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In Our World. Legends So Tell Tales. Of Laughter Being The Best. Medicine. When You’re Full, Of That. There’s This. Wordplay Sees, Saws Quotes Up ‘n’ Down All Around. About Then Jigs Them. Back Again. #86. Bated Breathe. Unbaited Snake.




Kukulkan’s Snake.

At Equinox Times, Places.

His Temple Serpent awaits. You so

look up.


Almost up there,.. You take these. Those

last few just this. That then upwards

a couple more. Steps 91 all ups

so there topped outs. Platformed- Facing North


Image Of Kukulkans Temple.

Indeed Nomened Kukulkans Temple. Serpent Shadowed Named In Deeds.


Image Of A Stone Carving On Kukulkans Serpent Temple In Mexico.

Our Serpents Outed In Deeds. Indeed In Yore Neighborhoods.


You wait. Bated breathe. You wait


too. To stonily see Kukulkan’s unbaited. Templed

Snake. A breathless Snake in factly. Shadowy

Stoned Seasonally in Deeds. Indeed herein Our

Quirky Quotes Quaintly. Done #86


begins. Ending in Peru


You wait silently. Sun bound Ziggurat Pyramid this. Thus

geometrically oriented by that design. Designated Their

Temple. Kukulkan’s, there-

South Americas empirically emphatically Large. Largest

at Chichen Itza thereto


also. All so therein arounds abouts. So almost pyramidically its

thereof Equinoxed. Destined Serpentine Time. Fates

mayhaps Yore Builders Giantly perhaps. Time, Places built

so wonderfully heighted. So aligned in Our World. Legends Tell




ticking straight. Ahead countings how. Templed

Of Your many Steps. Our Staired Set of 4 within

so out. Each 91


so forth. Forthrightly left evenly topped out.

Platformed also. All so Four Stairways means calculated

so meet at. One Top. Topping outs at One +

… (4×91) = 365. 365


Days in Our World. Legends Tell so stepped out… In

a Templed

Year. Meeting Yearly Kukulkan + Equinox Sun

in those. This 360 Cosmic Circle/Cycle/Year + 5

Celebratory Days. Of


Changes Seasonal

so can much Light releasing.  Such likeness in lightness. One

so Yore buried so Templed. Our Wise Stony Serpent. Wisdom


Shadows stonily so. Rises ups ‘n’ down those. These high

rocky concoursed Temple walled ways. Means lightly

shadowed in. Divined Snaked splendor. Yore so Stoned



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lined perfectly outs now. In/On/Up/Down plays on flickering.

Shadows backlit by that shiny. Orb skied

bright. Sun High this so Serpent Stone Templed Grounds. High

aboves plain ground so below. You

await seeing Seasons in, The Snake this. That

of Changes Time. Places


synched with these. Those Spring/Autumn Equinoxes. Placing

Times of much Minutes. Minute this is such so

Serpently not. Certainly largely undulating along that. This

Northern seasoned Staircase changing ways. Means well

as slithers. As well Yore do then. Now Ours… now


Shadows of Our veneratings. Yore Serpent Forms. Rock on

so still.


Off now



loading next That Night.

Sam Hains Did Run. Change


is upon You.