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Yore Age So An. Unknown In Our Known Our World. Legends Tell Guardians Arounds Abouts In Deeds. Indeed Our Yore Egypt Looked. Starring East With The Staring Sphinx That. This One Sphinx Thus So Remains Too. Two Remaining Herein A Doubled Back. Look At Yore In Our World. Legends.



Our Sphinx Stands. Alone


Once, Then Yores

Sphinxed Their were Two. Thereto Two

Dual Guardians. On the Threshold thereof into-

Once Our Sphinx Too. Yore Two Ones


in Deeds. Indeed

well as well in/afore. Doorways-all

so Entry Egyptian. Points in Our World. Legends

tell + so. Beyonds well Divined as. As well pointedly Our

Sphinx. Stands arounds abouts evenly centred. On

Our World. Legends tell so. All so

Latitude/Longitude almost 30:30 ats. Approx.


29.97° N, 31.13° E. So There Their




Symbols. Our Concepts

much idealistically Yores + Now. Paired or multi-Headed.

Think so Yore


Gods + Goddesses/Cerberus/Hydra/Janus such. Our

King + Queen, Divined Twins/Pairs. Enthroned Twinned

or mores. Moreovers Yin/Yang

underlying Truthful Dualities. Qualities that represent.

Support + Security-


Protection initialise Complementary. These beings Two’d

Physically well as oft. Of being Duo’s as well

Dogs, Dragons, Birds, Bestiary. Securing so there Their

Property + People. Paired Protective


Guardians. Of Yores



in Our Ancient Egypt. The Sphinx was One There. Their One

could/should/so was.?. be too. Yore Two in deeds.?. Indeed

Two Sphinxes so Guardian Ones. Ones opposite + alongside

too so drawn/writ. Hieroglyphically typically

also. All so


Water + Wind + Sands + Times. Places eroded Sphinxes

in Our World. Legends tell

starring now huge Astronomical. Alignments greatly

oft. Of Our Cardinal/Star Points Easterly. Fairly Sky

Yores Aged so seems. Seemingly

Facial Features. Featured Changes well as. As well

probably One. Female + Male. One


eached so there. Their Symbolic Co-

Duties ended. As began




a disastrous series of Earthquakes/Lightning. Storms

so tremorously rumbled. So then Earthing well. As much

of 1311 Cairo-

much as such. Ashlar Stoneworks as of well. From

Our Great Pyramid. Greatly thus


affectings nearbys. Arounds abouts here. There

in Our World. Legends tell movingly so. Ons so

settled quaking now One. Sphinx washed ups

downed into. To


dusty piled rubble. This One Femaled One. One that

as so Imaged Belows. Looked outs from/on. Our

Rivered Eastern Nile. Bank

that was oft too. Yores of Two-

Guardians till so rocked quakily. Cairo, Egypt


so Earthily stormed. Other One only thus

remained. Remaining this




next One so in Our. World Legends

Too. To thus be 6/2-

Yore Lost Lands Less. Walked Now.