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Japan In Our World. Legends So Tell. There Are Swords. There. Join i, Shiro In A Seek and Search. Of The Fires. Black-Smiths. Hammering Outs Those Fiery, Molten Fricken Hot As… Metals. To Makes A Sword. Japanese. Dragon Styled. Thus And So. Be. Herein. All Abouts. That. Day. Then.


As the Hammer came down. It Began.

That Beat, Rhythm. The Sound, Repeating. Ons. On

and of.


Metals. At Work.

Being Worked that is. When

and in Our World. Legends of Japan that so fire

Ups imaginations.


One has to join. In.

Hammer Times, Places afore that Fiery Pit. With


How To Sword Make.

Dragon Ways. Of


Traditional Processes still continue. Now. Now



and soon enough a Trio. Of Hammers. So Worked. There.

Two practiced Assistants and i, Shiro. Knowing Alls.

Well… Frick All is that. Actually.


Black-Smith… or any Others -Smith…

am not. i. Also

had to borrow One of Theirs. Hammers. To

join. Ins. Therein. These Works. Herein


soon enough Acknowledged, is that Hard Work.

Black-Smithing tires One. Sweat Lots.

i slept well as, that Night. Well as

the Next,

even better.



Arms/Shoulders tingled, Fingers too a bit.


Feet lil’ sore also. Also


Working The Metals…

Real Good

Takes Times, Practices. Mores. Moreovers

Dragons. Are Real. Good Swords That is. That is

and means. Lotsa’ Beatings. Hammer Times.

Goes On.


The Dragon Styled Blade, replica of an Olden Form

in Our World. Legends of Dragons. Old as well. Well as

reworking the Profile of The Sword and adjusting

Metal Composition. To Suit. That.


A more stubby Profile emerges.

More like an Axe than Blade-Sword.

Adding Weight in certain Areas.



Slightly Heavier Feel, Balance.

Solid. Water


afore Fire. Water splashed

arounds, abouts as The Blacksmith

Purified. A long Tradition and Practice

of Preparation. Mind, Body- Cleansed.


Much earlier in the Day. That. Was Done.

Just Afore the Fire, Works. Began.

Black-Smith, Assistants and i.

Cleansed. Prepped.



Then Prayed.

To Self, Others, Deity.

For and in Thanks.


For the Works ahead. Head



down, now concentrated, rhythmic i Hammered. Then

listened. To Tales. Swords. Of Yore. During Pauses


The Black-smith opened Ups.

Revealing how Sword Steels refined from… Sand. Sand

Metallic Ores that is. That is then Heated, Smeltered,

Stretched, Refined Fine and

Folded. Folded,..


Overs and Overs. Mores. Folds. How Alls Air, Dirt,

MUST be expelled during. OverTurns. Folds. Then

Fired Ups,

mixed, added to Other FINE pieces like. Till sized enough.


Tempered, malleable, beaten and Shaped Gradually.

Never Melted Together. Just

Hammers Times.

Folded. Mores.


With Care, Times.



Time we stopped Hammers. So Did. That.

To Learn Mores. More Fire as the Black-Smith


himself Works His Hammer arounds. About

the Hardness He so Worked Thereupon. Then

adroitly aligning, straightening, using a heated,

grooved Copper Block to set. Straightness upon. On


to make a Paste. Of Compounds as Clays, Fine Ground Stones,

Charcoal and such.

Stepping Backs.


Heating, Quenching. Tempering.

Wiping Brow…

More Heat to the Fire also. Applied.

Checking Texture, Looks, Hardness. Coarse



Stone rubbed brisk, rounds out The Blade a Lil’. More.

So Shaped. A Curve.


Paste Applied, patterned and styled. For Effects.

Later. Now,..

Hammers down.

We is Done… Thanks

from those i, Shoulders

too. To now,


Final Temper.

Final Bake.


The aboves Procedure can stretch over Days. Mores.

Dependent on Black-Smith, Customer Requirements,

Weather. Mores.


Skilled Smithing takes Times, Places. To achieve.


some-Time, Place- The Black-Smith will

punch Signature, on The Tang, Handled End.




During the heydays of the Japanese Sword

in Our World. Legends Of Yore, so indicate

5 Sword Making Centers Developed. These

consistently produced Quality Blades, Workmanship

Over Times, Places.


There are many many Ways

to make Steel/ Weaponry.

Sub-specialities done by Experts.

The  Sharpeners, Cleaners, Polishers,

Artisans, CraftsPeoples.


Scabbards, Guards, Fittings. Mores. More

than most. These 5 Schools/Regions

excelled. In that, those.

POV. Herein. As Belows.




Such Areas had easy access to Trade, Metals, Waters,

Climate, Military Needs, Workers, Customers.



As Times, Places went by, several Branches of the

Sword Makers developed using variations of the

Traditional Methods, Approaches.


From abouts the Year 900

and for many Centuries onwards.

The Japanese Master Sword Makers in Our World. Legends

have become. Sheer excellence in this and these Crafts

acknowledged Our World over.


The Classic Samurai Sword,

an Icon.


A Masamune. Sword.


A Dragon Sword. Scabbard.


Dragon Sword. Scabbard.


Lookings Closer…


Combining looks and practicality into One Package.

Packaged along in and with Our World Legends.



The Dragon Sword. A Salute.



To Both.




Feel Free.

To Share. Hammer Home…


Those First Times, Places.

So Worked. Hard.


At Those. New

Things of Interest.


Your First Days.



For those with an Interest… A Series of Images

From the i, Shiro Man-Cave. Found swords…There.

Posted by son, Nicholas.

One is… slightly interactive, activated.


Next… Worked. Ups ‘Bouts, Arounds:

The Big Buzz. Of Natural Giants.


Please Feel Free and If So Inclined To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips and Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is

A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.


Till next…


Hmm.?. O.k. Which Lil Ninja Put Supa Star Glue… on MY SWORD.?. How Embarrassing… This May Take A While…