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Featured Image Surrounded By Meditation Bells Three Monkey Gods. Hear, See, Speak No Evil, Trio On Bench.

As Well Sounded Outs. In Our World Legends Strike A Chord. Crystal Clarity So Sonic Bound. Founded Long Of Yore. Your Bowls So Sing On. In Crystal Ways Otherwise Well As. Means Crystalline Herein.


Pieces of Red Earth crumbled. Around

i, Shiro as bending so consumed. My



Places like The Australian Outback

provide those. Stark mean contrasts

of Nature’s. Moods. Ways


seen so Crystal clear hidden. Behind


Map Of Australia.


that Motherly facade. Light

so sparkled afore Eyes. Green, mine

as i so bent too. To pick

ups. More Light naturally so filled this. Hand


full now clearly Crystal as that. Red

Earth so fell aways. Down,

highlighting Nature’s Gifts

as i looked so within there. My Hand


therein a Crystal Clear remains. Going



(Video Link)


Featured Topic Area Image Creek Forest Scene.

A Trail. Creeked Mt. Lofty S.A.


Trailwalkings within. The Adelaide Hills

i, Shiro approached The Sixth Creek. Area

where this Creek so twisted turned around

abouts. Ways

means bent this River. So went. Crystalline


flashes caught the bent so green. Lit

Eyes of i, Shiro as

i bent. Overs,



remained. So Lit In Hand. Crystal

cupped. So


Featured Topic Image Quartz Crystal, Earbud For Size Comparison.




(Music Link)


cleaned. Now

herein. So mixed soundings. Outs

in Bowls. Crystal well as too. As well


Let Those Singing Bowls Howl.

Those Sounds so Crystallised.


Crystal Bowls and Other Types

oft referr’d as so Singing Bowls. Bowls


in Our World. Legends Told

of Yore. Olden Times, Places

Japan, Nepal, India, Mongolia,


Tibet in the mains. Maintain

varied Traditions of Sound use. Health, Relaxation,


atypical. Application thereof. Therein


Singing Bowls. So


Featured Topic Image Row Of Singing Bowls Lined Up On A Fence/Gate.


Crystal Clear. Crystal

Singing Bowls howevers were not

Historically used as the Tech. too. To

Manufacture such. Did not much

exist. At Alls. All Crystal


Bowls were/are Mod. Industry Products-

initially used to “…grow…”

Crystal Ingots vis Silicon

for use in… Computer Chips. Later


Research uncovered the Musical.

Talents so within. Crystal


Bowls generated via the very High Temp.


then recombination of Silica. Sand

which is Quartz naturally. Natural

Resonance inherent due to


Crystalline Natures. Of Yore


Featured Topic Image A Pair Of Singing Bowls, Striker.


Singing Bowls were Metallic. Beaten

into Shape


bys Hand. Handling,

Usage… and various “…Western…”

attachment of IT’S Music/Music Scale/Health

Approaches/Ideas Onto these Bowls




For examples, Tibet


F, C, G, D, A, E, B… moving

ups in 5ths. A mutually


resonant Harmony that blends. Naturally


Symbol Of Music.


following that. Is this,

that many claims by “… Westerners…” also.

Well as

cannot be Historically substantiated. At Alls. All


such claims too. To be Researched fully prior

to Purchasing such a Product. Crystal


Featured Topic Image A Large Set Of Crystal Singing Bowls.

Lighting Ups. Next In A to Z: #T.


Clear Sounds are dependent on

MANY Factors in the Mixed Process

of making. Made

in Our World. Legends


so be. So Sound a Mix as well.