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Well Yore Building Temples In Our. World Legends Tell So Is Hard. Work Workings Out When Inner. Earth So Worked Well. Faced Within Our Yore Indus As Well. Well As Stepping One. Well Turnings So Into Well One. Stepped Temple, Insides Indus Outed Inside Our. Earth Well Constructeds In Step Well Deeds. Indeed There Yores. Our Inner Temple Steps Outs Well Therein. Herein.


(Editorial- Greetings and thanks for being here… there. Please

note this is i, Shiro’s latest/last research scheduled

post at this time. Thanks for your

time. Thanks for reading/supporting this. Site…) So



in Truth is. Yore


Well stranger than Fact. Facing well Our

Yore One Step. Well

Aways Temple well stepped


in our world. Legends

tell so wellings into. In Our

Gujarat, Yores Patan India Well. System


is so well. Possible



systematically for one too. To see

one upsided. Downed

well inverted inwards. Pointings


One Temple.?. well dug out.?. INto.?. the Earth

which Way is well. Up in

bringing up Yore. Ancient Nanda/Maru-Gurjara

Northern. Indus 11th Century

Architecture/Building Tech./Style yet.?. downsided

positively up. In negative constructions


our world. Legends nomen swell well Ancient

Northern. India’s Gujarat’s

Rani. Ki Vav such much. One site

stepped well outs


with Seven. Levels built down/within

where One Temple + 30km Tunnel built. Pointedly

outwardly inner so INto.?.


The Earth itself. One negative styled Indus

World Heritage. Site + sacred… inner earthed


space. Pointedly ingrounded in deed. Indeed

spiralling steepishly inwards well



whilst Mainstream. Sources streaming say

this. That

Rani Ki Vav


is. Simply one Step-Well. Not well


perhaps in our world legends so. Tell

this, that unknown

Stepwell uniquely may well is. Structured


inversely inwards too. To be Templed alikes

only on the inside. Outside

so. Be well so perhaps somethings. Pointedly


looks alike a.?.  Mold. Mold or/Cast Model.?.

Inside Out Experiment.?. Well

mayhaps mores. Moreovers underlying likely


rightly inside out so. Templed. Where

looking up so means well


so looking. In




(Video Link)


beings NOW slowly uncovered. Covered

with Yores. Saraswati River Silt for oft. Of +

in rivered. Banks so

much such Centuries till only several

pillars/niche areas so. Visible. Restoration

thus far so has. So


revealed over 400. Niches, 500 Sculptures, 1500

ornate pieces/Statuary. Carvings carved

so into + seeings inner Templed. Thereto hereto


overalls Hindu. Styled Statues/Decor so. Included divines

Gods + Peoples activities. Alongs + so on

balancing Mind/Spirituality. Showing transformations vis

divined intricately Pavilions. Pillared exquisites


so arounds. Abouts the Temple Inner/Sides/Walls

fronting only when. You well inwardly balance+

adjust perspective. One inner Earth Templed + 30

kilometres Tunnelled in our world. Legends tell all

so named. Ornately crafted


set + Rani Ki Vav. The Queens Stepwell recent nomened +

recent. Excavation revealings tho’ Sited

such app. 65mtrs wide, 20mtrs long, 28mtrs. Deep

built. Much earlier so. Well… inwards so.?.



pointings also.?. Our Earthly inners thereto into.?. Our


Earths. Molten Core. So fiery inverted central

so heatedly bound.?. So well

Templed that this. One inverted purposely pointed

inside. Outside


so steps. Well yours



not so. Ungodly next so-

well on till next herein.