leaning Over Water Whilst A Seagull Looks On.

This Yore Island Is No Man’s. Our Calypso Goddess Grecian Has Her Home. Here. There Though That Man Odysseus Was Not. At Home. Homewards Bound So Elsewheres Bind. So Travel Guides Zeus, Hermes, Poseidon, Io + co. Combine Talented Attributes So Then Divined Too. To Get That Odysseus So. Home. Sorta’.


So longingly Odysseus manly stepped. Alongs

a shoreline long. 7 Years

arounds abouts Islanded, All. Seemed so

Alive yet eerily

so… funereal. Came straight too. To Mind-

His. Meanings


No Man Is An Island. Not He. Yet

now. Here, such was so wrong. Rightly

This Yore Island so belonged much too. To

Our Calypso


… A Divined Woman. No Man


Image Of A Distant Island Sunset Lit.

That Island. So There Calypso.


is not drawn too. To these

Days Island Daze. Dawns Calypso Gaze


so underlying nymphatically much mores. Moreovers

such Islands naturally imply. So exemplify Nature’s. Approach

bys growing Islands. Life Forms, Times, Places

Of Growth, Shelter. A Life Refuge Non Aquatic so forth.


Forthrightly Natures Island Homes

left right Next Doors Too. To those

raging Seas. These Winds tempesting arounds

abouts so in Deed. Indeed so tempestuous

Our Grecian Yore Nymph. Our


Calypso so occasionally raged well as. As well

now… keeping so gilded caged. A Prisoner


Pictorial Of Ancient Greek Odysseus Family And Journeys.

Odysseus. Ticks All These. Those Boxes.


Image Closeup Of A Door With Heart Carved Through.

A WholeHearted. Door.


of Love. Odysseus

by nomen. Naming


Odysseus somewhats earlier + Somewheres

else at. These Yore Divined, Our Yore Grecian

Times, Places… That Zeus had so thundered

this out. Another electrifying Decree that is. Is That

Understood.?. so asked bys. Zeus

that is at this end. Starting now,.. which

was Yore too…


to turn aways. Means Hermes

so smiled, nodded. At That such. This much

He Knew Of Zeus and Decrees. Simply


so Agree. Knot


Image Of A Statue Of Hermes Messenger Of The Ancient Greek Gods.

Hermes Off Too. To Work. The Not So Working Class Email System Indeed Of Yore. Our Hermes In Deed In Actions.


tying His Sandals Golden Winged Afoots. On

each. Foot. Hermes so sure footed in unrealities

so dwelled in Mind, measured Himself. Wands

can be handys in Deed. Indeed


flying off. His Handled Wand came in. Handy

for that carrying handily Decreed Message

so forth. Forthrightly rightly Hermes

left Zeus too. To go to Work. Delivery

Boy… Man Divine/God. Messenger

practiced Hermes practically had barely. Arrived,


Delivered His practiced preachingDecree

and They were off. They… Beings of

course,.. Island bound


Calypso, Odysseus that is. That is


Image In A Forest Looking Up.

As Well There. They Be. Transpirers Treeing Well As.


well as Odysseus and Calypso

then so. Went on arounds abouts as well

building ons. Relentlessly so moreso toiled. Tearing

outs these other so inland bound. Those rooted

deep Great Tall Trees too. To make a Raft

so Giantly huge. Smaller Bags, Pots, Jars, Crates


so Island Calypsoed provisioned in Deed. Wavings

indeed Good


byes to Calypso then Io all so. Also

graciously accepting Io’s Magic Veil which so

veils. You

in Darkness Yet Safeness. Somehows. Anyhows

so veiled Odysseus so safely Sails well as. As well

journeying then survives that. This Divined pissedoffsPoseidons

passing ungodly. Amounts of His Salted Waters


Everywheres. Arounds abouts in Our World.

Legends Told especially arounds abouts


Image Of Several Raft Pieces In Shallow Waters.

Raft. Craftings Calypso Divined.


His. Rafting Odyssey Ways. Means Then He, His Veil…

too. To

finally crash. Ups divinely so oddly

heaped. Heaps of Sand so cushioned. That Fall

somehows, anyhows…


From high

Waters. Sand of course

got in EVERYWHERES anyhows somehows. How


Now… which was Then.

All those Times, Places sensitive so sounded. Outs

sanded in. Odysseus unharmed shaken. Sandily

gingerly so

then stirred, standing Upright. Asides shakily survivings


Sandy gritty blasted effects. Effectively gritting

His Teeth. Odysseus,

a son of Laertes/Sisyphus + Anticlea.


He, Odysseus

was so on. An Odyssey, His. He now


Image Of Beach Sunset With A Distant Figure And Footprints In The Sands.

Beached Ups In Deed. Indeed Headings Home. The Odyssey.


A Son on+of a Beach. Beaches


of There, then somewhats belongings therein.

Thereof King nomened so

Alcinoüs. Lands named Our Yore Phaeacins Times. Places

so unidyllic so sun. Of bleached beach. Lands

not quite like Home. Yet now this… That


…from Here. These MainLands There. Our Yore

Odysseus brightly so picks himself. Ups, then

so downing in despair + drowning in disappointments

this. That so down hosed offs Poseidon,..


…thus heroically so around abouts continues. Odysseying +

was soon enoughs wanderings alongs

adventurelike. Liking, Living in Deed The journeyings

eventually. On indeed


His Ways so. Home, Next


Pictorial Of Long Island Iced Tea Recipe.

Showing Times. So Time.


so soon writ too. To be

That. #A In This A To Z.