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In Our World. Legends Ins The Makings. So Giantly Tell Of Longer Taller Tails. Tales That Is Too. To Radiation Alongs With Those Mutations. Such Is Chernobyl. A City Radiated. Aquatic Animal Kingdoms Going Greatly. Pt.1 To Size Growing Well As As Well.


Going Nuclear is potentially not. A

Greatly viable long-term Option. Opting

only for Power derived, avoids. Interconnected

Responsibility Issues. Within this issue


In Our World. Legends of Disaster. So

Chernobyl Radiating. Giants

Too. Part 1.


Chernobyl. So stricken. Sickening,

oft Deadly

Radiation forced

an evacuation of this City. Some


33 Years Ago. We


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Chernobyl. A View.



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too. Too oft are

Our worst. Enemy


Mass Destruction, Mass. Murder,

Mistakes. Misuse, Amateur bungling. Misinfo,

Disinfo. Spills, chills. Down spines. Spin

doctorings aside.


Nuclear... divides. Us as

well. Well as

so largely


Highlighting our amateurish in Deeds. Indeed

naive attempts to

tame. An Atom. The extraction of Energy

in such manners certainly not. Worth

such cost. Whens. Repeatedly Mind


in Our World. Legends so Tell.


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Lives, Livelihoods also. Also upheaved

greatly so. Another City devastated,


left by Militarised Industrial


and Society

overrun with Materialism, Profit...

at All costs. Ours. Our


Lists of Nuclear Accidents. Run Long.


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Reacting Reactors. Of Chernobyl.


Wrecked, wracked. Many Lives, livelihood. Homes

as well. Well as now a City

being slowly reclaimed

by Mothers.

Natures. Naturally

greatly in Ways. Means so much more. Than

One. One


set of Drone/Underwater Footage

taken recently. Now Has so brought forward

a huge surprise. One that with thinkings in

Mind. Mine. May reveal a Past. Cause and


Effect of a major Giant anomaly. Of Yore. Your



understanding of Radiation may in Deed. Indeed

so greatly

change. Herein


overs Times, Chernobyl Places. The

Aquatic Life. Has increased. In

Size. Giant Sized Fish. So Swim


In the Waters. Of Chernobyl. Radiating

full Life in a more obvious mannerisms.


They’re fricken. Huge. Now. Now



(Video Link)



lets keep in Mind. Mine, Yours

as well. Well as now. These Fish

have no Natural. Predator...

‘cos We Left. That City.


Still the Size and seeming good Health

of some. Some may ponder in Deed. Indeed


Radiation. So played it’s. Part.


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Part 2 So Next... A Look at that.

St. Pierre French Science-Research

Station. Of 1902. Radiating

In Part 2 too. To





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Next… Posted So Ups.

Radiating. Giant One. Part 2.


Please Feel Free. If So Inclined too. To


i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips, Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our

World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.


Till next…