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Emergency Medical Needs Ins Our World. Legends Indeed Told Plasma, Blood. Mores. Much Replacements So Required. So See Why That Sea. Water Mays Work Too. To Salt Waters. In Thy Veins In Deed. Salted Outs. Sorted Herein.


Sea Water is Salty in Deed. Indeed

so is Our Blood. Can marked


such, so. ‘Twain

meet, Mix.?.


Much Matching

Plasma, Saline Blood Transfusions/Replacements

so forth. Forthrightly



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for Trauma, Surgery are an essential.

Part of Mod. Medical Practices. Real

Life Adventurers recommend Coconut Juice

well as. As well


so should then. Seawater too

be. One added to that. So


Emergency List.?. Listing



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the similar Natures. Of both…

(…would be long… ish… so too. To

these Sciences Experimental Research…

we go. So…)


Salt Waters. In Thy Veins

a passing possibility.?. Means

Ways would need findings too. To be


appropriately Diluted

Filtered Pure so forth. Forthrightly

then so

left. Subbing as potential.?.


Plasma Type Add-In. Adding up


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deep bonuses within. Seawaters

that is. Is that

found in Our World. Legends



so Naturally. Natural

Ocean Waters are similar

at. Arounds abouts 35.

Parts Per Thou., Salinity. Mores…


if ALLS so Evaporated. Moreovers

than enough too. To well as

bury Our World.

Legends as well Tell. Of 160+ mtrs Deep…


Ins Salt. Salt overs

in Deed. Indeed Salting


Our World



Legends Tell of. Deposits that

so Cycles Ons.

Our Mother Earth’s Planetary seasoned

Nature is regular Cycles Water, Carbon.

Oxygen, Nitrogen, Ozone well as. As well


with so Salt. So Minerals that is. Is

galore in Our World.

Legends so tell


this Natural. Approach Aids

powerings Ups. Those Waters so deep.

Downs belows per se. Sayings

by constant access too. To mostly

Volcanic derived then. Now soon dissolved

Ions of Minerals. Salts


in compact crystalline compositions. So balanced.

Forms from


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Seen Next Herein A to Z. This Letter. #A.


which such Energy transitions have. Can much

occur thus. Our World’s Waters/Life

Ways. Means

Seasoned Naturally. So

perhaps some budding Chemist or Kitchen Whiz

will puts together too. Into that Optimum. Mix

for Medical Marvels


per se. Sayings perhaps…

Plasma, Salted withs that Hints. Of Coconut


this so tropically in Our World. Legends


Salted Oceanic Waters Of Life. Live


Your Dreams. For

if Nots. You.?.



P.S. Salt goes well as. As well

with certain. Drinks so topically

typically Alcoholised.

Simply Enjoy. Them


Also. So