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In Our World. Legends show the Beauty within such Beasts. Either, Both. Dragons, Swords there be. Be there many Tales of Hope, Inspiration, Pterodactyls Terror Strikes and Saintly Swordworks to save that and those Days. Of dragging Shield, Swords into Combat with Dragons that so Flew. Above. Belows awaiting Thems. Was the Paladins of Ptero Terror, noble women, men. Sir this and that. Herein. Their Ways. More. A Poem as well. Well as a Lament ’tis.



Themes, Motifs, Symbols. Many that are symbiotic. Symbolising

Deeds and Heroes long

but forgot dimly. In and within Our World Legends

there are Tales of incredible

Legendary Creatures, the Weapons, Men+Women


who defended against. Against

such and so Evils and Cruelties. Of Nature, Animal

Feeding Habits. Thereof. Of Dragons

that be Pterodactyl Like and Rhinoceros so

alike that Folksy Unihorned Unicorn. Of

Times and Places. Of Yore

when glorious Heroes, Heroines of Sword + Steel. Did

rise. Up. Through


Times and Places to become most saintly

divined. For, Where be


A Sword. Dragon Styled.



There Be.

Unicorns. A Sword.

A Poem. As Well

and also Nomened after that of Our World

Legends. Legends of a Creature, Beasts

that stalks. Men. Other Life-Forms

as well. Well as till


alongways there did and so come. That and

those. Men, Women. The Dragon

Lords. Kings, Saints, Madames and Sirs of Pterodactyl

pestilent Practitioners,

Unicorn undoers, those and these Paladins

of Our World Ptero + Rhino

that struck Terror. Whole heartedly


Back into. Thems. That is. A Civil Wars. During

Ways back. Then. Then


in 1864. Alongs and nears the City Vicksburg,

Mississippi U.S. of A.

Bird shot. As Belows.


The Fly. The

Dragon. The Dragonfly.

Dragons, Dragon

Slayers, Shield, Spear Lance + Sword.

Heroes All. Of Yore. More


Dragons, Pterodactyls that Fly. Dragonflies

also Fly and are


of Insectoid Fame in Our World. Legends of the

Sciences say and so. Btw’s,

that these and those young Dragonflyers are

so nomened Nymphs as per the Roman/Greco

Styled, Divine Damsels and Dames. Of Yore. Dragonfly



moult, shedding their skins and so on. On

the bottoms of Ponds, Lakes and so

forth. Forthrightly

or not. They can Live for up to Two Years. There.


as well. Well as on and in several Times

along their Life Ways growing


and gaining those larger Wing Pads. To Fly. More.

Once Dry. Of Pond Water.


Once Maturity slaps them so. So. They go. Off.


The Dragonflies Fly. Aways. Also




More of Dragons… Unicorns. Rhino too. On and to

the so Two thereof;

Swordly Images do so and show. Herein. 1 Above

a Ways. 1 Below.


A Modern Japanese Reproduction

of the Archetypal Legendary DRAGON SWORD. The

Legend is Imaged,

Told within the Blade,

Guard, Colors and Handle Webbing. The Hand

holding the Sword Imaged btw’s


is of i, Shiro. Images of the Hand holding the

Sword + Sword : c/o fervidblazer.

The set of Original Images can handily be so viewed

by clicking

Hand writ above. Btw’s. Also


the Main difference in the Approach to Sword-making

of the Dragon Style is the

overall more chunkier Axe-like Profile of the

Metalled Blade. Proportionately

the back of the Blade carrying more. This provides

a somewhat more sturdier

feel, slightly weightier to move around, yet very

comfortable even for those not


of large build. A well balanced Sword befitting

the Our World Legends of both.


Beauty, Beast.

Heroes Divine, Martial.

Our World Legends. Both.


As in Prose. A Poem and Image. As Belows.

A Lament.



Lament of

the Dragon + Unicorn.


In a Time Afore.

When Martial Was and So Meant War.


Shield, Shot, Sword-Steel.

To Joust. Lance that Dragon’s Last-Meal.

To Cut. Thrust thru that Unicorn o so Real.


In a Time of Yore, of Begins. Origins.

When Dragons Flew in Flocks. Protective Wings.

When Unicorns Massed. Then and so, Stampedings.


Arrows, Spear, Rocks and Sticks.

Dragon Slaying Hides, Needs. All so Tricks.

Unicorn Blood to Gather, Potions Now,


to Mix.



Saintly or Nay. So.

Whatsoever May Be.


In deed. Tales, Tall and thus so

True. There Be.


In Times of Yore.

In Times afore.


Legendary Unicorns, Dragons.

Terror of those, accursed Our World Beasts.

On Us. Day or Night. They so,

did Feast.


Fire and Impale. Bark and Bite.

Paladins, Priestesses.

Pteros, Rhinos.

Saints, Knights, and so, thus




Our World Legends. Indeed.




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Our World Legends.

Be One.


Legendary Be.




Encyclopedia Enigma : Intel Bytes #7

Chilli Chocolate, Safe Streets, Sweets on Fire.



Please Feel Free and If So Inclined To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips and Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is

A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.

Till  next…