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Juggling A Balanced. Art In Our World. Legends Rolling Two Parts Too. Together As One Neat Skill. Skill-less + Clueless i, Shiro Steps. Thru’ + Ups Onto. The Roof Flattening Outs In The Curves Squarely. Parabolic Publicly Diabolic Throwing. Balls Ups All Arounds. Abouts In + On Our World. Legends In Deeds Japan Juggled Just. Indeed So Outed. In Here One. Part One. Once To 3 Juggle. Balls.



upon a lil’. Yore Times, Places. Place




Japan. 1990.

A somewhat run down Tourist-Hostel. Nomened


Koma House. Named Place

Komagome,.. Japan.



At those. Times Inside; several Aussie Ninpo students

Soon became a habit too. To train on the rooftop.

Space was/is a premium issue in Japan.


Koma House = A multi-level steel/concrete structure,


Twas thereupon. Once or mores i, Shiro was.

So intro’d: Our

Art of Juggling.


This just Juggling alongs arounds abouts. That


Part. Once To 3 Juggle. So too

thus this One begins. Ending

with Juggling

as a part of our Ones. Growing Training routine(s)

suggested by several. Martial Arts




Komagome btw’s is linked too. To the Museum city. Of Ueno

and it’s rising Fashion scene vis. Our Yamanote Train Line.

A somewhat sleepy suburb, there is also. All so easy

access to several. Renowned Shrines + Parks

incl. the Rikugien, Kiyosumi + Kyu-Furukawa Gardens.


In addition to those. These superb examples of current

Japanese. Gardens, a nowadays rare. Treat

not found in many. Other Garden areas =

is the customary availability oft. Of Sweets +

Traditional お茶, Ocha,.. =


Japanese Tea.





The Garden’s Ponds perhaps

are the main/central focus, though the Gardens. Each

are not without individual. Charm and tranquil natural


beauty therein. Local shops include such Traditional

Arts, Souvenirs, Crafts, Antiques, Clothes, so on. Much

quite unique. In Deeds indeed

One quieter locale away. Froms others bigger

Cities bustle. Thus this Place. One


ideal place where. Tired

sleepy shinobi. Students could get some rest. In Deeds

well as well we



 SIMPLY… after


perhaps. Or rather… as Belows Imaged. We

re-made the Juggling Balls ourselves. Using


a child’s hollow bouncy ball. 3 actually.

  • Make a small. Split along the seam.


  • Fill with raw. Rice vis split-hole.


  • Seam split re-glued/re-sealed. Wait a lil’. Long Juggle.





We noticed the benefits too. To our skills +

training becomingly. Slowly but surely obvious…

at least to us.!. Overalls


E.g. better co-ordination , 

improved reflexes,

multi-tasking concepts easier,..

…was fun and entertaining too.

A very cheap training exercise requiring little room…


THOUGH lil height required too in deeds.


Therefore… indeed, i,

Shiro Highly. Recommends. Low



down on such an Art.?. Artily Handily so



There are Speciality Juggling sites Online-

most with videos + great advice.

Some contain links to groups/clubs as well as. Well


both basic and advanced concepts.


A small selection of How-To

Our DUCKDUCKGO(click) Search Engine found.


As with any new/retraining skill-set… practice,

practice, practice…




Sayeth i, Shiro there. Here



Y… yes…

i’ve dropped so many balls so seems. Seemingly

Imaged close as belows…



Thankfully. Fully thought outs For.





Another clever spark of an Inventor, brightly

James D. Corridon

even designed. One Juggling Aid/Equipment-Set

complex enough too. To handle quite a large range

of training. Position + scenarios.



thinking ‘ inventively ‘.?….

Njoy. So…

With NO EXCUSE Now,..

Go Play…


with Yours. Balls.!.




(Video Link)


Be Like Bee, Below Be… So

Go Play. Njoy




(Video Link)


this ball control indeed. In Deeds that so

mores too. To bawl arounds abouts next

in Part 2 well as. As well stay well. There. Here 20/3:

Our Juggle One Too. Once To 3.