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Hats. Head-Toppers in Our World. Legends of Fashion that oft contain practical, protective measures as well. Well as NOW being part and parcel of Our Wardrobes, a common addition to Our Apparel and Life-Style. Of Yore, many fell Head Overs Heels. In Troubled by Laws… Herein. A Salute and Slide-Show to Top Tip Toppers who paid. A Price. For that right. To be left to Wear. Hats.


In London, 1797. James Hetherington had a…

Top Idea indeed. In deed, He went for a Walk.

Gathered a huge Crowd around Him,

started a Riot,

got Arrested and Fined £50.


Women fainted, Children screamed and carried on.

Dogs howled and barked. On.

In the crush of the Crowd,

a Son of a Cord-Wainer had his Arm broken.

(… Cord-Wainer = Leather Shoe Maker… Btw’s…)


The Police Charged; He:

“…Appeared on the Public Highway wearing upon His Head

a Tall Structure of shining lustre and calculated to disturb

Timid People…”



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A Tall Structure of Shining Lustre.?.

Upon His Head.?.


Yes indeed.

A Top Hat.

In deed James did. Wear.


Yep, those

Head Toppers.

Turning Heads, Causing


as well. Well as

Whenever Fashion anews itself in deed. Indeed

in Our World. Legends so say. We love Hats.

Of all kinds.

Practical, protective and those sublime.


The Creation of new Fashion Items however

can oft stir responses, reactions. Heading somewhat

over the top it seems. At Times, Places in deed.




Indeed The Top Hat.

Went on to become well accepted in spite of the

Crowd’s first reactions.

And the Authoritarian Fine.


Hats are as ubiquitous and diverse…

as We are.

Designs and Innovations ongoing as We

have many applications. Hundreds. Therein.


Beauty, Health, Safety, Fashion, Sport, Religion.



Education, Hobbies, Professions, Law. War also. Also

as Belows. Slide-Shows shows as well. Well as


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have many Inventive Types, tweaked things so.

Hats with Fans, Drinks, Music and Mores.

Hats with vented Roofs, Hats in Hats.


A Hat that tips itself… in respect. Salutes.


Even Hats. For Gods. Belows.




Feel Topped Out Enough.

To Share.

Head to Toe. Top or



Your innovative

Fashion Ideas…

Others have no idea…


abouts. Herein

So Share.



Next… A Ninja. Focus Ons.

The Fooling. April’s How To.


Please Feel Free and If So Inclined To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips and Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is

A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.


Till next…