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Indeed Coolly Yore Hot As In Our World. Legends Tell So Our Atacama. Is Especially In. The Desert. Special Forces Oft. Of Heat So Stonily Worked Into. To Glass.?. See Geology, Archaeology + Mythunderstood Our World. Legends Meld Clearly. Glass Melted As Everest/Andes So. Rose. Yellow Glass Stoned As Ice Age Endings. Began Desert Formings As Atlantis. So Rightly Left In Deeds. Pole Arised.


Once upon times. Places

Yores some 12. 12,000 Years ago

that is. Is that


Yore. Hot


Lands glassed so as Our. Desert birthed

Chile’s Atacama




(Music Video)


Region now/then formed. Forming in then so

Regional Temperate. Scapes landed that so

once. Were cooler formations thus

not so. Deserted forlornly. Nature tho’ forbent

one to

Yore Young For

One. Desert Too.


To + When Spacily Cosmic Catastrophic


convulsed Comet.?. Type struck so typhonically

not. So Geologically long. Ago once

hot reigning as. Hades

rained skydowns upon. Our times placing

with yore. Young dynamic chained vulcanisings

mountain building processes. Processings

whilst in + on our world. Legends tell so


began Our Ice Ages endings. Yore

some 12,000+ Years aged same

Our. Himalayas, Andes +



many otherswise nomened regions

pushed. Upwards outing in mountings

named as. Such our much Mounts Everest +

co. so. Rose youthfully high


ups in our world. Legends tell Yore

Atlantis lowly so. Fell lots arounds abouts

as Our Atacama desertly got. Glassed


Atacama (now) Desert was so. Glassed

wherebys by + by hot. As

Temps vulcanised blasts went sky. High Gaia

so raised much such molten. Glass litters


our Atacama’s. Landscaped deserted Yores


Deserted In Deeds. Glassed Atacama Indeed.


so now there. Their then our Desert

Atacama… like much elsewhere at these


times. Places Earthshocked vis

Cosmic Catastrophes Times. Places Their

Our Golden Age Times. Ends


up taken out by one. Cosmic Cometary

Type Space Traveller/Intruder. Standing still

means ways further. North

largely deserted icily


were Mammoths. Small + otherswise

sizings. Mammothly

largely snap frozen by now coursing. Events


Ice Age endings

so. Beginnings


that led one too. To Tundra Mammoth Ivory

beings THE mainsourcing in our world. Legends

for many many. Years. Day




chilled the Mammothed. Situation indicates

sudden. So

Earth movements/clime/environ swaps that. Then

trapped Mammoth in the. Then now snap

frozen lands. Scapes so

Fire + Ice


extincted of species much. Such high

numbers extinctings arounds. Abouts

dailys as dazed from 360 too. To 365¼

ones now. Newly Poled Earthly

tiltings so. As elsewheres some. Where Yore

Ice + Comet. Fire mix

Floods amix Firestorms salted our


Seas. More. Moreovers prevailings

those so ailing. So

vulcans Temps in some. Areas deserted

much such as Atacama. Glassy hot one

world afire. So Ice +


Fire in + out oft of. Off/in/on Our

World. Legends tell Cosmically/Cometary

Fired. Ups +… 12,000. Years

ago… well as



inner as well. Earth responses incl. tilting, pole

shifts, lands displacements so forth. Forthrightly

left Earth. Inner


Molten Core movements so feedings into. To our

quakings + eruptions ongoings so. So

underlying Our now Fire Rings. Lava

oft off. Of Our Earth core.?. Centred thereish

calendrical reconstructs on times. Places legends

found as Atacama deserted so otherwordly. So

as Our Earths nature glassed cosmically. Cometary


effects effectively

Lost + Poled South also. Our Yores Poles

arised so. Newly

as elderly Yore temperate


Atlantis that is. Is that placed there at

All. So southwards bound frozen in. Time


these so same. Times in deeds


Indeed Our New Poles Yores Arised. Our Atlantis In. Deeds.?.


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