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The Real Standing. Ups In Our World. Legends Tell This. That John Duns Scotus Nomened So, Taught Dunces So In Lectures In Deeds. Indeed Duns No Doubt Knew His. Thing. That Beings Medieval Knowledges, Studies, Philosophies Mores. Moreovers Underlying Yore Truly Tried Outs. Study In Methods.


What’s That Nomen.?. This

Term so named for Yore Beginners, Our struggling Students.?.


Dunces be Them termed. Of

No Dunce John. Duns No Doubt.

What’s That Name.?.


so herein Begins. Ending


Image Of A Small Blackboard With The Words How, What, Why, Where, When And Who Chalked On.

Indeed Rise Ups In Deeds.


with His Nomen now. A Dedicated Denigration


John Duns

Scotus a Yore. Legendary Instructor in Our World.

Legends Tell Instructions in several. Countries in Deed.

Indeed a Yore Our Franciscan/Medieval Friar of Scotland.

Scotus, John Duns so Maxton borne (…nears Roxburgh…);

Born app. 1266. 1280


saw Him. Join The Franciscans of Dumfries where

His Uncle. Elias was an elected Vicar-General. 1291


ordained into Priesthood. Lecturing +

Teaching began soon. After,

afterall and overall well. Received incl.

the Foreign Student contingent also. All so


praised His. Style. Lecture Rooms soon filled


Image Of The Ancient Author, Teacher John Duns Scotus Of The Scottish Franciscan Friars.

Indeed John Dun Scotus. In Deed Hands So Noted. Positioned Well As.



overfilled at Times, Places in Deed. Indeed

Touring Overseas


with Lectures at Paris, Oxford, Cologne.

Oft referred too. To as Dr. Subtilis… A Dr. of Subtlety.


With a deep critical Mind as well as. Well as well

Read ables too. To discuss pros and cons

of Aristotle, Augustine, Aquinas and so forth. Forthrightly left


in John much Learnings in Deed. Indeed in

1305 received His Degree in Theology. His

Writings oft acknowledged these. Those Limitations of Human


Whilst insisting on demonstrative proofs which also. All so

challenged Others Worldviews.


John Duns Scotus died 1308 during a Lecture

Tour in Cologne.


Image Of A Wall Filled With Books And A Door.

In Deed A Door Too. To Mores.


Somewhat emboldened now. His

Opponents Burnt Writings, Books.


Ridiculing Duns Supporters, Students. A Label

of negativity so They attached. To Dunces

named in Deed. Indeed to Dunses

or Dunser or simply a

Duns. So


Corrupteds overs Times, Places in Our World. Legends

Tell in The Real well as. As well Now We use:


Dunce so nomened. Named


Image Fantasy Themed Of A Book On Fire.

Indeed Fired. Ups In Deed.


Next So Writ Is #L of Our

Yore A to Z.