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Wound Ups Wheely Eyeing Indus. Try In Deeds Our World. Legends Focuses Outs On Flowers So. Divine Wheeled Shaped Buds Oft. Of Plucked Divined Tech. Techically Targeting Our Divined Yore Rama. Rambo Alikes Capabilities Abound Arounds. Yores Abouts Our Bow + Arrow Tech. Shot Outs In Herein Unpointed Indeed.


Arrowing in. On so

Yore Gods. Tech Our World


Legends Indus. Try so target too. To tell. Yore

Gods so had pulled Our best. Tech


in Our. Yore + marshalled only now. Can so

we otherwise coggedly match. Matchings

otherswise doggedly




timing placements meant Yore. Projectile Weapons

with ways Our. Tech. Divinely pulling

massed destructings

so They reigned. Raining targeted Yore

Destruction also. All so along arounds abouts

Our Yore Heavenly ways. Means so divinely so

Yore High Gods. Our

Tech Lowdown


lockdowned so as aboves so. Below least as

once. Upon much such Times. Places

so meaningfully They were ratcheting. Ups


Yore Tech so. Upgraded. Their

Arrow Tech. Bow Tech there geared ups +

mechanised most wheely of alls. So

compoundings string

in our world. Legends tell wheeling outs in


Our. Yore Rama really had one. Fine Bow




finely + finally deciding. Yours

further breathing capabilities. Capably

Rama + co. had the heavenly best. Besting

earthly normals normally the norm there. Here

after such much bowing goes on. Bow +


Arrow oft. Of Rama + co were special. Specialised

Unconventional Weapons in deeds. Indeed Rama

had real Wheel. Flowers imaged on his. Real

Bow. Arrows

meanwhilst lookings suspiciously so explosively


alikes. Typical oversized ammo oft. Of our Military RPG’s.



are not recommended with Rama’s Bow. Or

Arrows also. All so


Divined Tech had further Power Ups. Ups




above long ways did there our. Rama arrows

so go. Their going so going ons

with aid. So flowery powerings


aid of cogs, sighting aids. Ratchets +

rounded shaped “wheels”

that look. Alikes flower wheels when norm

viewed stonily now here. Afters

there then


etched in their Indian stone. Works Rama’s

Bow was one Weaponed oft. Of Arrowed


in deeds. Indeed


masses maxxings outs. In +

of whatever was aimed, shot so at. Outing


Indeed Yore Rama Now Thats An Arrow. Then In Deeds.


Later Indeed Yore Bohiya Japanese Fired Fire. Starting Arrows In Deeds.


Rama’s Bow noted as one. Yores Gears Type notable

Multi-Geared Compoundings Mechanised. Bow. String

theories maxxed outs largely abound arounds. Abouts


Rama’s Bow so hugely rocked. Turning Our world

huge rocks rubbled that is. That is Yore

Rama’s Bow + Rocket Arrow. Both greatly

were so. Upgraded napalmisticly

accordsingly explosively great together. So


Rama arrowed in. Outing string pulling

into our. World legends as pointedly one. Divined

kick-ass Yores Giant. Warrior. Divine lordly heightily


In Deeds Really Wheely Hugely Rama + co Divined. Bowed Ups Out. There Giantly Indeed.


Serpently Indeed Yore South Americas Our Flame. Thrower In Deeds.


Rama largely shot so at. Targets that stayed. Shot

thru’ tho’ Arrows compounded effects could differ. Same

result the norm. Normally destruction oft. Of some nature

either alikes unliked. Body splittings/napalm/nuclear

tipped. Arrows

hardened up too. To Rama pointed hugely wise


choosings. Choice

Arrows chosen too. To thus suit unsuited Rama. Divined

Weaponry Hollyweed Rambo styled. Rama so

maxxed. Outs in beings one. Being so

multi-tipped in deeds. Indeed Techswise so


joining the otherswise ranks oft. Of other

divined yore. Warriors such as much alikes Napalm

Flame. Thrower per Viracocha/Quetzcoatl or so

the stylish. Accessoried Watched Sumer Watcher


Gods in divined deeds. Indeed so

aboves imaged therein… Outing below



so next is stringing in on 4/5:

Quirky Quotes #41.