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Yores In Our World. Legends Tell Mason Built Walls So Speak. Writ On Walls Are Much. Such Things That Explain Other. Things. Our Yores Indus Templed Walls Have Their Say. There So Knots. Yore Time + Our Music. Time Wheeled Arounds Abouts Those Temples. Indus Temples Bookwise In Stone. These Stoned Masonry Schools. Timely Booked Herein.


Yore India. Our Indus



one of Our Top. 3 cradles oft. Of Yore Civilisations named

alongs with. Such as Sumer, much Egypt as well. Well as


In Our World. Legends tell Our

Yore Religion Indus. Try Our Science


Research highlights topically All Yores. Now

we tendingly specialise. Individual

Topics, Themes + Factors. Many Experts in One. Thing


There is no. Archings Overworldly integration. Yores


Map Of Yore Indus Valley Region.

Indeed Yore Indus. Valley In Deeds.



Indus Our Science + Religion were. One. To

appreciate this thus Yores. More…

much more. Can You be seeing quite. Easily in

Our India. Lands of the Indus. Inanna. In

such a Templed much. Place timely


Renowned for. What are norm now termed

Temples that. These

abound arounds abouts Our. India. Some

less than a Thousand Years old. Older.?.


ones are. What we so need thus too. To seek. The


types DO NOT so combine. These Sciences +

Religion. Only those Our very Yore Ones do too. To


begin untying simply one. Knots. Up

early Our Scouts/Guides and so forth. Forthrightly

left learning notably Knotted. Knots. Not


Featured Topic.

Indeed Arounds Abouts Yore. Knots In Deeds.


that so educated Mainstreamers will. Knot educate You

in untyings teachings this. That Our Yores Indians

did exactly. Those Knotty Guided Instructions

on Their walled Temples there. Walls +

Reliefs, Inscriptions so inscribed. Beliefs +

Schools/Universities/Museums of Life


are. Our very Yore Indian

Temples. Snakes


entwined are oft. Of Motifs included in Yores Indian Lore. Breaking

Ropes oft a cause untied for. Concern for otherswise. Concerning

other Yores Templewise Snakes pics… simply. Substitute stringed

Knot Your Rope. Hung Yore

on Walls oft in. Of sequence as per Yore Snakes entwine so twine

Yours so. Tied. Ups knottings


Their Our Yore Snakes can. There act as well. Well as a Guide

so forth. Forthrightly left

too. To Our Knot Arts

Tying. Telling Knot



Indeed Yore Wheel. Times In Deeds.


as per Time is wheely so real also. All so sayings

those Chariot divined Wheels can act. As Timepieces

by utilising Notches/Carvings as timely. Shadowed

Markers. Temples styled imaged above. Belows

or lower Wall views start simple also. All so levelled/grew

so as You grew

in. Height you see more of new. Subjects panelled. Ups


Those weird morphing Animal Human Hybrids Teach. Cycles,

Environ Growth, Adaptations, Evolutions, Past +

Present Specie. Species


as They of Yores India so envisaged. That lot. These

Temples were/are Museumy Schools. Many inner Temples



are deliberately left Dark… as if it is Night… so look up…

then light. Torched up the nightly Roof Inner…

to see starrings carved on the Inner roofs… Planets,

Moon, Zodiacs +

Astronomy Factors, Tales, Legends displayed, explained. Moving

wonders incorporated Flowering cymatics carvings. Carved


Stony Parts, rotating Columns, Balls. Ceiling Doors, Stone Chain

Light Crystal Sources (as per Our Yore Egypts reputed Pyramid

capstone). Such Sound + Tech.

noted in several much Yores. Indus Legends, Temples

for mores. Hands

on handily stuff indeed. In deed


certain marked bricks are

hollow/musical when struck. Our Vittala Temple

of Hampi. One World Heritage. Site One. Multi-Faceted

Musical Temple Pillars Masonry so same. Corresponding

Granite soundings out sweetly so. In Notes

notably noted emanatings similar Our Mod. Ones. To



Image Of Vitthala Temple Musical Pillars.

Indeed Vittala Templed Yore Granite. Stoned Our Pillars So. Music In Deeds.


View centrally Certain squareish. Floor/Ceiling Bricks oft

at Central. Points oft

are aligned to our Cardinals pointedly

as is oft. Of The Temple proper. Properly

in some ways. Means arounds abouts


reminding. Visitors/students wheres and whyfors thru’

passages/certain doors/exits oft. Near waters +

strategic holes in. Structures allowing light in

at. Certain highlighted points,


cymatic Mandala alikes pics show. Sound’s wordless

effects. Worthy Numbers 4 For Our World Seasons, 28 Moon

Phasings plainly sited in. Such Othered Outer

Space/Universe/Cosmos Astronomy


Ones. As 36, 54, 72 and/or

108 Statues/Lingams/Designs. Total = Astro/Star


numeral refer here etc + said. Statues aligned

outs in some. Manner suiting Our World Legends Indus

this. That norm indoors as well. Normally well as



(Video Link)


Images Of Yore Indus Valley Script.

In Deeds Indus Valley Script/Alphabet Ways. Meanings Unknowns Indeed.


many aligned walk. You thru’ particular Yore. Legends as You

move. Correspondinglys thru their space. There venturings +

viewings alongs the Ways. Means in Deeds in Our

Indus. Indeed in


these very Our Yores. Temples are Stone Books. Of Yores

Indus Life. Times + Places. Ours Knowledge

where that so Yin/Yang so. Complementary much

opposite. Such Ours Science + Religion. Religion + Art

so in deed so.


Meet. Greatly



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